Portable Ice Maker Machine…

Who doesn’t like ice in their drinks? It’s a shame that getting ice at home can be so much hassle as you either have to go to the store to get ice or keep remembering to fill up an ice tray.

However this super portable residential ice maker machine by Thinkgizmos will solve all your ice worries.


Need ice for home party or family trip? This Residential portable ice maker machine is the best reviewed ice maker machine thanks to its fast ice production in a variety of ice cube sizes: small, medium, large.

Simply plug this Thinkgizmos Ice Maker machine into the mains and add water and it will produce ice in no time.

Cool Corkscrew…

One of the most important kitchen utensils has to be the humble corkscrew. Without a corkscrew, it is impossible to open a bottle of wine. Without wine, the world would be a far less happy place.

However, over the years we have seen many different corkscrews, all primarily designed to remove a cork from a bottle. Some are created on a purely functional basis, while others have sought to favour design, often at the expense of good functionality.

In a perfect world you could have a corkscrew which was both good to look at, and great at removing corks. Fortunately that day appears to be here.

Because the Tap Corkscrew fulfills the main brief (it is really good at removing corks) and is great to look at. The corkscrew itself is attached to what looks like a traditional chrome bath tap (although the enamel “wine” cap gives the game away somewhat).

The Tap Corkscrew also comes with a clever “guide” which slips over the neck of the bottle and directs your corkscrew into the center of the cork. You just twist the tap downwards into the guide until it will go no further. Then pull the tap and guide upwards to remove the cork and reveal the fermented grape juice below.

The Tap Corkscrew is both functional and stylish, guaranteed to elicit admiring comments from your friends as you uncork a vintage for their delectation. In fact, the Tap Corkscrew may actually be far too cool to hide away in a kitchen drawer when not in use. Bottoms up and no need to add ice with your ice maker!

Glowing Glasses…

Whether you are looking for a way to add a little visual zing to your soiree, or just a way of locating your wine glass after dark, we think these Glowing Glasses may interest you. Because although these may initially look like normal wine glasses, a quick press of the button in the base will cause the entire glass to glow.

Each glass contains a tin, yet powerful LED just under the stem which creates the glowing effect as light travels through the glass (actually it’s made out of plastic, but in this case that’s not a bad thing). What’s even cooler is that the LED is capable of displaying seven different colours, you just need to press the power button to cycle through them all.

So depending on your party theme or decor, you can choose between solid red, green, blue glowing glasses. Or have them oscillate between red-green, blue-green or pink-blue. Feeling crazy? Try the red-blue-green mode. Having a fit of total colour madness? Press the switch again to have the glass cycle through all seven colours in sequence. We guarantee you’ll have never seen anything like a table of slowly shifting coloured glasses.

And when the party is over, detach the base and stick the rest of the glass in the dishwasher for quick cleaning (because all the electrical magic is contained in the base you shouldn’t get it wet).

So whether you require a touch or a riot of colour, you will be hard pressed to top the Glowing Glass.

If I had to choose between one of these gadgets it would be the home ice maker machine, available from Amazon in several countries.
Ice Maker Machine (UK) – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ice-Maker-Machine-ThinkGizmos-Trademark/dp/B003V00ZA6
Eiswürfelmaschine (Germany) – https://www.amazon.de/Eiswürfelmaschine-Eismaschine-Arbeitsplatte-Wasseranschluss-erforderlich/dp/B003V00ZA6
Machine à glaçons (France) – https://www.amazon.fr/Machine-glaçons-travail-plomberie-Rendement/dp/B003V00ZA6

Best Pogo Sticks

Pogo sticks are great for kids and adults. Get away from the TV and smartphone and have some good old fashioned fun courtesy of a stick with a spring on it!

I have tested several pogo stick models on Amazon and the best pogo stick for kids is undoubtedly the pogo stick ace model.

Regarding older kids and adult, the same company also make a King pogo stick with a bigger spring that is amazing fun.

The Pogo Ace model Pogo stick is perfect for users up to 36kgs.

Pogo King pogo stick is perfect for users up to 100kgs.

The Pogo King Pogo stick model is available in the uk on Amazon here:

The Pogo Ace Pogo stick for kids is available here:


Best Bike Helmet

Bike helmets are an essential piece of safety equipment for cyclists (or even those using a pogo stick!), particularly those who need to negotiate urban environments which tend to have far more hazards and obstacles that their rural counterparts.

Helmet design and technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds, with the Bicygnals Angel Cycle Helmet being the latest variant which combines saftey with style in a stunning, head-protecting package.

As well as a high quality polycarbonate shell to protect your head from the elements and potential bumps and bangs, the Bicygnal Angel Helmet also includes a built-in halo. Yup, you read that right, a halo.

But when we say halo, we don’t mean a floating crown denoting sainthood, but a circle of bright yellow light which encircles the helmet’s circumference.

This eyecatching addition helps motorists and other road users see you from some distance, allowing them to make the necessary course corrections to stop you from being unseated (or should that be unsaddled) and potentially injured.

It also means that traffic coming from any direction will be able to see your “halo” regardless of where you and they are.

The halo is also fully rechargeable. The Bicygnals Cycle Helmet has a retractable USB cable which you can plug into your PC when you arrive at the office, ensuring the light is ready to go when you leave in the evening.

The ergonomic design of the helmet ensures maximum comfort as well meeting all of the required safety standards, providing the best possible protection should you find yourself in an accident. Internal straps and pads mean that the Bicygnals Angel Helmet can be adjusted to meet your exact needs.

So for an eye-catching (and we mean that in the best possible way) bicycle safety helmet, the Bicygnals Angel is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

The Bike helmet is cool, but if I had to select one of these I definitely grab a pogo stick. Both models of the Pogo stick are available on Amazon Worldwide, for example:

Pogo Stick Pogo King Hüpfstab für riesigen Spaß (Germany)

Pogo Stick / Bâton sauteur (France)

Construction Toys & Build Your Own Kits:

Construction toy kits are a brilliant way to get kids off their tablets and into real life. One superb build your own kit for kids that has just been released is this racing car construction kit that is very well prices at only $20. Kids can have hours of fun with it as they can build it up and then take it apart again. This construction toy even has real engine sounds and cool lights.

It is available worldwide via Amazon and here are a few links:

USA: Construction Toy Racing Car Kit For Kids – Build Your Own Car Kit
UK: Construction Toy Racing Car Kit For Kids – Build Your Own Car Kit
Germany: Konstruktionsspielzeug Rennwagen Set für Kinder – Bau dein eigenes Auto-Set
France: Kit de construction de voiture de course pour enfants – Kit pour construire ta propre voiture

Teddy Beer Speaker:

Since the first teddy bears were created in the early 1900s, it has gone on to become one of the best-loved children’s toys of all time. Even in adulthood, teddy bears retain a certain charm making them useful finishing touches for various houses. Or maybe you have a young child who prefers to drift off to the sound of gentle music.

Yet despite the desirability of the teddy bear, we still reckon that the design could be improved, even if it is just by a fraction. Which is exactly what the Teddy Speaker has done.

Because crammed into this teddy is, as the name suggests, a pair of speakers, one in each of his (or her) feet. Connect up an MP3 player, iPhone or other audio source and this teddy transforms into a useful, toy-inspired musical output device.

The Teddy Speaker is finished in a positively psychadelic fabric with bright flowers in pinks, greens and blues creating a truly eye-catching effect. The internal padding will also help protect the speakers from the odd bump, bash or tumble off a shelf.

The Teddy Speaker has an integrated 3.5mm audio lead by which you can connect virtually any media player. Basically anything with a headphone jack, such as MP3 players, iPods, iPhones, PSPs and Nintendo DSi among others, are all supported.

So whether you are an adult or child teddy bear lover, the Teddy Speaker caters for your soft toy preferences as well as providing a convenient way to listen to your tunes.
Both these make exceptional gifts for any child but my preference would be the Construction Toy Racing Car Kit For Kids – Build Your Own Car Kit.

Remote Control Balance Robot…

Image from Amazon product page

Toy robots have been around for many years, but this years’ innovation is a self balancing Robot model that includes a gyroscope to prevent this little chap from falling over. This self balancing robot is clever, fun and cool! Provides hours of entertainment for the whole family. This interactive balance robot will also respond to your hand movements and gestures. This innovative self balancing robot can be purchased on Amazon hereNot only is this gadget great fun for most of the family, but it is affordable as well as durable!

Sound Asleep Pillow….

Image from Amazon product page

Back in the day, mothers used to try and encourage their youngsters to sleep by singing lullabies. A few quietly hummed bars, some nonsensical words about falling out of a tree and baby would be well on their way to the land of nod.

And thus was born another generation of people who find it easier to drift off to the sounds of some gentle music. However, for most of these people, mother regards as them as probably a little bit old to sing to sleep any more.

Enter the Sound Asleep Pillow. This clever little item of soft furnishing looks and feels just like a pillow (probaby because it is), but hidden deep inside is small, personal speaker. Just connect your MP3 player, radio or stereo into the supplied 3.5mm headphone lead and you can fall aseep to the tunes of your choice without disturbing anyone else. Even your partner lying next to you will be undisturbed as you listen to your finest classical, ambient or drum n bass tracks.

Constructed from super-comfy hollowfibre, this pillow provides decent neck support to ensure you a great sleep once you do finally drop off. The 50% cotton, 50% polyester fabrication ensures that the pillow is durable and skin friendly too and the padding is so thick, that you cannot feel the speaker.

So whatever your choice of lullaby, the Sound Asleep Pillow will let you drift off in total comfort. Goodnight!

Fatboy Travel Mug…

Generally the term “Fat Boy” is considered by some people to be highly offensive. Offensive that is unless applied to certain oversized objects, such as the Fatboy Giant Travel Mug.

Vastly over-sized and looking well, kind of fat, the Fatboy Travel Mug hold 34 fluid ounces of liquid at a time. Yup, 1.7 pints of coffee, tea or other beverage. 1.7 pints should be enough to see you through to elevenses anyway.

Yet despite the enormous liquid capacity, the Fatboy Giant Travel Mug has been specially designed to fit in most cup holders, allowing you to take the mug with you in the car. A huge handle allows you to maintain a proper grip on the mug and reduces the chances of you dropping 34oz of hot coffee in your lap.

The mug is made out of durable aluminium, and a double wall of insulation ensures your drink stays hotter for longer. The cup also features a lid to keep the drink inside without spilling as you go out and about. A small sliding hatch allows you to sip carefully without risking splashing tea over the rim.

So whether you are just really thirsty (read hungover), or need to carry a lot of coffee around for a while, the Fatboy Giant Travel Mug will definitely meet your needs. Large volumes of beverage, wherever and whenever. Does life get any better than this?

Verdict. Overall the self balancing robots are the best buy for the upcoming Christmas holiday season, and is available worldwide:

Remote control balance robot UK:
Ferngesteuerter Balance Spielzeug-Roboter für Kinder (Germany):