Have you ever wondered why printer ink is so expensive?

For two reasons: First, a lot of research and effort goes into creating printer ink. Companies invest a lot of money in research and development as they strive to make their products better. Current technology has made printer heads quite complex, allowing us to print amazing sharp photographs.

Second, companies that sell printers do not actually make any money selling these devices because they sell them at or below production cost. In order to make up for the loss, companies sell ink pretty expensively.

But did you know that you don’t have to purchase ink from the company that made your printer—the original manufacturer?

Enter Remanufactured Ink

Remanufactured ink technology allows us to refill used cartridges and use them again at a fraction of the cost of the cartridges from the original manufacturer. Not only does the quality of the printing is satisfactory, the number of pages you can print with a remanufactured ink cartridge are the same or higher than that of the original manufacturer.  Therefore, if for example you own a Canon printer and you are running out of ink, you don’t have to buy ink from Canon, which would be very costly. You can order online from an ink cartridge remanufacturer and pay up to 75% less.

One of the most reputable ink and toner cartridge remanufactures is 4inkjets. They specialize in professionally cleaning used cartridges, refilling them with similar ink, repairing any parts that may be damaged, and testing them to ensure they work.

This company has been around for almost 15 years. It has a client list consisting of both businesses and individuals. The website makes it convenient and simple for people to get the print supplies that they require.

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Remanufactured and compatible products are available through the 4inkjets.com site at really low cost. The company guarantees 100% satisfaction for the first year and strives to provide delivery at a high service. It screens all products to ensure they are of the quality that customers expect and desire.

The company puts a lot of focus on customer support and service. It has representatives on live chat. This means that questions and concerns of customers can easily be addressed in a timely way. Bizrate has even awarded the company with Circle of Excellence awards for its quality customer service.

Users can set up a free account on the website, which helps with managing past and present orders. There is a frequently asked questions page for people wanting more information on purchases, products and using the website. There is also information on refund and shipping policies. Free shipping is made available to all customers in the contiguous U. S.

4inkjets’ website is easy to use. Users are able to find exactly what they are looking for by searching by brand or keyword. There are reviews and ratings on each product available on the web pages, in addition to price comparisons.

People who buy more than one of each product may receive more savings. Goods are organized by printer model number, which makes it easy to find items compatible with specific devices.

Printing does not have to be a costly process, especially when a person does it using their own supplies. Many people own computers and printers that they use for their personal or business needs. The only extra expenses that come with owning the devices is paying for paper and ink as needed. 4inkjets is on a mission to make printer supplies more accessible and affordable.

The products listed on the online shop are priced reasonably and lower than most others in the industry. The site is designed with numerous features that make the shopping experience more safe, convenient and easy to do.