Your email list is an important asset for your online business, and if you use it correctly, it can be the single most lucrative asset you own for a number of reasons. Not only because you have the ability to market products and services to people you know are interested – but also because the email list can be used in addition to your other sales, and implementing a good strategy on how to get the most out of your mailing list is therefore a very important step in any marketing campaign. And if you just use the email list for the occasional newsletter, you miss out on great potential.

Google AdWords

You also have the option to upload the email list to AdWords. This allows you to run display ads targeted to your email lists just as you can with your visitors with an AdWords retargeting list. You can also use your email list for RLSA – Remarketing List for Search Ads. Here you may be bidding 25% more for people who are in your email list because you know they’re more likely to also buy from your page, but studies show that it can still be cost effective, as these people are more inclined to buy your offers.


One way of expanding the reach of your mailing list is to import it to Facebook, and there you have the option to take your email list and upload this to Facebook under “audiences” in your ad account admin. When you do this, Facebook will try to match your list with Facebook profiles. So you’ll get an audience of people who have a Facebook profile with the same email you’ve uploaded to the social media. You can upload newsletter recipients, former customers, and many others. You pay a low CPM price to hit your email list. For example, you can merge email campaigns with Facebook ads or push specific messages to your target audiences.

If you already have a number of emails ready to contact, you can use a number of services to reach your clients, but there’s also a way of obtaining new emails:

Accurate List is one of the leading email list providers that offers updated, comprehensive lists of prospective clients to various industrial sectors. They specialize in providing mailing list solutions to small, medium and large business enterprises looking to promote their products and services to the right target markets. Their marketing data is human verified with top-notch market research and validation process. Every record will match with the target criteria and verified by their data scientists.

Whichever direction you choose, mailing lists are a tried and true method in which companies large and small successfully obtain new clients and keep in contact with their old ones!