Remote Control Balance Robot…

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Toy robots have been around for many years, but this years’ innovation is a self balancing Robot model that includes a gyroscope to prevent this little chap from falling over. This self balancing robot is clever, fun and cool! Provides hours of entertainment for the whole family. This interactive balance robot will also respond to your hand movements and gestures. This innovative self balancing robot can be purchased on Amazon hereNot only is this gadget great fun for most of the family, but it is affordable as well as durable!

Sound Asleep Pillow….

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Back in the day, mothers used to try and encourage their youngsters to sleep by singing lullabies. A few quietly hummed bars, some nonsensical words about falling out of a tree and baby would be well on their way to the land of nod.

And thus was born another generation of people who find it easier to drift off to the sounds of some gentle music. However, for most of these people, mother regards as them as probably a little bit old to sing to sleep any more.

Enter the Sound Asleep Pillow. This clever little item of soft furnishing looks and feels just like a pillow (probaby because it is), but hidden deep inside is small, personal speaker. Just connect your MP3 player, radio or stereo into the supplied 3.5mm headphone lead and you can fall aseep to the tunes of your choice without disturbing anyone else. Even your partner lying next to you will be undisturbed as you listen to your finest classical, ambient or drum n bass tracks.

Constructed from super-comfy hollowfibre, this pillow provides decent neck support to ensure you a great sleep once you do finally drop off. The 50% cotton, 50% polyester fabrication ensures that the pillow is durable and skin friendly too and the padding is so thick, that you cannot feel the speaker.

So whatever your choice of lullaby, the Sound Asleep Pillow will let you drift off in total comfort. Goodnight!

Fatboy Travel Mug…

Generally the term “Fat Boy” is considered by some people to be highly offensive. Offensive that is unless applied to certain oversized objects, such as the Fatboy Giant Travel Mug.

Vastly over-sized and looking well, kind of fat, the Fatboy Travel Mug hold 34 fluid ounces of liquid at a time. Yup, 1.7 pints of coffee, tea or other beverage. 1.7 pints should be enough to see you through to elevenses anyway.

Yet despite the enormous liquid capacity, the Fatboy Giant Travel Mug has been specially designed to fit in most cup holders, allowing you to take the mug with you in the car. A huge handle allows you to maintain a proper grip on the mug and reduces the chances of you dropping 34oz of hot coffee in your lap.

The mug is made out of durable aluminium, and a double wall of insulation ensures your drink stays hotter for longer. The cup also features a lid to keep the drink inside without spilling as you go out and about. A small sliding hatch allows you to sip carefully without risking splashing tea over the rim.

So whether you are just really thirsty (read hungover), or need to carry a lot of coffee around for a while, the Fatboy Giant Travel Mug will definitely meet your needs. Large volumes of beverage, wherever and whenever. Does life get any better than this?

Verdict. Overall the self balancing robots are the best buy for the upcoming Christmas holiday season, and is available worldwide:

Remote control balance robot UK:
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