Everyone, including me, wants to be in perfect health, stay fit and have a well-curved body. Unfortunately, as most of us may have already found out, getting your body to be in good health and perfect shape, with some six pack and great abs, takes some workout.

Cutting away those extra kilos needs great dieting and a well-planned workout plan, and sometimes we get all confused with what or what not to eat, and in wondering if the countless workout hours are really paying off.

Thankfully, to help you focus on losing weight and bettering your health, technology has stepped in with cool and wearable gadgets that can help you shed more kilos, by helping you track your dieting, set goals for your weight loss and give feedback on your workouts.

Tech gadgets have really made losing weight easy and fun, and whether you are walking, running, biking or doing other exercises, you can wear some of these gadgets as a bracelet, or ring and connect them with your smartphone to track your weight loss progress.

While there are many diet and weight loss gadgets out there, and we are simply spoilt for choice, here are a few outstanding ones that can be a really great addition to your workout and dieting.

Jawbone UP 

Jawbone UP is a fitness tracker that you can use to track your diet, sleep, and day and night activity. With Jawbone UP Move, UP2, UP3, or UP4 you can track how many calories you are taking in from your diet, how many hours you sleep and how many calories you are burning.

Jawbone UP helps you track calories in your diet when you log in the meals you have taken, and their nutritional value is scored by the gadget which is connected to the app on your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth.

Coming as a bracelet, you can track how many miles you ran or walked, and how many calories you burned, while at the same time track your heart rate when at rest and during activity. The Jawbone UP also tracks how long you sleep and comes with colorful wristbands that buzz to remind you when to sleep or wake up.

The Jawbone UP lets you invite your friends for a dieting, running or walking duel with its invite friends feature. It also comes with a Smart Coach feature, which is a personal trainer feature that motivates you to make healthy diet choices and achieve set activity goals, and celebrates with you when you do so.

FitBit Flex 

FitBit Flex fitness trackers are wristbands and wrist watches that you can connect to your smartphone or computer device using the Wireless connection. With choices such as Flex2, Alta HR, Zip, Charge 2, Surge and Blaze, FitBit Flex tracks your daily activity, heart rate, and sleep.

FitBit Flex tracks and logs steps were taken, and distance covered, then calculates calories burned. With FitBit Flex you can set daily step and distance goals to be covered, and each time you are close to achieving it, the band’s LEDs will flicker to let you know you are almost there.

When worn during the day and night, you can track your day activity, heart rate, and sleep, and you can see how you are progressing with your fitness by syncing the fitness gadget to your phone or computer, and it will display graphs and charts of your progress.

With FitBit Flex you can earn badges for achieving your set fitness goals, and you can make your weight loss journey more interesting by inviting friends and family to competitions and sharing your progress with them.

You can track your activity and sleep with this tech gadget for five days without the need to recharge the battery, and since the band is water-resistant, you can use it when walking or running in the rain. The FitBit Flex2 is a great fitness tracker for swimmers.

Fitbit can work together with Nutrisystem’s food and exercise log app known as Numi.  When you sync these two, Numi will pull your daily steps from Fitbit. Nutrisystem is a weight loss program that delivers food to your door. More about it at: https://www.bestiews.com/nutrisystem-coupon-code/

Adidas miCoach Pacer

The Adidas miCoach trainer is a weight loss and fitness gadget you can use if you need a little more of professional advice on how to train properly. This fitness trainer tracks your heart rate, distance ran, speed, calories burned and strides covered, and lets you know when to slow down or pick up the pace on your run.

You can have it strapped on your waist and use the earphones to receive information on your speed, distance covered, heart rate when to slow down or pick up and time remaining to finish your run. The Adidas miCoach fitness trainer comes with a heart rate monitor which you fix on your chest to measure your heart rate. It also comes with a stride sensor to track your strides as you run, this you can fix on your shoe laces.

After your run, you can display and see your progress using charts on your computer or smartphone using an internet connection. This fitness trainer can be used in a free mode, where the audio will only track your running activity, without any tips, or in the coaching mode, where the audio voice will guide you as you run. It also has a weight loss mode.

FitBit Aria Smart Scale

This smart scale will track your weight, the percentage of fat in your body, your lean mass and calculate your body mass index (BMI), then display your weight loss progress in charts and graphs on your smartphone or computer, using a wireless connection.

The FitBit Aria Smart Scale helps you track and measure how much fat you are burning and how much muscle you are gaining. The scale has four cells at its bottom that measure your weight, and then calculate your BMI based on your weight and height, displaying them on its LCD display.

You can use this smart scale with up to 7 other users, but still keep your progress private, as the scale uses individual weights to distinguish between users. The scale will also measure the percentage of fat in your body, by use of slight electric currents transmitted to your skin, when you stand on the scale.

You can set your weight loss goals, and measure your achievements, as well as keep a record of all your achieved goals using this scale, and use its Calorie Coaching feature; you can get support and motivation from your personal trainer, to achieve your weight loss goals.

Absorb Plate

Did you ever think that a dinner plate can be used as a weight loss gadget? Well, it is being used in Thailand to reduce calories in highly oily foods, and while it is still catching on, it is a great indoor weight loss tech addition.

The Absorb Plate reduces calories in food by up to 30 calories per meal, by extracting excess oil from highly dip-fried foods. 500 perforations in the Absorb Plate make it possible for oil from food to collect in these perforations, reducing the amount of oil you may end up eating by up to 30 calories.

While you may not be able to track your weight loss and body fat percentage with the Absorb Plate, used with some of the fitness gadgets mentioned here, it can be a great addition to achieving your weight loss goals.