Data collected in 2016 showed that there was a decline in domestic crime in the United States. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, the rate of property crime was estimated at 2,450.7 per 100,000 residents in 2016 – a two percent decrease from figures last 2015.

In England and Wales, the Office for National Statistics also reported a decrease in domestic burglary with a record low of 650,000 incidents in the survey year that ended last March 2017.

Although these reports are encouraging, there is no denying the fact that break-ins and property crimes still happen. These crimes also usually happen at times when there is no one inside the home, or at night when everyone is asleep.

Home security companies say you can avoid being a statistic by investing in the right security systems. The first step is to have a CCTV security system installed.

Investing in the Right CCTV Security Camera System

With various brands and models of CCTV cameras out in the market today, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your home. Knowing which features they should have can help limit your options and enable you to select the most suitable one for your home.

Here are five of the important features you should look for in your home CCTV security cameras:

1.     Image quality and viewing angle

Having cameras with an HD video recording function is a must today. This is because the footage recorded by HD cameras are clear and distinctive, enabling you and law enforcement officials to detect even the smallest details. Most modern CCTV cameras have at least 720p resolution while others offer as high as 1080p for viewing and recording. But leading security system vendors now also offer cameras with an impressive 4K resolution that produces an outstanding level of image detail and quality modern homes and businesses demand today.

In addition, it is best to consider getting cameras with wide angles. Cameras of this type cover a larger area with a single camera and can eliminate the need to install multiple cameras. In addition, wide-angle cameras will allow you to see more without the need to reposition or rotate the device.

2.     Low-light or infrared capabilities

Since many break-ins still happen at night, you would do well to add as many security features to your home as possible.

In the U.K., for example, there are window systems awarded the Police Preferred Specification status by the U.K. Police flagship initiative Secured By Design; the products are recognized for meeting the initiative’s standards for reducing crime risk.

Such window systems would provide your home an added layer of protection against burglars attempting to forcibly enter homes at night.

It’s also an excellent idea to invest in security cameras with infrared capabilities or ones that can record in low-light conditions.

Infrared cameras will increase the distance your camera can record images in low- to no-light conditions.

A less expensive option than infrared cameras, a low-light camera harnesses image intensifiers to magnify visible light in small amounts and create a substantially brighter image with discernible details.

Most cameras that use this technology emit near-infrared energy to improve the effectiveness of the camera in dark conditions without drawing too much attention.

3.     Remote video access and recording

Majority of home intrusions happen when the property owners or residents are away. As such, having the ability to access the video feed remotely is a big advantage today.

By simply installing an app on your phone or tablet, you can access live feeds from the cameras. There are also CCTV systems that will allow you to control the cameras remotely.

All modern CCTV systems include a recording function. However, find out how long your system will store all the gathered footage. If possible, choose a system that will also allow you to store your footage in the cloud so that you will have backups and you can archive any footage for later use.

4.     Motion detection

Motion detection is another important feature to look for as well. With this technology, you receive an alert when your home security system is triggered. You can then immediately check the live feed and monitor the situation once you receive the notification.

Other, more advanced motion detection systems come with movement tracking as well. In addition to alerting you, the cameras will turn and follow the person that triggered the alarm in their field of view.

Not all CCTV systems include motion detection and movement tracking. If you want these features, ask your trusted CCTV camera installation companies if their systems have these features and how much you would have to shell out for them.

5.     Weather resistance

Finally, if you want to have security cameras installed outdoors, you will have to get ones that are weather-resistant. Although they are more expensive, weather-resistant cameras are more durable and you can rely on them to function rain or shine.

Consider the general weather condition in your location when thinking about the degree of weather resistance you want your cameras to have. Generally, it is best to choose ones that can withstand rain so that they will still work even when wet and won’t malfunction easily.

Security companies in your area that specialize in CCTV camera system installation can help you decide which system would be ideal for your home. Investing in this type of security system will require some investment on your part.

Make sure you choose a reliable one that you can easily understand and use so that every penny you spend will be worth it.

Fiber Optic Cabling has become the preferred choice for network data transmission in Canada. With the advancement of new technologies and extensive use of fiber optic cabling, the prices of fiber-optic has come down considerably making it an ideal choice for network transmission.

I like copper cable which uses the copper metal for transmission, fiber-optic instead use digital light pulses at very high frequencies. The light source is usually either a laser or LED. The fiber-optic cables are optimized for one or more wavelengths of light. Because fiber-optic use light as a transmission media, it offers tremendous amount of speed and also longer transmission capabilities. Apart from capacity to carry data at higher rates, fiber-optic also offers immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Copper cables are highly susceptible to electromagnetic interference and therefore are not recommended in the areas where there is a high potential of electrical data transmission. Fiber-optic cables on the other hand are immune to crosstalk because the fiber-optic does not conduct electricity and only uses light signals in a glass fibers rather than electrical signals along a metallic conductor to transmit data. You either have to install a shielded copper cable or go over the fiber-optic for these kind of environments.

While copper data cables have a limitation of 100 metres or 300 feet, fiber-optic cables are capable of caring data transmission to as long as 75 km without using any signal boosting repeaters. This makes fiber-optic cable a perfect choice for long distance runs such as connecting to campuses, connecting buildings, cities and remote areas.

Installation of fiber-optic cables is much easier than copper cables. Because they are lightweight, it is much easier to pull these cables.

Fibre cable comes in many configuration however can be broadly segregated by fibers strands namely single mode and multimode. They come in various configurations including armoured, non-armoured, gel filled, tight buffered and more. Single mode fibers are is used for long-distance fibre runs requiring very high speeds while multimode cables are used for shorter distances. Based on the number of optical fibers these can be divided into the following:

  • Simplex cables
  • Duplex cables
  • Multi-fiber cables

Increases in available fiber-optic cable–manufacturing capacity have lowered cable prices to levels comparable to high-end UTP on a per-foot basis. Fibre cabling is not doubt the future of network cabling in Toronto.

Your email list is an important asset for your online business, and if you use it correctly, it can be the single most lucrative asset you own for a number of reasons. Not only because you have the ability to market products and services to people you know are interested – but also because the email list can be used in addition to your other sales, and implementing a good strategy on how to get the most out of your mailing list is therefore a very important step in any marketing campaign. And if you just use the email list for the occasional newsletter, you miss out on great potential.

Google AdWords

You also have the option to upload the email list to AdWords. This allows you to run display ads targeted to your email lists just as you can with your visitors with an AdWords retargeting list. You can also use your email list for RLSA – Remarketing List for Search Ads. Here you may be bidding 25% more for people who are in your email list because you know they’re more likely to also buy from your page, but studies show that it can still be cost effective, as these people are more inclined to buy your offers.


One way of expanding the reach of your mailing list is to import it to Facebook, and there you have the option to take your email list and upload this to Facebook under “audiences” in your ad account admin. When you do this, Facebook will try to match your list with Facebook profiles. So you’ll get an audience of people who have a Facebook profile with the same email you’ve uploaded to the social media. You can upload newsletter recipients, former customers, and many others. You pay a low CPM price to hit your email list. For example, you can merge email campaigns with Facebook ads or push specific messages to your target audiences.

If you already have a number of emails ready to contact, you can use a number of services to reach your clients, but there’s also a way of obtaining new emails:

Accurate List is one of the leading email list providers that offers updated, comprehensive lists of prospective clients to various industrial sectors. They specialize in providing mailing list solutions to small, medium and large business enterprises looking to promote their products and services to the right target markets. Their marketing data is human verified with top-notch market research and validation process. Every record will match with the target criteria and verified by their data scientists.

Whichever direction you choose, mailing lists are a tried and true method in which companies large and small successfully obtain new clients and keep in contact with their old ones!

If you’re searching for a smartwatch and have a few bucks to spare, probably the Apple Watch is the answer for you. The latest Series 3 will provide you more than any Apple Watch before can do such as stream millions of songs, make calls using your cellular connection, and monitor your health and well-being like never before.

For all of its benefits, you may want to want to show it off, protect it, and accessorize it. Even if you have an older version of Apple Watch, the watchOS 4 might dust off your old device.

However, there are some of the add-ons you can use with your wristwear. These accessories will help you keep your watch imposed, make it look like a modern piece of art, and perfect for every occasion.

Elevation Lab BatteryPro

This accessory is a magnetic charger for your smartwatch. It has an extensive 8,000mAh capacity that can provide various type of charges to your Apple Watch and other iOS devices. The charger features a strap for the watch to securely hold it in place, so it’s easier to charge your watch inside a bag without any problems.

Further, you can get a USB cable to recharge the BatteryPro. Also, you will need those cables to charge your iOS devices and Apple Watch. Moreover, the USB port can put out 2.4A to rapidly charge your iPhone.

Eco-Fused Screen Protector

Applying a screen protector to your Apple Watch screen can be tough, but this Eco Fused acts as a clear screen protector and a case at the same time. You can choose between soft or hardcover, and since it’s a case, also it’s removable and easy to clean.

Moreover, you can request this case to fit in the current version of Apple Watch you have. The front part of its screen protector is transparent, but you can request for different colors according to your preference.

The WatchKeeper

If you want to keep your Apple Watch safe and fully-charge as well, then this WatchKeeper will do the duty. This stylish case comes in tan or black shades and is ideal for those who are always on the go. Plus, the MagSafe charging cable and connector fit neatly beneath the watch when it’s piled.

Furthermore, when you’re wearing your Watch every time, you can use this container to keep the charger and cable tidy. WatchKeeper also has a leather finish and a steel core that serve as a protective layer to keep your favorite smartwatch protected.

Aerb Bamboo Docking Station

The bamboo docking station is an attractive piece of bamboo with well-placed hollows and grooves. It serves as a stand for both your iPhone as well as your Apple Watch. You will have to slide in your cables quickly when you use it.

Also, there is a special channel for the cable of Apple Watch, but the cable comes within the rear hole. The circular bamboo finish is efficient and easily blends in with the surroundings.

Griffin Travel Power Bank

If you’re searching for a compact, portable, and reliable Apple Watch charger that can fit on your keychain, but also powerful enough to give half full charges for your smartwatch, then take a look at this Griffin Travel Backup Battery.

This small piece of gizmo might be costly, but it’s worth the price as you can recharge your Apple Watch while on the go without any hassle.


Your Apple Watch will go with you anywhere, which means you will use it in various environments and situations. To have the most out of your Apple Watch, consider those items mentioned above for an added customization and fashion. For more of the tech news and updates, you can visit Deal Wiki and other tech-related sites.

Do you come across a new spy app every time you do a Google or Bing search for ‘the best app to spy on cell phones?’ Well, it’s really is a tough decision, figuring out which spy app is the best. Most of these spy applications have pretty promising websites. So that’s your first clue when you think of making a purchase. But remember, a fancy website won’t guarantee a good product. Sometimes, the worst scams come from the most promising websites. In short, your final verdict can’t just be made alone on how good-looking a website is.

One way to find the best app to spy on cell phones is by looking for spy app reviews. We did the same and found Xnspy reviews to be more convincing than the others. After doing some comprehensive reading, we came across some features of Xnspy that could make it the best spy app. Let’s give them a read:

  1. Statistical analyses and reports

The major downside with spying on someone’s phone is that it requires time; sifting through every text, contact, email, and photo. But Xnspy had somewhere figured that out already. Their statistical reports are like food cooked and served in plates already. All you have to do is eat. Well, metaphors apart, there are a few different types of reports that you get your hands on.

  1. a) When we spy on someone’s call logs, we are interested in knowing who calls them the most. Xnspy lets you view the top 5 callers and top 5 calls’ durations.
  2. b) Call time activity punch card allows you to view when the monitored person was most active calling others.
  3. c) If you want to check the internet browsing activity on a phone, there could be hundreds of websites that a person may have opened just over a few days period. But going through each entry one by one, you could use Xnspy’s ‘Analysis’ to view the top 10 most-visited sites. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.
  1. Pricing/features correlation

Just looking alone at the features or pricing don’t do any justice to a spy app. It’s better to look at the features and pricing altogether. We like to call this the price/features correlation. While you can’t really give a correlation value, you can compare the features to the prices. What you are going to look for is an app that offers more value for money, i.e. more features in lesser price. Xnspy definitely gives its user a good price for all the premium features like call and ambient recording, remote screenshots, data wipe and remote phone locking, apart from the usual monitoring of phone calls, emails, browsing history, multimedia, etc.

  1. A decent Customer Support

It has come to our attention that the support team of Xnspy is very much live and helping. It’s available mostly round the clock so you aren’t left to your own. Having some knowledgeable support attendant could mean a smoother download and installation and not having to access the target device more than once.

Our categorical pick is Xnspy and aforementioned are just a few reasons. We suggest you go through other Xnspy reviews too so to get a clearer vision of what this app is capable of. For more information about the app, you can visit

Are you searching for how to increase your social media presence on Internet? If yes, you’re at right place. Increasing likes on Facebook these days is become a most important thing to determine the popularity of a person. AutoLikers are now playing an important role to increase your Facebook Likes for absolutely free an in a easy way.

The use of auto likers has been increasing day by day in order to get thousand of likes on your Facebook posts and pages. In order to get free Facebook likes we have something for you. Bugs Liker is one of the best Facebook auto liker website that provide you free Facebook likes and you can increase your likes upto 100K for absolutely free.

Things Required Before Using BugsLiker.Net

Make sure your Facebook followers setting is in enabled and post privacy is in Public.

Steps To Gain Free Likes Using Fb Auto Liker

1 – Open BugsLiker.Net and Generate Your Facebook Token.

2 – Login to BugsLiker.Net using newly generated token.

3 – Select your post and click on Send Likes.

4 – Done, you will get 300 Likes / Submit.

Well, a lot of people do not know what this is in the IT world and that is why there is so much confusion that is unnecessary really if you ask me. There is no gray here, it is very clear what happens with DevOps. I will explain it in simple terms and then tell you what it gives you.

There is so much to be gained from this that you are not even aware of.

DevOps is all about the establishment of a relationship between the development phases in IT and the productivity stage of what has been developed. This is the transition between those two points. It is very crucial that you enhance the communication between these two points

The things is that the people that work in this space are in high demand seeing as very few know about this and even bother to learn what it is all about. As you will see in this article, DevOps certification is very crucial in app development processes.

What is DevOps in the IT World?

When you look at this from the point of view of the Information Technology world, you will find that there is so much that happens here. It is all about the agile software that is needed to make sure that when something is developed it actually becomes useful.

In software development, you will need to have integration, collaboration and communication between the two processes of developing and making the software beneficial to users.

In the IT world, this is getting accepted as a real and actual function. Anyone who can train to have the skill or talent to be both the systems operation engineer and developer will fit the description of a DevOps person.

The Reasons Why You Need to Integrate DevOps into Software Development

There are any reason why you need to do this. They include:

  1. Better Prevention and Rectification of Software Errors

This is something that you need to be good at if you want to be the best developer there is and if you want to get that done, you need to make sure that there is DevOps going on. Before the transition, this phase will oversee that everything has been developed well.

This way, when it gets to the stage where it is supposed to be used, people will find it to be useful and that is what developing is all about. Defects can be expensive, avoid them at all costs.

  1. Proper Management of Resources

When you do not have the kind of transition that DevOps will give you, there is a lot that hoes wrong with the resources and how they are used. You will find that you have everything that is needed to bring the software to the testing stage and that will not happen in time.

That is why you need to make sure that you have DevOps. That way, you can bring the whole thing to fruition in a way that is professional, fast and much easier than when you do not have this dynamic working.

  1. Reducing Developer Errors

Remember when I said that when you have DevOps skills and talent you can be both the systems operation engineer and developer? Well, this is where it comes in handy because you will need to know how the whole developing process is going and then you can spot errors better.

When you are not developing or doing anything but ensuring smooth transition, you will spot errors better and by the time they are testing this, you will have seen it all and it will be near perfect. It is a good feeling to deliver a near flawless project.

  1. Enhancement of Stability in Processes

When there is no stability with what you are doing, you will find it so had to get things done the way that you want them to be. That is the reason why you need to get some DevOps personnel of train to be one. This is because you will get things deployed 30% faster.

The chances of failure go down drastically too by about half. That is something that a lot of developers need and that is where you come in. moving from development phase to the end becomes easier.

  1. Version Control and Automatic Coding

These are two very important to the development of a software. That is the reason why you need to make sure that you have them all. It is easier when you leverage the programmable utilities that you have to work for you instead of doing everything by yourself.

All tools that are needed will be there for you and you will find it easy to move from the first stages and reach the end with ease.

As you have noticed, there is so much that you can do to make sure that you have everything in order and that is what this is all about.



What is asset management?

A process of ensuring that all (tangible and intangible) assets of a business organization or company are well maintained, tracked and performing well for the positive growth of business is usually recognized as asset management.

It is one of the most important aspects that every business or company must be cautious about in order to maximize the revenues as well as to provide the best possible ROI to the stakeholders etc.

Reduced business costs, improved operational efficiencies, boosted investor confidence and business nimbleness are the most common benefits of asset management.

However, this article is loaded with numerous reasons why asset management is important for business or company.

Benefits of Asset management for business

Boost efficiency and profitability

Asset management is a process that enables the business administration to merge several business processes at a place such as financial, preventive maintenance and inventory functions not only to support the life cycle of assets but to make the decision making easier for the higher authorities as well.

Different departments of the company such as production department & maintenance department can independently be able to collaborate in decision making processes to boost the efficiency and profitability of the org  anization.

Asset recovery

Asset recovery is one of the common benefits of asset management system as it makes easy to remove an asset from the books or accounts of business when sold or marked as scrap.

By doing so, a business organization or company can free up storage space for other business inventories by writing off the spare parts or scrap.

You can save money on maintenance

By using a CMMS software or system, a company can save a lot of business money in the term of reduced maintenance cost or repairing expenses as preventive maintenance plan helps the company or business organization to keep its assets in tip-top condition.

Through this way, a business can enjoy the improved maintenance results when using its basic asset management system.

Automating asset discovery & tracking

According to the experts, almost all new asset management systems are functional with asset discovery features that continuously scan the network for any new tool, equipment or device of the company.

Effective asset discovery and tracking can also be done via preventive maintenance plan as CMMS software always creates automatic reminders for equipment preventive maintenance that helps you find out which asset of the company is working on which site or location.

Effective asset management also helps the business detect of any spiteful or rogue tools on the network that could cause an abnormal hazard to the whole workplace or business infrastructure.

Accurate amortization rates

With help of an asset management system, a company or business can make sure that amortization rates charged for all business assets are exact.

When amortization rates are charged accurately, chances of slip-ups in business financial statements are reduced as well.

Removal of ghost assets

Yes, these are the business assets that have been lost or stolen but still on the record in business books. Asset management assists a business or company to remove the ghost assets from its lists in order to prevent any misunderstanding and mistakes in business accounts and financial statements at the end.

Financial statements’ accuracy

Effective asset management means an organization or business has all essential details regarding its all assets and these are included in the financial statements accurately as well.

In results, it aids a company or business a lot to maintain accuracy in its annual financial statements to get precise profit & loss figures without facing troubles.

Undoubtedly in the wake of reaching new customers and increasing sales, having just a great brand is really not enough. The components like effective marketing and promotions play an important role for creating new customer base and increasing sales. We are presenting you some promising ways to increase the brand awareness for the sake of driving sales and enlarging customer base.

Promotional Strategies

The great promotions invite the target customers to encourage them to buy your products. To make sure customer picks up your product from the shelf, he needs some kind of attractive deal.  This may include that you offer a larger pack in same price as smaller pack. A great marketing technique ‘BOGOF’ can help you to attract the customers. You can promote your products using in-store promotions and on-pack signage. Appealing POS displays can accelerate the process.

Availing Social  media tools

Nowadays social media deems as remarkable platform for increasing awareness of your brand as it creates the buzz and a new product catches the customers’ eye in very less time. For targeting the potential customers you need to post regularly or compose tweets with relative content displaying your product features. Hit the customer network who you think will be interested and encourage them to share features with their online groups and friends. Take time to compose message, incorporate reviews and free tips when you are deciding to post on Facebook.

Perks and Incentives

A good marketing campaign encompasses many loyalty programs. Special offers are always very popular amongst consumers. You have capitalize on the special discount codes to increase brand awareness. This will lead to drive more sales.

Mobilize Influencers

The role of influencers can never be ignored. Search them in your community and help them in their objectives to gain their trust and support. This will lead to good working relationship that enables both the parties to access the customer network and garner the real business opportunities for the sake of mutual benefit.

Manage Email Marketing

When you want to promote new brand products, promotions and upcoming offers, the results can be magnified through running email marketing campaigns.By building a database you can get all email addresses of new clients. You have to post the attractive articles and content on regular basis to keep in touch with the potential clients, not just when you want to sell something.

Reap the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing refers to an intelligent marketing concept in which you can display your brands and products on the affiliate websites. This will get endorsed to your prospect customers. When internet became primary medium for marketing products in the late 2000s, this concept used to reach out to customers. You have to reward or pay a commission to the particular affiliate when the visitor purchase or sign-up for your service or product. It is cost effective technique, if implement in its full essence can ripe to give you long lasting outcomes.

For Brand Promotion or Awareness Services you need the contract with Digital marketing or Brand Promotion Company. I recommend you one affordable Brand Promotion Company. The SOLHeight is a Brand Promotion Company in Islamabad. They provide Brand Promotion Services for new, small, and medium-size business.

Before planning a trip, you need to do a little research for extra comfort and adding a little luxury to your trip. On this reconnaissance, you may find small items here and there that can make your trip easier. But one thing you should never ignore, is a travel app. With an app on your smartphone that suits the nature of your trip in the best way, you can easily enhance your travel experience.

Whether you are planning your dream trip, take the next flight to your desired designation, comparing flights for cheapest rate, or booking a hotel; this list will definitely help you to determine the best app for your next travel. Travel is a great way to relax and calm down, and is often a good idea to try out before seeking help from stress for an example.

UV lens:

When heading to a sunny location, you need to be extra cautious with the density of the sun rays that can easily burn you. UV lens is one of the best apps to install in your phones not only when you are outbound for a trip, but all the time as it provides updates, live reports, and time preference which time will be the best to go out and enjoy.

You can also personalize it with skin type assessment in order to know how long you can stay in the sun before getting in the UV danger zone.


Want to stay updated on all commercial flights? You need to download Flightradar24. This amazing app can change your phone into a flight tracker. You can watch and trek any aircraft, its flight data, and progress. It also provides different features like reality view, flight identification, and other amazing sorts. This app is entertaining and addictive, and you can also use it for killing time at the airport of in long-haul flights.

Google Earth:

Growing up we always imagined to have a satellite view of our location, and be able to locate ourselves especially when lost in a strange city, to get the best directions. Google Earth is one of the most advanced apps which every traveler should keep in their smartphones. It is highly updated for latest maps and the world is no strange place when you have this app. With its latest features, you can easily enjoy a 3d (three dimensional) view of the world.


This app can enhance any trip by helping you with discounted hotel reservations. You can book your hotel for the night, next day, next week or even next month in advance. Enjoy the perks of this app and download it right away.

Google Translate:

Another app developed by Google on our list. This app can translate any language into your native tongue. It is highly recommended when you are traveling as language is a great barrier in communicating with the locals. This app can enhance your traveling by providing accurate translations of any local language.

XE Currency:

This app is a must for anyone traveling abroad. By downloading this app, you can keep an eye on the live currency exchange market.


Airbnb runs an e-commerce marketplace and cordiality service by providing short-term lease or rent option for holiday cottages, apartments, hostel beds, homestays, hotels, and more. When traveling, an app such as Airbnb can always come in handy.


Before booking any airline ticket, you must compare flights first in order to find cheap flights. DreamWorldTravel provides you a platform where you can easily save on traveling, by booking the cheapest and most convenient flights to anywhere.

Prey Anti-Theft:

We all are well aware of the fact that world is not a safe place. No matter how much precautions we take, a traveler is always at risk of getting robbed of their precious belongings. For this reason, they must download Prey Anti-Theft on your smartphones. This app allows you to manage all your digital accessories. You can find your phone, laptop, smartwatch, and even tablets if you somehow lost them.


Last but one of the first app to download when hitting the road, AccuWeather provides weather forecast of almost every city or place. You need you acknowledge all the weather updates for your desired destinations and plan your trip accordingly for maximum fun.