Offering the real “smart” add-in to our mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices across the globe, it’s perhaps little wonder that travel apps are massively changing the way in which we choose to travel and how we plan to get there on time – every time.

Whether you’re planning a last minute hotel, attempting to negotiate the London tube or even taking a journey overseas, travel apps are making a massive difference to both our planning and travel arrangements – here’s how!

Google Trips

If you’ve already got your own Gmail account then Google Trips has you covered when it comes to populating reservations and making suggestions within your chosen destination. Not only does it come complete with its own ‘magic wand’ allowing you to explore nearby sights but it also shows you how close you are and how to get there – whether that’s on foot or via public transport.

Café Wi-Fi

It perhaps goes without saying that to download your apps you’ll be needing a bit of free Wi-Fi so be sure to download this app for the latest hot spots to get your eyes down and look in! Once you’ve logged in you can then start discovering some of the latest travel apps to get you well and truly on your way to your chosen destination…


To convert YouTube videos for free, this is an excellent free tool to help you do just that. Ytmp3 has all the options you need to quickly do so.

Lonely Planet

Making the planet anything but lonely with its comprehensive guides to various city locations across the globe, this fabulous app is not only free but can also point you (quite literally) in the right direction for local accommodation, well known tourist spots and even recommended places. If you go on a road trip Lonely Planet app goes well with mobile apps for drivers which can be especially useful when visiting a city for the first time.

Flight Stats

If you’re planning to travel a little further afield then look no further than the Flight Stats app which not only gives you access to vital information such as terminals, gates and delays but even shows flight paths; so you know exactly where you’re going and more importantly – when!


If you want to know even more about your airport experience then be sure to check this app which offers up-to-date information on security clearance time; as well as other features such as the local weather.


Offering a truly interactive experience, SideKix is basically a unique city exploration map which offers up-to-date information on all the latest spots to visit such as shops, bars and museums. Better than that, it also enables you to leave a review and give the heads-up for future visitors too!


Oshpitzin is just one examples of an app adjusted to the local experience allowing travelers to experience touristic and historical sites on a deeper level. For a truly unique insight into the Jewish history of Oswiecim, this app offers an intriguing adventure into the vanished lives of Jews which existed before the second world war and Auschwitz concentration camp. While traveling try to look also for the less known local apps which can help you to get to know your destination better.



If you’re dreading the inevitable jetlag then look no further than Entrain which cleverly takes note of your travel dates and destination before offering advice on how to adapt your cycle by optimizing your lighting levels throughout the day and altering your sleeping times before you even set foot outside of the house. Perfect for all the millennials addicted to their smartphones!

Forex Daily Report

Not only free and super easy to use, this savvy app uses live currency rates to give you the best currency values at any point in the world you are at. No matter where you go you can now keep track of your stock market prices.

Packing Pro

Hands up. We’ve all done it. Packed – and unpacked – our suitcase; trying to squeeze as much as humanly possible into that predetermined bag size. Whether you’re taking cases with you, or traveling with hand luggage alone, this app is nothing short of genius. Simply tell the Packing Pro app where you’re going, how long for and who with then leave the rest to technology. The app will not only tell you what you might need but will also split your packing into essentials (such as passport, tickets and money), then clothing, then gadgets and personalized lists for the family. Can you marry it? Sadly not.


If you’re traveling on a budget then this app is an absolute must have. Primarily designed for campers it provides a very simple yet effective way of keeping track of your electrical output whilst you’re away by keeping a careful eye on your various gadgets such as chargers, hair dryers, heaters and so on. Better than that, it’s even free to install so you quite literally have nothing to lose! You might find this interesting: Programming Linknet

Hydrate Now

A popular simple app to keep you hydrated by notifying you on your phone at a set time when you are out drinking. Use it at night for keeping the hangover at a minimum the next day, or for other simple timer actions.


For those not wishing to do that last minute shop around the airport then this app is a definite must. Simply tell it which airport you’re traveling from and it’ll quickly recommend a suitable lounge where you can kick back and relax pre-flight minus all the stress of queuing up for fast food, duty free and essentials which, let’s face it, you don’t honestly need. There are also plenty of apps designed to spot the coolest and the cheapest places to go out, for example Everytap application helps both locals and travelers to find the best deals in different Polish cities.


Finally no traveler should ever leave home without the TravelSafe app which does exactly what it says – and keeps you safe. Not only does it provide a database of emergency service numbers for just about every country thinkable but it also provides embassy details, should your passport go missing whilst en route.

You might have faced the situation, wherein you unintentionally end up deleting your vital files and folders while emptying the recycle bin. Losing your most needed files is not less than a nightmare. Well, if you’re one of them, then taking a regular backup of your computer and using data recovery software will surely help you out to fix the same.

In this post, we’ve rounded up 5 steps for data recovery that every Windows user should know. So, let’s get started!

Check The Recycle Bin

On your desktop screen, you will see “Recycle Bin”, it is the location where all the deleted and erased files & folders are stored for the safety measures. It is a default setting that is available in each version of Microsoft Windows since Windows 95. To recover a deleted file, all you need to do is, open the folder >Select > Right-Click on it > select Restore. Now, the file is returned to its original location.

However, when you delete a large file, your machine asks you to delete it permanently instead of keeping it in Recycle Bin. In that case, you won’t be able to restore the file.

Do Not Create New Documents On Your Machine

In case you are not able to locate your deleted file in Recycle Bin, it is recommended to not open a new folder as nothing really gets deleted from your computer. When a file is erased, it leaves an empty space, which is ready to be overwritten. So, if you create a new document, chances are the new document would take up the space emptied by the deleted file. Thus, making it impossible to recover the file.

Restore Files From Backup

It is highly recommended to take backup of your device regularly. As, it is a useful and the most secure way to make sure that you won’t end up losing your important data at any cost. You can use your hard-drive to take a backup of your PC.

In case, you haven’t enabled Windows Backup, follow the below instructions to enable it:

  • Step 1: Go To ‘Start’ menu and click on ‘Control Panel’.
  • Step 2:  Select ‘Backup and Restore’.
  • Step3: Click ‘Set up backup’.
  • Step 4: Choose the location where you want to save the backup file.
  • Step 5: Now, your machine will start taking backup. It might take a bit longer depending upon the available file sizes.
  • Step 6: Select ‘Save settings and run backup’.
  • Step 7: Now, Check the time when you have taken backup.
  • Step 8: Navigate to the backup file location, select it and right-click on the file.
  • Step 9: Click Properties to be sure whether the backup has been created properly or not.

Use A File Recovery Software

When you aren’t able to locate your deleted file manually, it doesn’t mean that the file is no longer available on your computer, it still exists somewhere. However, using a third -party software is the easiest and fastest way to get the deleted files back with ease. As there are tons of data recovery software are available in the market, select the one that suits to needs and requirements. Here, we’re going to recover data with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home.

Follow the below steps to do the same:

  • Step 1: Download and install Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home on your machine.
  • Step 2: Run the software on your computer and select the type of data you would like to recover. i.e. folders, photos, emails, etc.

    Image Source:
  • Step 3: Now the select the location of the deleted file and click on ‘Scan’ to begin the scan process.

    Image Source:
  • Step 4: The tool hunts for the deleted data in the selected location. You can also preview the files by clicking on “Turn on Preview’ option.

    Image Source:
  • Step 5: Once the scanning process is completed and the list of recoverable files and folders would be visible on your screen. Choose the file and select the location where you would like to save the file.

    Image Source:
  • Step 6. That’s it, now, go to the location and there you will see the deleted file saved.

Contact An Expert

When you are done with all the resources, you can contact an expert to guide you through the process. Sometimes, due to a technical glitch, you might face some issues while doing the same but you can contact your support provider anytime to fix the concern.

So, these were the five steps that will surely help you to recover your deleted files and folders in no time.


Looking for a WordPress Theme is pretty easy, considering there are at least ten thousand offered today and more getting created every single day. But choosing something which will work for what you need exactly is hard. And choosing one which you can customize on your own – despite your lack of coding knowledge – is a bigger challenge.

Enter Zerif Pro, created by the geniuses at Themelsle. This is has been lauded as the best-selling WordPress theme in 2015 and 2016. And up to this day, many are still going for it. Why? Read on…

It Has All the Basics

Some themes focus too much on the look and feel that these fundamental website needs tend to be overlooked. But this one has got the basics all mapped out such as:

  • Long title area, because you want to be able to introduce yourself well),
  • Nice feature spot (because you need to display the most important aspect of your business)
  • Call to action section (because you need to sell)
  • Customer testimonials (so that you can hear from your clients or customers) and so much more.

Live Customization

Hiring a designer has its perks. But if you have a knack for this, why not do it on your own? Other WordPress themes limit your design capabilities. But Zerif allows you to customize your site exactly the way you’d like it. And you can do all these in real time!

Aside from the design, you can also edit and organize the structure of your site. With Zerif’s ‘mega menu’, anyone can easily arrange the whole content of your website.

Woocommerce Integration

Planning to sell a product or service? This WordPress theme allows you to build a page for your Woocommerce store in just a few minutes. Again, you don’t need coding to be able to do this if you’re using Zerif.

Mobile Responsiveness

This is a very important feature to have because practically everyone looks for anything and everything on their mobile device. Themlsle understands this so well that they have ensured that this theme is mobile-ready. Again, there is no need for additional coding here.

Translation and RTL Ready

Do you have a global customer base? No problem! With Zerif, the website you want to build will have text that can be translated to your language of choice at no extra cost!

Whatever reason you’ve got for building a website – from selling a product or service to just set up a creative site which you consider a passion project – Themeisle Zerif Pro is the way to go. Check out their demo video on their official website to learn more how you could get started with this amazing theme.

Whatever business you do, it will happen at least once or even more that you need to finish something for work while you are out of office.

Maybe your boss will ask you to edit a business document you’ve sent it to him, or the client will request an invoice or something simply will come up urgently that requires document editing.

If you are away from a desktop computer and you don’t want your boss or client wait, the only solution is to turn to your mobile phone for help. Thanks to advanced apple mobile technology, you can be positive that your work won’t suffer.

Of course, there are certain conditions your phone needs to be of use for business purpose: internet access, full or enough battery and adequate business applications.

While there are thousands of mobile apps for different business tasks, there are some apps that are necessary in almost every work-related situation. Some of these apps you may be familiar with and with other not, but let’s see what apps you need in order to complete your work tasks on the go.

Have in mind that we excluded some apps from the list, such as Gmail, Google Drive and so on, because these apps are by default installed on every phone.

  • PDF to Word Converter is a mobile app that converts PDF files to Word which is quite essential when you need to edit a document. Usually all business documentation is sent back and forth in a PDF form which is hard to manipulate with. So this app turns PDF files to .docx and you will be able to edit its content whether it is a scanned PDF or a regular one. If you’re looking for other resources of this caliber, check out 2Binsite – Shop and Company Information
  • Microsoft Word is one of the most popular app but worth mentioning, especially because it is necessary if you use PDF to Word converter. Every time you want to edit a file, you can convert it with this first mentioned app and then open the converted file in MS Word app and rewrite what it is necessary.
  • Although Siri does great work when you need to search for information on the internet or to call someone, Active Voice app is tailor-made for business people. If you need to type something in the document or to reply to the email, you don’t need to type while walking, just speak and the app will produce the text. It even has translation options, in case your client doesn’t speak English.
  • Doc Scan HD is necessary in situations when you have only paper copy of an important business document. If your boss needs that document and you are far away from the office you can scan the paper and send it as a PDF via email, cloud storage or fax.
  • webapplicaties Sending important business papers via fax is still popular and needful, but since mobile technology has been developed so much, you can send fax without fax machine. There is a fax app called iFax and it is highly recommended by prominent blogs.

So there you are- five essential apps you will need next time you are away from office, and an urgent work comes up.

Don’t get stressed because you are not behind your computer, you can use your iPhone to send emails and fax to your clients, give feedback to your colleagues, edit documents for your boss and without need to type anything.

Not many prevalent games have the peculiarity of the long history and heritage that the thrill and adventure number game like Bingo enjoys worldwide. It is because the historical records trace the origins of the game since the year 1530.

Ever since the Bingo has gone to entice and entertain tens of millions of people around the globe, making it one of the most in-demand games which has stood every test of time. Despite the several variations which Bingo has undergone, it remains the game of choice among the people of every age, creed, colour and culture.

During the 1920s, it is used to playing at the fairgrounds, large carnivals, in clubs and halls in the US, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia as well as in various commonwealth nations. The prime attraction of Bingo is the presence of friendly environment all around spirited with camaraderie the game fosters among the players.

It is one of the reasons why Bingo has endured for so many centuries. A true Bingo follower will share that the game is never about winning or losing, but the opportunity of being there and enjoying the evening with the loved ones has become the symbol of the game.

A major development took place in the amazing world of bingo is the introduction of online bingo. Since its online inception, what started as ooze, turned into a heavy flood, and millions of Bingo fans are now enjoying it with a same feel and excitement. The Bingo lovers are increasing every minute across the world.

The online websites attract beginners and infuse enthusiasm in their regular day with offering seasonal promotions, rewards and events. The site offers different features and sets the board up differently to match the preferences of each and every player.

Although it is still being continued to be played in clubs and halls, but gradually online bingo rooms are replacing the traditional venues. The subsequent growth of online bingo helps in raising the sense of community, friendship and social atmosphere as it brings people residing across the borders in a common place.

If you visit one of the many online bingo websites, you’ll discover that you can be part of the worldwide virtual bingo community and experience a sense of belongings just as you would find at any traditional bingo venue.

Today, the online bingo players have turned virtually into a one big family with picture galleries, constant newsletter, regular updates and free chat rooms. It works together to give a real special feeling of friendship plus building a collective community spirit among every player.

Without a doubt, the online Bingo has many benefits such as its ease of access from sitting anywhere in the world, 24 hour availability, several prize and reward options and finally the luxury of playing the game from the comfort of home.

To sum it up, the online bingo’s core advantages constitute friendship, fun and cash prizes. The online bingo venues are complementing and flourishing with each passing year.

Any business can flourish if it is managed and controlled well. And for all sorts of businesses, Human Resource consulting company seems to be an improbable investment, but once it pick-up the pace of growth in terms of size and profits, this investment emerges into a promising one.

The decision to invest in a HR consultant may differ from one organization to another, but there are some definite benefits to this investment which cannot be ignored.

Check out the complete low-down on such benefits below:

  • A Solution To Hiring Problem:

The HR consulting firms are known to extend complete outsourcing solutions which can be tailored as per the business needs. Primarily, it benefits the company’s administration department by smoothen the HR procedures. It shoots up the business performance while properly executing the HR functions.

With such immense solutions, it eliminates the scope of errors encountered when the HR functions are carried out.

  • Benefits To Employees:

The business owners would support the fact that employee benefits are always time consuming and tedious to control. The big business houses or MNC’s, nowadays, resort to HR consulting firms to take up the charge of the concerned subject.

They work to manage the employee benefits and streamline the health benefits for a company. The consulting group manages such tiresome jobs of handling employee benefits, where a business’s HR department can emphasize on a company’s prime operations.

The consulting group narrow down the company’s options and provide a business insights into several packages which fits into the needs and budget of the company.

  • HR Techniques & Tools:

Another vital execution done by an HR consulting company is to establish and execute the HR technology. It is always better to influence the talents of an HR consulting group. Such consultants are expert in setting up the HR techniques and tools which are essential amplify the performance of the business house.

The company imparts the knowledge and training to the prospective employees ahead the recruitment.

  • HR Management:

It is one of the core agendas of any business organization. Maintaining, managing and controlling the human capital constitute the prime necessity, but take a toll of time. The HR consulting panel has the experience and expertise in hiring and retaining the employees.

They know how to maintain a rich human capital for the organization. They’re proficient in keeping the best talent on the board. They empower human capital with reward and appreciation programs. It also helps in improving the company’s talent acquisition process.

Hence, without a doubt, every business must leverage the finest HR consulting solutions for all the hiring related worries. But it is highly recommended to pick the leading brands, backed with rich experience and profound expertise in HR management outsourcing and the like.

Principal People is a renowned Human Resources Consulting Firm in the UK. Here, the human resource consultants have the ability to support the clients with a fully developed Human Resources techniques, tools and methods.