EA Games announced today that DICE, a studio subdivision of Electronic Arts Inc, has decided to open up access for their beta of Battlefield 1 on August the 31st on Xbox One, PC via Origin™ and PlayStation®4. 




While the beta is labeled as being open, the gameplay will be limited to just playing on the Sinai Desert Map, but the 2 available game are the most popular ones (Conquest and Rush,) so we will probably be alright waiting a little longer for the full access after all.

On the Sinai Desert map all lucky beta participants will be able to try out the new horses(!), the new elite classes; Sentry, Flame Trooper and Tank Hunter, as well as a new player controllable Armored Train.



Currently the official trailer has 44 million youtube hits, so while there are plenty of people itching to get their hands on this game, they won’t all be able to play against each other, as DICE has kept the maximum number of players on any given server at 64 players.

Register for beta

To sign up for a chance to get insider status and the envy of all your friends, visit https://www.battlefield.com/community/insider before the 21st of August to sign up for a beta account.

We are still roughly 2 months away from the official release, scheduled to take place on October the 21st, so get your hands on this early access open beta, we know we will!

Growth Hacks are ingenious ways that mobile and web application marketers use to grow their apps quickly.

They are aiming for the largest amount of signups/downloads possible. It is a very competitive arena and something that provides an app maker with a seemingly unfair advantage rapidly becomes commonplace. Also, too many growth hack apps involve dishonest practices, making their results both short-lived and ineffective. You can only fly under the radar for so long. Here are five growth hack apps that did it the right way.


The Timehop app will schedule a Facebook share or a tweet a year from the date of posting a photo. What this does is reminds people that the app is still around, and it allows the user to share the app with friends and family.


Nexdoor.com utilized the United States Postal Service to grow their app. About one in six neighborhoods now use this community unification app. It is like Facebook for subdivisions. Upon signup, a user can select neighbors house markers on a map to encourage neighbors to join. The company will mail a postcard to the current resident of every single invited house.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is already enormous, but they continue to want to grow and one way they do this is through their Messenger sync hack. The app will prompt users to constantly sync their address book. This allows Messenger to find other potential users, because as more friends are added, they will be prompted again to invite different people to the app.


The Path app is designed to have users invite other potential users in person. While it doesn’t seem like this method would garner much growth, it has been found that over 75 percent of people find out about apps by word of mouth, by hearing about them from family and friends.

Sing! Karaoke

Sing! Karaoke banks on the fun factor and the fact that you won’t be able to keep the app to yourself. Users can sing along with their favorite songs and collect likes and feedback from friends and family. If you’re in the mood for a duet, you can do that too.

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Pokémon Go is the hottest game today! The fact is that it is now updated to version 0.33.0 for the Android and for the iOS update is 1.3.0.

The development team is proud to announce the fact that they have increased speed, improved the accuracy of the game, while fixing the bugs that slowed others down. This sensational game is now the rage for teens and adults alike. There are some cautions that the team wants every player to consider when playing the game.

Developer Updates

The app developers are concerned about those who play Pokémon Go and are driving this could be very dangerous. It is suggested that you do not attempt to drive any sort of vehicle and play the game. The game is exciting but your eyes and mind should always be on the highway.

The curveball throw is one of the main improvements made to Pokémon Go so the players now are able to make those throws with ease. Big exciting news for gamers is that the bug was fixed that prevented “Nice,” Great”, and “Excellent” Poke’ Ball throws from the XP bonuses to be awarded. Also the incorrect showing of the fixed Medal icons is now corrected.

Many trainers wish to change their nickname and now this can be done very easily. The name you select should be done very carefully so make sure it is a name that you really want for your game play. The iOS battery saver issues are resolved making it much better for players.

Exciting Things to look forward too

Candela, Blanche, and Spark watch out; exciting new visuals are going to be made to excite the players. This update will add to the game play fun along with helping you be recognized by other gamers. One of the most exciting things is that a new variation of the “Nearby Pokémon” is being tested and ready for market very soon. This will hold a subset of users for the most fun play ever with Pokémon Go.

The clarity of the newer game along with the availability of being able to use the IOS battery saver will help the gamer to have even more excitement. The fact is that this is the first of many games that will be developed for the Android and IOS phones. Pokémon Go presented challenges when it first was introduced but it has still proven to be an exciting game that has hypnotized us all.

Image from wikimedia:
By Mike Sheridan – Flickr: [1], CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18078441

New iPhones are inevitable. The most dependable forecasts recommend that Apple will authoritatively declare the iPhone 7 amid the principal week of September, with a retail release taking place on Friday, September 16. 

The speculation begins

The iPhone 7 is said to be slimmer than the 7.1mm-thick iPhone 6S; Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities figures it’ll drop to somewhere around 6mm and 6.5mm. That sounds pointlessly thin to us, particularly as it could make the battery life take a hit, yet Galaxy S6 from Samsung is just insignificantly thicker at 6.8mm, so it’s conceivable.


If TSMC makes the chips, as has been supposed, then some space could be spared, which may help Apple thin it down without making sacrifices in different territories. Another report claims Apple will utilize fan-out innovation to spare space and decrease the thickness of the iPhone 7.


Furthermore, with only a couple of weeks to go, the breaks keep on dribbling in. Composing for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman reports that Apple has supplanted the iPhone’s conventional home catch with “a weight delicate” variation that features “haptic input,” like the “Power Click” touch cushion included on the most recent model MacBooks.

Gurman additionally affirms that the higher-end Plus model will come outfitted with double cameras that take brighter, more nitty gritty photographs; that the iPhone 7 will have two speakers, making it the main stereo speaker iPhone; and that it will come in the same Space Black shading accessible on the Apple Watch.

Likewise, as reported by 9to5mac.com, another video has surfaced implying to demonstrate Apple’s authentic Lightning Earpods. This fortifies various prior reports that the iPhone 7 will come without a conventional 3.5mm earphone jack; apparently, we’ll soon be utilizing another era of Lightning-associated earphones or a 3.5mm-to-Lightning connector.

Other features might include

Another conceivable preferred standpoint of the new iPhone might be full waterproofing. (That might be a side advantage of losing the earphone jack and getting a flush home catch.) While numerous Samsung Galaxy telephones have been dunk-confirmation for a considerable length of time, it would unquestionably be an appreciated element on the iPhone.

On the segment front, an investigator firm has anticipated that iPhone 7 will bolster an incredible 256GB of storage memory, coordinating the iPad Pro and offering parcels more storage for applications and recordings. The firm, Trendforce, additionally predicts that the telephone will get a memory help to 3GB in the 5.5-inch model.

In June, BGR reported that Chinese shopping website Weibo had posted prices for three iPhone 7 models, with storage levels beginning at 32GB; the present section level iPhone models begin at an irrelevant 16GB. That gossip was adequately affirmed by The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern on July 5[1].

[1] webapplicaties


This is probably the first time I’ve ever been annoyed with a Google Chrome update. On my desktop and laptop I suddenly found that pressing backspace in the browser would no longer go back one page. Instead there would be shown a popup, telling me to press Alt + Backspace.
“That’s odd.” I thought. Then I realized I was lying in my bed, with my laptop in my, well, lap.
“That’s highly inconvenient.” I then thought. A few minutes later my workflow was interrupted again, “why didn’t my tab navigate backwards?”

At this point the question was asked by my subconscious, not me. Only a few seconds later did my conscious self ask the question, and by then I was annoyed. Not enough to do anything, but I noticed it. I must have pressed backspace with the purpose of navigating backwards a few thousand times this previous year alone, by now it is so deeply embedded in my muscle memory, that when it doesn’t work, it has to go through my subconscious first, I never even thought about pressing backspace while navigating. I certainly do now.

On the bugs.chromium.org board, a few of the quotes go like this:

The reason we're making this change is that users regularly lose data because they hit the backspace button thinking that a form field is focused. After years of this issue, we realize we're not going to have a better way to solve that problem.

First post on bugs.chromium

Second post on bugs.chromium

Appeal to the wider audience, sure. But don’t leave your faithful, early adopters hanging. The few vocal users on the now locked bug reports (all new topics get merged into these locked ones too), seems to be mainly concerned with having the possibility of remapping the key shortcuts, but with the creation of a new topic dedicated to explore the possibility of a chrome extension, at least there’s hope. Even if we do have to give this extension read/write access to everything.

Here are two plugins that might help you:

Backspace Back 

Back to Backspace