Best Pogo Sticks

Pogo sticks are great for kids and adults. Get away from the TV and smartphone and have some good old fashioned fun courtesy of a stick with a spring on it!

I have tested several pogo stick models on Amazon and the best pogo stick for kids is undoubtedly the pogo stick ace model.

Regarding older kids and adult, the same company also make a King pogo stick with a bigger spring that is amazing fun.

The Pogo Ace model Pogo stick is perfect for users up to 36kgs.

Pogo King pogo stick is perfect for users up to 100kgs.

The Pogo King Pogo stick model is available in the uk on Amazon here:

The Pogo Ace Pogo stick for kids is available here:


Best Bike Helmet

Bike helmets are an essential piece of safety equipment for cyclists (or even those using a pogo stick!), particularly those who need to negotiate urban environments which tend to have far more hazards and obstacles that their rural counterparts.

Helmet design and technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds, with the Bicygnals Angel Cycle Helmet being the latest variant which combines saftey with style in a stunning, head-protecting package.

As well as a high quality polycarbonate shell to protect your head from the elements and potential bumps and bangs, the Bicygnal Angel Helmet also includes a built-in halo. Yup, you read that right, a halo.

But when we say halo, we don’t mean a floating crown denoting sainthood, but a circle of bright yellow light which encircles the helmet’s circumference.

This eyecatching addition helps motorists and other road users see you from some distance, allowing them to make the necessary course corrections to stop you from being unseated (or should that be unsaddled) and potentially injured.

It also means that traffic coming from any direction will be able to see your “halo” regardless of where you and they are.

The halo is also fully rechargeable. The Bicygnals Cycle Helmet has a retractable USB cable which you can plug into your PC when you arrive at the office, ensuring the light is ready to go when you leave in the evening.

The ergonomic design of the helmet ensures maximum comfort as well meeting all of the required safety standards, providing the best possible protection should you find yourself in an accident. Internal straps and pads mean that the Bicygnals Angel Helmet can be adjusted to meet your exact needs.

So for an eye-catching (and we mean that in the best possible way) bicycle safety helmet, the Bicygnals Angel is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

The Bike helmet is cool, but if I had to select one of these I definitely grab a pogo stick. Both models of the Pogo stick are available on Amazon Worldwide, for example:

Pogo Stick Pogo King Hüpfstab für riesigen Spaß (Germany)

Pogo Stick / Bâton sauteur (France)