Construction Toys & Build Your Own Kits:

Construction toy kits are a brilliant way to get kids off their tablets and into real life. One superb build your own kit for kids that has just been released is this racing car construction kit that is very well prices at only $20. Kids can have hours of fun with it as they can build it up and then take it apart again. This construction toy even has real engine sounds and cool lights.

It is available worldwide via Amazon and here are a few links:

USA: Construction Toy Racing Car Kit For Kids – Build Your Own Car Kit
UK: Construction Toy Racing Car Kit For Kids – Build Your Own Car Kit
Germany: Konstruktionsspielzeug Rennwagen Set für Kinder – Bau dein eigenes Auto-Set
France: Kit de construction de voiture de course pour enfants – Kit pour construire ta propre voiture

Teddy Beer Speaker:

Since the first teddy bears were created in the early 1900s, it has gone on to become one of the best-loved children’s toys of all time. Even in adulthood, teddy bears retain a certain charm making them useful finishing touches for various houses. Or maybe you have a young child who prefers to drift off to the sound of gentle music.

Yet despite the desirability of the teddy bear, we still reckon that the design could be improved, even if it is just by a fraction. Which is exactly what the Teddy Speaker has done.

Because crammed into this teddy is, as the name suggests, a pair of speakers, one in each of his (or her) feet. Connect up an MP3 player, iPhone or other audio source and this teddy transforms into a useful, toy-inspired musical output device.

The Teddy Speaker is finished in a positively psychadelic fabric with bright flowers in pinks, greens and blues creating a truly eye-catching effect. The internal padding will also help protect the speakers from the odd bump, bash or tumble off a shelf.

The Teddy Speaker has an integrated 3.5mm audio lead by which you can connect virtually any media player. Basically anything with a headphone jack, such as MP3 players, iPods, iPhones, PSPs and Nintendo DSi among others, are all supported.

So whether you are an adult or child teddy bear lover, the Teddy Speaker caters for your soft toy preferences as well as providing a convenient way to listen to your tunes.
Both these make exceptional gifts for any child but my preference would be the Construction Toy Racing Car Kit For Kids – Build Your Own Car Kit.