Portable Ice Maker Machine…

Who doesn’t like ice in their drinks? It’s a shame that getting ice at home can be so much hassle as you either have to go to the store to get ice or keep remembering to fill up an ice tray.

However this super portable residential ice maker machine by Thinkgizmos will solve all your ice worries.


Need ice for home party or family trip? This Residential portable ice maker machine is the best reviewed ice maker machine thanks to its fast ice production in a variety of ice cube sizes: small, medium, large.

Simply plug this Thinkgizmos Ice Maker machine into the mains and add water and it will produce ice in no time.

Cool Corkscrew…

One of the most important kitchen utensils has to be the humble corkscrew. Without a corkscrew, it is impossible to open a bottle of wine. Without wine, the world would be a far less happy place.

However, over the years we have seen many different corkscrews, all primarily designed to remove a cork from a bottle. Some are created on a purely functional basis, while others have sought to favour design, often at the expense of good functionality.

In a perfect world you could have a corkscrew which was both good to look at, and great at removing corks. Fortunately that day appears to be here.

Because the Tap Corkscrew fulfills the main brief (it is really good at removing corks) and is great to look at. The corkscrew itself is attached to what looks like a traditional chrome bath tap (although the enamel “wine” cap gives the game away somewhat).

The Tap Corkscrew also comes with a clever “guide” which slips over the neck of the bottle and directs your corkscrew into the center of the cork. You just twist the tap downwards into the guide until it will go no further. Then pull the tap and guide upwards to remove the cork and reveal the fermented grape juice below.

The Tap Corkscrew is both functional and stylish, guaranteed to elicit admiring comments from your friends as you uncork a vintage for their delectation. In fact, the Tap Corkscrew may actually be far too cool to hide away in a kitchen drawer when not in use. Bottoms up and no need to add ice with your ice maker!

Glowing Glasses…

Whether you are looking for a way to add a little visual zing to your soiree, or just a way of locating your wine glass after dark, we think these Glowing Glasses may interest you. Because although these may initially look like normal wine glasses, a quick press of the button in the base will cause the entire glass to glow.

Each glass contains a tin, yet powerful LED just under the stem which creates the glowing effect as light travels through the glass (actually it’s made out of plastic, but in this case that’s not a bad thing). What’s even cooler is that the LED is capable of displaying seven different colours, you just need to press the power button to cycle through them all.

So depending on your party theme or decor, you can choose between solid red, green, blue glowing glasses. Or have them oscillate between red-green, blue-green or pink-blue. Feeling crazy? Try the red-blue-green mode. Having a fit of total colour madness? Press the switch again to have the glass cycle through all seven colours in sequence. We guarantee you’ll have never seen anything like a table of slowly shifting coloured glasses.

And when the party is over, detach the base and stick the rest of the glass in the dishwasher for quick cleaning (because all the electrical magic is contained in the base you shouldn’t get it wet).

So whether you require a touch or a riot of colour, you will be hard pressed to top the Glowing Glass.

If I had to choose between one of these gadgets it would be the home ice maker machine, available from Amazon in several countries.
Ice Maker Machine (UK) – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ice-Maker-Machine-ThinkGizmos-Trademark/dp/B003V00ZA6
Eiswürfelmaschine (Germany) – https://www.amazon.de/Eiswürfelmaschine-Eismaschine-Arbeitsplatte-Wasseranschluss-erforderlich/dp/B003V00ZA6
Machine à glaçons (France) – https://www.amazon.fr/Machine-glaçons-travail-plomberie-Rendement/dp/B003V00ZA6