“Believe me,” the middle-aged floor man said. “I appreciate that you want to come to the dealer’s defense. But we’ve got to have rules here, which you violated. We can’t have brawls breaking out between players at the tables.”

I pointed back to the tournament room. “It’s his fault. The guy is a total low life, man, and he threatened me first.”

The floor man glanced at the room, straightened his glasses, and then gave me a half-smile that communicated more than words ever could. He obviously knew the other player, and at least partially agreed with my analysis. Perhaps much more than partially. So, I pushed my luck.

“You’d rather have a guy like that as a customer, than me?” But I immediately regretted the question, as the answer might not be one I wanted to hear.

Sure enough, his smirk vanished. “You’re the one who was out of his seat,” the floor man replied, “and physically accosting another player.”

“I only touched the back of his chair. You’re the ones who physically accosted me.”

“We stopped you. In another two seconds, who knows what you might have done.”

I sighed. “I suppose that’s correct…”

The floor man motioned towards the exit. “You need to leave now. You’re lucky. The security guard wants to hold you until the police arrive, have you arrested, and permanently ban you from this poker club.”

I looked to the burly security guard standing ten feet away, who was still scowling at me. “All right,” I said. “Good night.” I didn’t bother looking back as I stormed out the Bicycle Club’s front entrance.

That was a first for me. Sure, as a regular player I was no stranger to encountering instances of dealer abuse from idiotic opponents. But never like this. Never with such deeply inherent passive-aggressive evil. My adversary’s heart was uglier than his appearance, which was really saying something. It triggered a reaction in me that I have never before witnessed, and have never experienced since. I felt I had run into a particular manifestation of wickedness on Earth that must be silenced.

I didn’t notice much about the man when I first saw him. I was used to sitting among all different types in the nightly $20 tournaments at the Bicycle Club. So a thin, scraggly, mop-headed poker player who looked like he just came from camping at a Grateful Dead concert for a week, while only occasionally bathing via a park drinking fountain, wasn’t terribly jarring. It was when he began speaking that his existence began stabbing at my soul.

At first his communications were nothing more than mumbles as he folded his first few hands, frowning at our young, blonde, surfer-looking dealer as if something unusual were happening to him when he mucked the cards. I didn’t pick up any playable hands early, either. Then the mop-head decided to bless me with a bad beat story of how he should have won $27,000 in some big poker tournament somewhere, if it weren’t for this horrible suck-out, assuring me in the process that “everyone knows about it.” Apparently, the knucklehead was a well-known player.

An epiphany struck me. I was a regular reader of Card Player Magazine, including Max Shapiro’s humor column. He regularly referenced an assortment of comical poker characters I always assumed were fictional – until now. Could it be that I had just met Shapiro’s “Dirty Wally”? It seemed incredibly likely. I mean, this guy nailed the profile so perfectly, in every conceivable respect, I couldn’t even accept the notion that Dirty Wally might be a character contrived from a certain extreme “type” of player personality. The scum sitting to my immediate right at the end of the table absolutely, uncompromisingly, had to be the genuine article.

I found myself momentarily entertained by the revelation, and only hated him a little at this point. That all changed several grumbling folds later when Dirty Wally finally got a playable hand. He missed the flop, and elected to fold to an early-position bet, but only after staring the dealer down something fierce. After mucking he nodded in a conceding manner before commenting, a little louder this time: “He’s a loser – that’s why he’s dealing.”

And that’s where I lost it. Now, I’m an easy going guy, and honestly didn’t even know I possessed this kind of rage. The dealer only politely smiled and began shuffling. I don’t know if he fully heard the slur. But the other close-by players must have. I found the fact that no one else opened their mouths to chide the asshole quite disconcerting. So I had to do it.

“The only loser here is you, you piece of trash.”

Dirty Wally shot me a look of betrayal and raised his voice to call the floor man over, before insulting me in reprisal. I don’t remember the exact words used. But the ensuing heated exchange included my inviting him outside to settle the matter, and when two floor men arrived at the scene I was apparently standing with my hand on his chair attempting to pull it away from the table. The security guard got involved as well. No one at the table came to my defense. The floor man didn’t care much that the issue was over dealer abuse, and the dealer only seemed amused at the entire incident.

Dirty Wally and I never crossed paths again. I took my action to the Commerce Club, and shortly thereafter got married and started my own poker bot business at http://bonusbots.com so didn’t have a lot of time for brick and mortar poker after that. I never did any good in those Bicycle Club nightly tournaments anyway. But Dirty Wally is probably still out there, probably still wearing the same clothes and still cursing dealers for all his perceived injustices in life.

Google’s mobile-first-index is a transformational move for more useful and result-oriented website optimization. This eminent transition of websites to mobile-first indexing means the Google’s algorithms will primarily use the mobile version of the content on your site to rank the pages. This leads to the fact that search engines will create and rank their search listings based on the site’s content that is mobile-friendly.

Despite the Google webmaster’s guidance on mobile-first indexing, a lot many sites would be in deep water if they miscalculate this shift. First of all, you need to figure out whether or not your site is mobile friendly. Afterwards, the site’s content should be optimized like a pro to withstand the rising trend of mobile-first index.

To be ready for this BIG change and to get your sites optimized are widely different things. Just like an android application development company is poles apart from a web development company. Both are different trades, craving for a widely separated approach to work out the client’s demands. Likewise, making up your mind to go with Google updates won’t work unless you start implementing the right tactics.

Let’s optimize websites for Google’s mobile-first feature.

  1. Mobile Thinking is the Real Deal:

Still spectacle about site’s mobile friendliness? Consider this: more than 50% of Google searches come from mobile users.

Mobile is certainly a big thing and therefore, businesses have to shift their mindset to mobile-first thinking in whatever they do – website design, development, user interface.

Desktop comes later. Your site should be dynamically responsive on all desktop to mobile platforms. This isn’t enough at all. You need to spice it up by optimizing it for mobile devices.

Start Today!

Build your upcoming site or renovate the old one around top-of-mind mobile experience. Embrace mobile-first thinking and act accordingly to steal a march on your competitors.

  1. Find your Feet in Speedy Site:

In today’s fast paced era survival is not only for the fittest, but for the fastest as well.

Companies need to stand fit and fast. The problematic factor is that having a responsive website by no means guarantees that its mobile optimized.

The times are changing. Mobile SEO becomes mandatory. This reason enough to believe it the Google’s rolling out of mobile-first index. Hence, businesses are now hiring the services of mobile app development in UK to give their target audience a great, personalized user experience. Here comes the need of mobile app search optimization wherein mobile-first index may not be a big deal. It’s hard to swallow for mobile versions of websites.

Now, for mobile SEO your site must function fast and flawlessly. The best solution is to move to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for improving your mobile ecosystem. AMP uses pared-down HTML that aids loading the web pages faster than the regular HTML.

On a WordPress site, you can use plugins to convert web pages to AMP. Progressive Web Apps can be used an alternative to move pages to AMP.

  1. The Rise of Content Management

So, you have a responsive website performing well on mobiles, delivering remarkable UX and faster page loading, but still you are gaining very little from SEO efforts, then perform a full audit of your mobile-friendly website. It’s important because the content management for your desktop site differs a lot from that of mobile version.

Better to use same content for both versions.

What Else?

  • Avoid using Flash content
  • Use drop-down & accordion menus wisely
  • Use the text size, padding and tap target appropriately
  • Use HTML5 or Java for interactive elements
  • Don’t panic users with pop-up blocks on mobile
  1. Streamline Checkout Process

While developing your site for mobile-first index, do not forget considering the checkout process. It’s important to reduce the barriers hampering the conversion rates when users purchase something from your site via mobile device.

Here’s a few tips to streamline and accelerate the checkout process

  • Do not use pop-ups
  • Decrease the info needed at checkout
  • Super-smooth the navigation
  • Allow people to save their info for future use
  • Use Apple or Android Pay modes for online transactions

With all these practices, make sure your site is finely aligned for mobile-first-index to get well-positioned in SERPs.


Digitization is the only way to immunize your business from being obsolete.

Almost all the new businesses popping up in the market are coming with digitized data from the day one. But, there are many existing businesses that are showing their skepticism in adapting to this new method. As an owner of an existing business, you must adapt to the changing norms of the business market as it is never going to happen the other way round.

If you do not want your business to go obsolete, digitization indeed is the next step for your business.

It is obvious for you to get overwhelmed by the idea of transforming your massive amount of paperwork into digitized data. But, the time and effort put in the process will come with lots of benefits for your business.

The convenience of storing and handling data – Digital data are more convenient in handling and storing. You do not need to have big cupboards and shelves to keep all your files and invoices. Further, you do not need to sit for hours shuffling through hundreds and thousands of papers to get that one old invoice. You can simply search any file or data by typing the name, date or any keyword used in that document. When you save your data on the cloud, you’ll never lose them due to fire, earthquake, burglary or even your system failure. You can access your data on the cloud, literally, from anywhere without asking anyone to scan and e-mail or fax it to you.

Improved customer services – You acknowledge it or not almost the whole world has transformed into a digital world. Today, customers want everything from shopping to banking to be done digitally. If you fail in providing your customers with hassle-free digital experience in dealing with you, they will certainly move on to your competitors. By saving your customer related data digitally you’ll be able to give them what they want. No need to get overwhelmed, there are websites like https://praxent.com/ who are in the market to help businesses adapt to the new technological advancement.

Minimal error in business operation – Humans are bound to make silly mistakes. So, digitizing your business ensures reduced risks of errors. The technologies cannot only reduce the risk of error but also speeds-up the tasks. This directly means you can get more benefits in lesser time and cost. When you provide your employees the ease of operation you’ll also see a significant decrease in the workers’ turnover ratio of your business. You do not only need to rely on already existing systems rather you can get customized applications and software developed by the software developing company.

Move forward and embrace the positive changes occurring in the business market and the world as a whole. If you decide to stay at your position you’ll see that the world has moved forward leaving you behind. But, if you decide to walk forward you’ll see many helping hands supporting you and your business to come forward gracefully.