Since the birth of forex in 1875 with the creation of the gold standard monetary system, the industry has grown itself with a huge attention from traders and now, we have plenty of brokers to trade with. But, do you know exactly what the biggest brokers in the game is? Have been watched in many years, 5 brokers below are considered the biggest because of their outstanding records over the year.

  • with average trading volume a month reached $395 Billion. Now it’s the giant in the forex market.
  • has got $320 Billion traded every month.
  • with $300 Billion, very close to
  • Saxo Bank with same $300 Billions of monthly trading volume
  • FXCM trades the average of $220 Billion every month.

How could they win over the other brokers and stay on the list? The reasons lie under their own systems.



Exness is well-known for its supportive and reliable system to all traders from beginners to masters. This broker was founded in 2008, until now, it’s been settled for 10 years of operation with a scam-free background. Established by experts in Forex, the broker reached $395 of volume every month. During its growth, in 2011, Exness was certificated as submission to ISO 9001:2008 standards for Organizing Forex Trading.

Speaking of profit it brings to the table for traders, Forex is providing the most charming conditions to every trader on earth with top least spread and the best leverage.

You can find its trading situation here

Besides that, to support a large number of traders from regions all over the world, Exness does its websites localized in 18 languages, among those, English and Chinese are used in 24/7 to support customers. More than that, Exness has advanced its service by applying a convenient software which help traders can manage their accounts all the time. Money withdrawal and trading can be done in a blink.

With its size, Exness can be labeled “only for experts” but you should have known that Exness is one of the big brokers allows demo accounts in trading. Thus, with a little money, you can start trading in the forex market under a minimum of risks, lost with the most reliable and biggest broker.

  1. is impressed with the average volume of $320 billion a month. Now, there are up to 1.5 million traders who choose XM over other brokers and they definitely don’t do it for no reason.

Founded in 2009, XM has grown up to be a fair, trustworthy broker to clients in 196 countries.

Besides its clear and transparent background published in its website, XM provide generous terms to traders: low spread (as low as 0 pips), leverage of 888:1 and here with this broker, people are free to choose to trade by demo or real account. can be considered as a broker to customers. Its service is favorited all over the world because of the following features:

–    XM features its trading activity applicable in more than 16 platforms. Therefore, you can do your job on mobiles, tabs or almost any devices with internet access.

–    XM produced the most tutorial videos for anyone who wants to study this business. And all of them are free to access.

–    There is some free access in XM website such as market research or daily webinars.

–    Help is provided for customers 24/5 live hour in XM.

To be one of the most reliable and largest brokers, XM has collected licenses from giants in economics such as the UK, ASIC in Australia… That can tell us a part of its prestige in this field in almost 10 years of operation.


  1. has reached $300 per month at average. Forex provides a fine trading environment to traders in the forex industry with regulations of FCA (from the UK), FSA (from Japan), and CFTC (from the US)… that’s why is one of the most reliable brokers for Asian.

Beside, Forex publish its data of available liquidity to the customer, for traders, that means security for their trading. Many brokers keep a little of money available for trader’s withdrawal, as a consequence, clients are only able to withdraw a part of their funds. In a long run, it takes risks and unexpected loss to traders.

Moreover, Forex also provides demo accounts besides real ones for beginners to practice trading in first moves.

To support customers, there’s a huge source of tutorial materials opened free to people in Forex’s websites. And to ensure that its clients get assistant 24/7, Forex provide contact window with both hotline and live support.

  1. Saxo Bank

Same with Forex, Saxo bank achieved the volume of $300 per month on average. Regulated by the European bank, Saxo bank has gained the toughest license in the field and customers trading with Saxo Bank can be protected by the best.

To gain the huge number of customers, Saxo Bank has done its good job in support. With local phone services 24/7 available in local language and branches in 16 countries, Saxo Bank can approach every customer among them, China and EU make up the most.

  1. FXCM

Even FXCM was ranked the lowest by monthly trading volume in the top five, it is still one of the biggest brokers in the market.

FXCM attracted customer by its real number of spread and leverage on website day by day. For now, the spread for EUR /USD and USD/JPY are only 1.3.

FXCM allows newbie traders to open their real accounts with low capital (only 50 USD or the first try)

Among the variety of forex market after decades, there’re many brokers born to this industry. Trading with the biggest brokers in the game is a safe way to make your account and yourself come close to this business. Because the biggest brokers with transparent terms, history and well regulated, effective assistance,… will reduce your risks to the lowest, and obviously, not all of the brokers and prove that they can qualify your demand of profit and safety at the same time.