An email client is an absolute must not only to access emails but to simultaneously access and consolidate multiple email IDs under a single banner application.

It is clearly established that Email is a concept, which if subject to sudden radical changes, can definitely cause stress, headaches, or even missed meetings!

This is where Outlook has won against its peers as it currently combines certain very useful features with efficiency and speed that gives it the cutting edge.

  • The most important quality of Outlook is its ability to work seamlessly along with Gmail, the most popular email system used by the majority of the world’s digital-centric population. Outlook also works smoothly with iCloud, Exchange,, Yahoo Mail as also Office 365, making the transition for users most smoothly.
  • Outlook comes with all the state-of-the art features such as swiping to archive, rescheduling emails to come back to the user’s inbox later and deleting. Outlook’s built-in calendar, moreover, makes your availability known to others, much easier.
  • The Focused tab of Outlook helps you to de-clutter effectively. It triages the inbox so that all important emails are sent to a single place. The remaining ones are shunted off to the ‘Others’ tab, but can still be accessed on the principal screen.
  • In case you wish to view all unread emails, the Quick Filter icon of Outlook filters out unread and flagged emails. Moreover, you can only choose to see those emails that have files attached.
  • A special Outlook tab called Dedicated Files helps you see all the files and attachments on your personal device that have been sent to you. Similarly, its People tab clearly shows the list of those to whom you’ve been sending emails recently. This helps you save considerable time as you can compose a new mail without having to search your contacts list.
  • Outlook comes with the ability to recall an email. See How To Recall an Email in Outlook
  • As the daily driver, Outlook is still preferred because it allows the user to accomplish anything on a desktop-based email client from a phone. Moreover, its smart Files, Calendar & People tabs help substantially in making the process faster.

A recent survey conducted by the University of Michigan shows that Outlook has even outshone Mailbox as its toughest competitor, despite the latter’s eye catching design, ability to keep the inbox empty, and its easy integration with a Mac version.

However, it needs to be remembered that Outlook happens to be a re-named version of Accompli, an email app which was reportedly bought over by Microsoft for a whopping $200 million.