Top Apps for Parents with Kids who Play Sports

Creators of smartphone apps are always searching for new niches to service. Apps on your iPhone aren’t just for bloggers, social media, games, or business. There are also apps for athletes, as well as parents of student athletes. Seeing the need to take athletics into the world of smartphone technology, mobile app developers have decided to create apps to help athletes, teams, as well as parents and fans.

Communication is key in team sports. Whether it’s a schedule change, bad weather, or just building team spirit, communicating with the entire team, including the parents, is important. That’s why we’ve provided a list of some of the top winning apps for sports parents. These apps help you stay connected, whether you’re at the game or not.

Team Snap

This app is the perfect app for sports teams and relatives.  Team Snap includes numerous features to help organize groups. The contact information for each member and coach of the teams is included as well as the team schedule.

Now parents won’t forget when the next game is. It also can send messages to different members of the team and RSVP to the games and other team events. Parents can even track their payments for uniforms, travel, etc. through Team Snap. The biggest plus is that parents who can’t make the game can use the Team Snap Live option to get real-time updates on the match.

Team Stuff

Like Team Snap, this is a multi-purpose app for parents and coaches of sports teams. It includes schedules, team contacts, and availability. Team Stuff also has an alert option to send notifications to your phone. There are many tools on this app for coaches as well.

Knocking Live

Knocking Live is a live video streaming app. This app is perfect for parents who can’t make every single one of their child’s games due to work or travel. Anyone who has the app can connect and view the videos that are being streamed.

This way, a parent who is at the game can be recording it, and relatives who are unable to attend the event can watch the game through their Knocking Live app. This app is available for both Android and iPhone and can connect both together through the streaming app.

Game Changer

An app perfect for parents of kids who play baseball, basketball, and softball is Game Changer. This app keeps track of the score and stats of the game, so parents who are either in attendance or unable to come can see how well their child and team are doing. Live play-by-play, in-game alerts, and recaps are also available.

Score Stream

If you have a child on a high school or college team, this app is for you. It gives real time updates on your child’s games, as well as other organization information and stats in the school district or college league. You can post and share pictures and videos of the games as well. It includes its own social network to connect with other parents or fans of local teams.

Final thought

This is small niche and won’t be very successful without your help. To keep these apps available to you and your team, you can help it gain popularity. Without popularity, developers won’t be able to get enough revenue or notoriety to keep the apps updated and running well. Once you are done with a hard day of sports, you can relax after dinner with a wholesome game of Truth or Dare to bond with your family.

There are two major ways you can help these apps to help your teams. The first is to download the app and make sure all the other parents and coaches of your child’s team does the same. The other is to help with app store optimization.

Take the time to rate the app, let the developer know what they are doing well and what they can improve on.

These apps are designed to help boost team morale, team communication, parental involvement and team spirit, so be sure to take advantage of those benefits.