When using your Android device, one of the major complaints you might come across is the short battery life. While this might depend on the quality of the battery itself, there are some things you can do to your Android OS that can boost the life of the battery. Below, we will look at five such tips.

Data Consumption

Your Android device will constantly be searching for the best data network to use. And this search will eat into your battery life. So, if your reception is already good and you are satisfied with it, then it is recommended that you switch off the ‘data’ search option. This will stop the OS from looking for other networks and will contribute to the length of the battery life.


You should also try to adjust the brightness of your Android device manually according to the environment you are in. Not all situations require the brightness to be at 100%. So lower it when required. Most devices will be set to automatically reduce the brightness. As far as possible switch off this feature since it can consume a lot of battery charge because of constant use of sensors.


If you are using Android Marshmallow or upwards, then be sure to use the Doze functionality in the OS.  This feature allows data and processes to run in the background and will close down the apps if no priority is attached to such apps. Doing so will ensure that the battery is not unnecessarily drained.


Some people like to set up their home screen with live wallpapers. While the animations do look nice and fancy, these animations will consume the life of your battery.  As such, it is recommended that you do not use such ‘live’ wallpapers. Instead, use regular static images. After all, most of the time, you will not be looking at the home screen alone. So, setting up a live wallpaper that will drain the battery looks somewhat unnecessary.

Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

Most Android smartphones come equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. While they are both pretty useful connectivity options, the truth is that you will likely not be using them at all time. But if you do keep them switched on all through the day, then your battery will run out faster. And Wi-Fi is especially notorious for eating up battery life. So, once you have finished using both these options, make sure that you switch them off.

In addition to the above, some of the best android apps in 2018 can help you with various activities while consuming using less battery charge than previous apps. Be sure to check out submitcore to find such apps and install them on your Android device.

Whatever business you do, it will happen at least once or even more that you need to finish something for work while you are out of office.

Maybe your boss will ask you to edit a business document you’ve sent it to him, or the client will request an invoice or something simply will come up urgently that requires document editing.

If you are away from a desktop computer and you don’t want your boss or client wait, the only solution is to turn to your mobile phone for help. Thanks to advanced apple mobile technology, you can be positive that your work won’t suffer.

Of course, there are certain conditions your phone needs to be of use for business purpose: internet access, full or enough battery and adequate business applications.

While there are thousands of mobile apps for different business tasks, there are some apps that are necessary in almost every work-related situation. Some of these apps you may be familiar with and with other not, but let’s see what apps you need in order to complete your work tasks on the go.

Have in mind that we excluded some apps from the list, such as Gmail, Google Drive and so on, because these apps are by default installed on every phone.

  • PDF to Word Converter is a mobile app that converts PDF files to Word which is quite essential when you need to edit a document. Usually all business documentation is sent back and forth in a PDF form which is hard to manipulate with. So this app turns PDF files to .docx and you will be able to edit its content whether it is a scanned PDF or a regular one. If you’re looking for other resources of this caliber, check out 2Binsite – Shop and Company Information
  • Microsoft Word is one of the most popular app but worth mentioning, especially because it is necessary if you use PDF to Word converter. Every time you want to edit a file, you can convert it with this first mentioned app and then open the converted file in MS Word app and rewrite what it is necessary.
  • Although Siri does great work when you need to search for information on the internet or to call someone, Active Voice app is tailor-made for business people. If you need to type something in the document or to reply to the email, you don’t need to type while walking, just speak and the app will produce the text. It even has translation options, in case your client doesn’t speak English.
  • Doc Scan HD is necessary in situations when you have only paper copy of an important business document. If your boss needs that document and you are far away from the office you can scan the paper and send it as a PDF via email, cloud storage or fax.
  • webapplicaties Sending important business papers via fax is still popular and needful, but since mobile technology has been developed so much, you can send fax without fax machine. There is a fax app called iFax and it is highly recommended by prominent blogs.

So there you are- five essential apps you will need next time you are away from office, and an urgent work comes up.

Don’t get stressed because you are not behind your computer, you can use your iPhone to send emails and fax to your clients, give feedback to your colleagues, edit documents for your boss and without need to type anything.