Technology has provided us with a lot of facilities.

Today, there are pocket-sized computers, flying drones, holograms, houses that adjust their lighting and heating on their own, robots and devices that respond to our voice when we tell them to look up how to cook the chicken or to call a cab.

But, when will time travel become a reality?

In 1895, H.G. Wells wrote his novel, ‘The Time Machine’ that fascinated everyone about the idea of going back and forth in time.

There have been countless movies on the subject that have caused us to wonder how it would feel to go back to meet our grandparents as kids or go forward to see what 2300 will be like.

In fact, movies like Back to the Future have also explored the dark aspects of time travel like going back in time and changing events that may actually wipe you out completely.

Thus, even though the idea of time travel is undeniably enthralling, people should still be aware of its darker side, even if it existed because it can also go horribly wrong. This is not very different than when a business chooses to cut corners for saving time and money, but it ends up backfiring.

For instance, The Chicago Sun-Times chose to remove its entire staff of photographers a couple of years ago and the difference it made is quite evident when you compare it to the Chicago Tribune who have retained their photographers. Similarly, if you consider the apple and all it’s glory, photographing it with a mobile phone is not the same as doing so in a professional studio and using expensive equipment and lighting.

Luckily, there is a positive side to it; a business can shave off time and money here and there and still be productive and maintain the quality of work. This can be done with the help of GPS vehicle tracking.

With this software, you can improve dispatching and routing thereby giving productivity a solid boost.

Techs are able to reach the jobsite much quicker and deliver orders to customers without having to drive like maniacs.

With the GPS tracking app in place, employees are monitored so managers are instantly alerted if they try to do something like this.

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The mobile app can be used by field techs and dispatchers for communicating. There is no need to make endless phone calls, which saves aggravation and time.

Real-time traffic data can be obtained for plotting out the most efficient locations without compromising safety.

This saves fuel and due to no rash driving, keeps vehicles in better condition. Hence, fuel and maintenance costs are reduced considerably.

GPS fleet tracking software tracks driver hours, both time of departure and arrival, the number of hours worked. Essentially, it is a digital timesheet that can reduce labor costs as there is no overpaying.

Scheduling inefficiencies can also be achieved as there is no over hiring of employees because you know exactly how many are required.

Sure, this doesn’t make it an actual time machine, but you can still enjoy some huge savings in terms of time and money and do it without cutting corners, taking risks or damaging your business reputation.