To keep your personal data such as photos and documents safe, backing it up from your main gadget to a separate device is a good way to ensure the security of your information. This is where external hard drive and disk come in the picture.

External hard drive and disk have been more affordable, offering more space. It has become more functional and even a handful, but powerful and premium too. External hard disk can be used from personal files or even backing the entire files of a computer or laptop.

Nowadays, there are various portable hard drives out in the market today. With so many models and brands to choose from, which is worth buying? Selecting a reliable and functional external hard drive requires an understanding of the parameters and features of each model or brand.

Below are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a reliable brand of hard drive and disks:

Pick the right interface

Select Parallel ATA (PATA) drive if you are about to repair or upgrade an older system without Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) interfaces. Choose SATA drive if repairing or upgrading a system with SATA interfaces. A lot of hard drives are available in PATA or SATA interface with almost identical model numbers but differs on the data and power connectors.

Choose the right storage capacity you need

External hard drive storage capacity can range from about 2GB to 4TB. Just like Seagate portal hard disk Singapore which offers 2TB of storage. A recommended size for users who want to save videos would be 1TB or 2TB. For emails, word documents, and photos, a smaller storage would do. Generally speaking, you should only pick the best external hard drive based on the performance level you need. After that, pick the model and the price you are willing to pay.

Consider the portability

If you are using the external hard drive at home, pick at least the one that costs less but with more capacity. On the other hand, using the external hard disk back and forth from home to work, you may opt to choose a pocket-sized device. Another feature you need to consider is the enhanced data protection if you carry the device frequently anywhere. A great example is Seagate portal hard drive Singapore, which offers durability to protect your files from shock and damage. It is recommended to choose a device with durable materials like quality plastic or aluminum.

Decide on the safety feature

When buying an external hard drive, pick the one with hardware-based encryption than software-based encryption. This feature is important when getting a portable mobile drive to carry around, providing high security for sensitive information.

Think about compatibility

Keep in mind when choosing the external hard drive that compatibility is important. Ensure that the brand or model is well-matched with the kind of desktop you have – Mac or PC.

If you are a newbie in terms of choosing the right external hard drive, it is better that you know the software and hardware compatibility of it to your personal needs. Consider the factors mentioned above. The more you know about the various aspects and factors when buying external hard disk, the more you will be able to optimize its functionality.