If you have started your website only recently, your focus will be to get as much traffic as possible. But if your promotional budget is too low, then strategies like PPC will be out of your consideration since you may not have the sufficient funds to pull off these campaigns successfully. However, there are several ways to get large amounts of traffic for free. Below, we look at five such simple methods.

  1. Social Bookmarking Sites

A method that can easily get you tons of free website traffic right from day one is by using social bookmarking websites like Reddit and StumbleUpon. When you publish any content on your website, you can list the link on such sites. And if your content is exciting enough, you can easily get thousands of visitors in a single day.

  1. Guest Post

Another great way to get free traffic is by publishing guest posts. Several high traffic websites invite people to publish content on their platform. If you meet their strict requirements, then you will be able to publish content as a guest author. Keep in mind that these websites literally have millions of visitors each day. As such, if your content is informative and useful, your article can attract thousands of visitors. And if you have listed your website in the author bio, then many of these visitors will also check your website out of curiosity.

  1. Answer At Quora

Many people post questions at Quora, seeking answers from the community. If you find questions relevant to your business, then you should answer it. Over time, the answers you have posted can become a source of consistent traffic. For example, if you sell iPhones, and you see that someone has asked how to increase the life of their iPhone battery, then you can comment on their question with a detailed answer. Plus, add a link to your product page at the end. This way, anyone who sees the answer will also see your link. And if your answer has been useful, they are more likely to click the link and visit the website.

  1. Educative Videos

Start publishing informative video content related to your niche on websites like YouTube. The videos must also be shared through dedicated social media pages. If the videos provide useful, actionable information, then people will share it and subscribe to your channel. The biggest benefit of videos is that they can become instantly viral. As such, you can actually get a million visitors to your website overnight if your content appeals to a large number of people.

  1. Free Ebook

Try to write a useful ebook on a specific topic and offer it for free. You can do this directly through your website. Be sure to collect email addresses of interested readers so that you can build up your subscriber list. You should also consider publishing ebooks for free on platforms like Amazon Kindle. If people love the book, they are sure to check out your website. Getting your ebook reviewed by professional reviewers can also help to attract traffic.