Do you come across a new spy app every time you do a Google or Bing search for ‘the best app to spy on cell phones?’ Well, it’s really is a tough decision, figuring out which spy app is the best. Most of these spy applications have pretty promising websites. So that’s your first clue when you think of making a purchase. But remember, a fancy website won’t guarantee a good product. Sometimes, the worst scams come from the most promising websites. In short, your final verdict can’t just be made alone on how good-looking a website is.

One way to find the best app to spy on cell phones is by looking for spy app reviews. We did the same and found Xnspy reviews to be more convincing than the others. After doing some comprehensive reading, we came across some features of Xnspy that could make it the best spy app. Let’s give them a read:

  1. Statistical analyses and reports

The major downside with spying on someone’s phone is that it requires time; sifting through every text, contact, email, and photo. But Xnspy had somewhere figured that out already. Their statistical reports are like food cooked and served in plates already. All you have to do is eat. Well, metaphors apart, there are a few different types of reports that you get your hands on.

  1. a) When we spy on someone’s call logs, we are interested in knowing who calls them the most. Xnspy lets you view the top 5 callers and top 5 calls’ durations.
  2. b) Call time activity punch card allows you to view when the monitored person was most active calling others.
  3. c) If you want to check the internet browsing activity on a phone, there could be hundreds of websites that a person may have opened just over a few days period. But going through each entry one by one, you could use Xnspy’s ‘Analysis’ to view the top 10 most-visited sites. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.
  1. Pricing/features correlation

Just looking alone at the features or pricing don’t do any justice to a spy app. It’s better to look at the features and pricing altogether. We like to call this the price/features correlation. While you can’t really give a correlation value, you can compare the features to the prices. What you are going to look for is an app that offers more value for money, i.e. more features in lesser price. Xnspy definitely gives its user a good price for all the premium features like call and ambient recording, remote screenshots, data wipe and remote phone locking, apart from the usual monitoring of phone calls, emails, browsing history, multimedia, etc.

  1. A decent Customer Support

It has come to our attention that the support team of Xnspy is very much live and helping. It’s available mostly round the clock so you aren’t left to your own. Having some knowledgeable support attendant could mean a smoother download and installation and not having to access the target device more than once.

Our categorical pick is Xnspy and aforementioned are just a few reasons. We suggest you go through other Xnspy reviews too so to get a clearer vision of what this app is capable of. For more information about the app, you can visit