Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software is a tool that has a proven track record to boost the employee productivity and to remove flaws and weaknesses regarding the efficient use of company resources making sure that employee follow best practices. Other benefits to small business are also paramount that allows the employee to keep sensitive and confidential data and resources to be well protected ensuring that the security is not compromised along the regular flow of work.

There are particular problems in employee work behavior that can lead to inefficient workflows in small organizations. The employee activities that kill the productivity and impart losses to a small organization are outlined in the following:

  • Spending time leisurely and inappropriately to surf the internet.
  • Employees may commit deliberate procrastination during work hours.
  • Employees may view illegal or inappropriate even criminal content violating the company work ethics.
  • Employees may use Social Media extravagantly at work.
  • Employees may disclose confidential data or information during work.

When you observe the productivity losses due to the reasons that lay out above and other similar factors, make sure that you focus on improvement of the workplace instead of committing the mistake of giving stress of punishment. Research shows that when employees are strenuously punished in small organizations, it is a bad management practice that can lead to chaos for the business, and severity of such actions depends on the organizational culture.

US Statistics for Employee Work Deviations

Research conducted at the end of March 2018 in the US says that the productivity losses due to Internet abuse at workplaces mount up to 40% each year.

  • 64% of employees admit that they visit non-work related websites every day of their work. The social media site visits is the number one cause of time wastage while only 15% of businesses have well defined social media usage policies.
  • 85% workers use the company emails for their non-work related correspondence.
  • 92% stock trading happens during the day, and many employees accept that they do stock trading during their work hours, as this being the only time they can perform trading deals.

What an Employee Monitoring Software Can Do

The Employee Monitoring Software can cut the productivity losses to a great extent in a small business organization. Make sure that your organizational culture is compatible with monitoring the employees to ensure successful deployment of the software while keeping the confidence and trust of the workers intact.

The employee monitoring software is inherently capable of doing the following for your organization when all the hurdles are out of the way for its implementation.

  • It will enable you to see almost 100% of employee activity, and some of the actions can be observed in real time. The events that can be online or offline using the devices such as mobile phones tablet and computers like laptops and desktops. The activity that you observe as an employer can include but not limited to task performance, Internet usage, social media usage, email and phones among other.
  • The data gained through the employee monitoring software can transform the decision-making process, enabling the manager to come up with ideal team size for a specific task or project, streamline work processes, fix product prices, salaries and rates.
  • The decision-making processes can be liberated from assessment and guesswork by enhancing objectivity.

Employee Monitoring Software Benefits


Proper employee monitoring software, when deployed correctly, can unleash an array of benefits that cannot be imagined without it. Some of the detail of the benefits of employee monitoring software is in the following.

  • Avoid errors with newly learned insights.
  • Better employee performance and delegation.
  • Cut down administrative burden.
  • Secure your small business asset and confidential information taking it to a new level.
  • Elimination of wastage by improving workflow and implementing best work practices.
  • Make better productivity evaluation of your employees.
  • Keep track of employee location.
  • You can monitor in stealth mode keeping the surveillance to be silent for employees for any reason.

TheOneSpy, Premiere Employee Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy is a software tool that has proven itself in the monitoring, surveillance, and observation of employees of small businesses quite efficiently. It is a tool that is easy and highly efficient to download and installed on devices. With its simple web interface, it is very simple to use anywhere and at any time. It has 250+ features that also include features to observe all social media related activities. A one-stop shop solution for the employee monitoring cannot get any easier and better than TheOneSpy.