EA Games announced today that DICE, a studio subdivision of Electronic Arts Inc, has decided to open up access for their beta of Battlefield 1 on August the 31st on Xbox One, PC via Origin™ and PlayStation®4. 




While the beta is labeled as being open, the gameplay will be limited to just playing on the Sinai Desert Map, but the 2 available game are the most popular ones (Conquest and Rush,) so we will probably be alright waiting a little longer for the full access after all.

On the Sinai Desert map all lucky beta participants will be able to try out the new horses(!), the new elite classes; Sentry, Flame Trooper and Tank Hunter, as well as a new player controllable Armored Train.



Currently the official trailer has 44 million youtube hits, so while there are plenty of people itching to get their hands on this game, they won’t all be able to play against each other, as DICE has kept the maximum number of players on any given server at 64 players.

Register for beta

To sign up for a chance to get insider status and the envy of all your friends, visit https://www.battlefield.com/community/insider before the 21st of August to sign up for a beta account.

We are still roughly 2 months away from the official release, scheduled to take place on October the 21st, so get your hands on this early access open beta, we know we will!