When looking to invest in a business, whether in its shares on in its debt instruments, it is extremely important to do a thorough analysis of the company’s fundamentals to ensure that it runs on a solid foundation and has a bright future ahead. Only then can the safety of your investment be guaranteed together with the prospect of profits. And below, we take a brief look at four fundamental things to check for when considering a company for investment.

The Business Model

The success of any venture is largely dependent on its business model. An ideal business model will guarantee that the company generates profits by incurring the least cost. The model has to work in all market conditions, whether it be during an economic boom, a market contraction, or even depression. Investment firms like Arthur Penn Pennant Park often do a thorough research into the history of the company to see whether the business model has been successful in generating profits during the various market conditions in the past years or not.

The Leadership

The next important thing to look at is the leadership of the business. Is the leader a very capable person who can motivate all employees and has earned their respect? Are they intuitive and knowledgeable enough to grab on to a market opportunity when they see one? A good leader can easily double the profits of a company. Check their history to see how many businesses they have started or managed. If all the ventures they managed ended up shutting down without making any profits, then that is definitely a red flag.

Market Position

Another important fundamental to look into is the market position of the company. Check the number of competitors in the market and see where the company is positioned in terms of market share. Pennant Park recommends avoiding companies that are at the bottom in terms of market share even though they have been in the business for several years. Instead, focus on companies that have quickly increased their market share within a short period of time. And this brings us to the last fundamental factor you should check in a company – its prospects for growth and expansion.

Growth Prospects

You need to analyze this in two ways, Firstly, look at how well a company can increase its market share, together with the cost and time required for such a growth. If it is projected that the business can capture a larger part of the market quickly using minimal capital, then that is definitely a business that you should consider investing in. The second analysis should focus on how well the business can expand into new markets. For example, a company might be selling perfumes. Can they diversify into soap, shampoo, and other beauty products? This is also an important point that needs to be considered since the ability to diversify into new markets will position the company for greater growth in the future, thereby guaranteeing better returns for your investment.

What is asset management?

A process of ensuring that all (tangible and intangible) assets of a business organization or company are well maintained, tracked and performing well for the positive growth of business is usually recognized as asset management.

It is one of the most important aspects that every business or company must be cautious about in order to maximize the revenues as well as to provide the best possible ROI to the stakeholders etc.

Reduced business costs, improved operational efficiencies, boosted investor confidence and business nimbleness are the most common benefits of asset management.

However, this article is loaded with numerous reasons why asset management is important for business or company.

Benefits of Asset management for business

Boost efficiency and profitability

Asset management is a process that enables the business administration to merge several business processes at a place such as financial, preventive maintenance and inventory functions not only to support the life cycle of assets but to make the decision making easier for the higher authorities as well.

Different departments of the company such as production department & maintenance department can independently be able to collaborate in decision making processes to boost the efficiency and profitability of the org  anization.

Asset recovery

Asset recovery is one of the common benefits of asset management system as it makes easy to remove an asset from the books or accounts of business when sold or marked as scrap.

By doing so, a business organization or company can free up storage space for other business inventories by writing off the spare parts or scrap.

You can save money on maintenance

By using a CMMS software or system, a company can save a lot of business money in the term of reduced maintenance cost or repairing expenses as preventive maintenance plan helps the company or business organization to keep its assets in tip-top condition.

Through this way, a business can enjoy the improved maintenance results when using its basic asset management system.

Automating asset discovery & tracking

According to the experts, almost all new asset management systems are functional with asset discovery features that continuously scan the network for any new tool, equipment or device of the company.

Effective asset discovery and tracking can also be done via preventive maintenance plan as CMMS software always creates automatic reminders for equipment preventive maintenance that helps you find out which asset of the company is working on which site or location.

Effective asset management also helps the business detect of any spiteful or rogue tools on the network that could cause an abnormal hazard to the whole workplace or business infrastructure.

Accurate amortization rates

With help of an asset management system, a company or business can make sure that amortization rates charged for all business assets are exact.

When amortization rates are charged accurately, chances of slip-ups in business financial statements are reduced as well.

Removal of ghost assets

Yes, these are the business assets that have been lost or stolen but still on the record in business books. Asset management assists a business or company to remove the ghost assets from its lists in order to prevent any misunderstanding and mistakes in business accounts and financial statements at the end.

Financial statements’ accuracy

Effective asset management means an organization or business has all essential details regarding its all assets and these are included in the financial statements accurately as well.

In results, it aids a company or business a lot to maintain accuracy in its annual financial statements to get precise profit & loss figures without facing troubles.

Social media online platforms quickly reached mass audiences and have grown in influence in just a few short years. With approximately 3.196 billion social media users around the globe, it seems that nearly half of the world is connected to the most interactive platforms available on the planet.

In the United States alone, social media usage among all ages, genders, and demographics have jumped from 7% to 65% in recent years. Businesses and online marketers have taken this into account and have repeatedly reported social media as one of the most important marketing tools available today. And more and more people are arguing for the case that real likes can be bought and still be good.

In this post, we are going to offer tips for keeping business profiles on social media current, trendy, and how to create more viral content for your target audience. So let’s jump right in:

Getting Your Profile Images Right

While all social media pages provide for vanity, it’s important to promote your brand with the right images. Here’s a quick guide to keep profiles safe from low-resolution image problems:

  • Facebook: Cover Photo (828 x 456 pixels), Profile Picture (170 x 170 pixels)
  • Google+: Cover Photo (1080 x 608 pixels), Profile Picture (250 x 250 pixels)
  • Instagram: Profile Picture (110 x 110 pixels)
  • LinkedIn: Cover Photo (974 x 330 pixels), Custom Background (1584 x 396 pixels), Profile Photo (400 x 400 pixels – minimum)
  • Pinterest: Profile Picture (150 x 150 pixels)
  • Twitter: Header Image (1,500 x 500 pixels), Profile Photo (400 x 400 pixels)
  • YouTube: Cover Photo (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), Profile Picture (800 x 800 pixels)

QA Your Content

Everything you post on social media is entirely visible to every user, so make sure that your content is constantly being analyzed for quality. Anything subpar won’t do so it’s important to scrutinize all your content to meet expectations. Present your business image with complete honesty and avoid confusing or invalid information. Be precise, be adequate, and never post prejudiced or biased comments anywhere, because it can sink your ship faster than the Titanic.

Deliver Outstanding Posts

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and when it comes to your social media accounts you will definitely need advice for the aesthetics. Here are some tips to keep your content happening and viral on the most interactive platforms available:

  • Know your audience well because you will be interacting with them on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis, who knows. Be their go-to brand for interesting content, even if it’s some oddly satisfying motivational buzz.
  • Offer value. There is simply nothing better than listening to others and feeling like a valued customer. Listen to their stories and make them feel their own value in your company’s eyes.
  • Take conversations beyond their limits. This will help you gain insights coming directly from your customers, which means everything in marketing.
  • Take control of your dimensions, understand your own limitations, and in the end, you need to find things that make people look good. Believe it, ‘good’ sells!
  • Understand the importance of SEO. Search engine optimization is your key to the rankings that you need. Not only will it help keep your current customers, but SEO will lead to new prospects. The fruits of SEO labor are fabulous, and yes, SEO is hard work but it’s worth the effort once you see the returns.
  • Always measure your performance, and if you haven’t yet, then develop a yardstick to do so. There is no rule of thumb since trends and fashions change, as well as customer perspectives. So keep yourself updated and strike while the iron is hot.

Create a Consistent Online Identity

For your business to prosper online, you will need an identity that leaves an impact on your audience. Stick to a well-thought and well-devised plan. Your brand should have a personality of its own, and your online presence should directly relate to your brand. To keep track of news, trends and the latest industry updates you should think about CenturyLink Bundles for incredible services like high-speed internet that’s beneficial for any business that’s running social media campaigns.

We hope this post has been helpful for keeping healthy and updated social media profiles. Social media is the most viral way that your businesses can reach prospective customers across the world. And while there are other things that you can do to enhance your presence online, let’s keep that for some other time. For now, let the Force Be with You!


Digitization is the only way to immunize your business from being obsolete.

Almost all the new businesses popping up in the market are coming with digitized data from the day one. But, there are many existing businesses that are showing their skepticism in adapting to this new method. As an owner of an existing business, you must adapt to the changing norms of the business market as it is never going to happen the other way round.

If you do not want your business to go obsolete, digitization indeed is the next step for your business.

It is obvious for you to get overwhelmed by the idea of transforming your massive amount of paperwork into digitized data. But, the time and effort put in the process will come with lots of benefits for your business.

The convenience of storing and handling data – Digital data are more convenient in handling and storing. You do not need to have big cupboards and shelves to keep all your files and invoices. Further, you do not need to sit for hours shuffling through hundreds and thousands of papers to get that one old invoice. You can simply search any file or data by typing the name, date or any keyword used in that document. When you save your data on the cloud, you’ll never lose them due to fire, earthquake, burglary or even your system failure. You can access your data on the cloud, literally, from anywhere without asking anyone to scan and e-mail or fax it to you.

Improved customer services – You acknowledge it or not almost the whole world has transformed into a digital world. Today, customers want everything from shopping to banking to be done digitally. If you fail in providing your customers with hassle-free digital experience in dealing with you, they will certainly move on to your competitors. By saving your customer related data digitally you’ll be able to give them what they want. No need to get overwhelmed, there are websites like https://praxent.com/ who are in the market to help businesses adapt to the new technological advancement.

Minimal error in business operation – Humans are bound to make silly mistakes. So, digitizing your business ensures reduced risks of errors. The technologies cannot only reduce the risk of error but also speeds-up the tasks. This directly means you can get more benefits in lesser time and cost. When you provide your employees the ease of operation you’ll also see a significant decrease in the workers’ turnover ratio of your business. You do not only need to rely on already existing systems rather you can get customized applications and software developed by the software developing company.

Move forward and embrace the positive changes occurring in the business market and the world as a whole. If you decide to stay at your position you’ll see that the world has moved forward leaving you behind. But, if you decide to walk forward you’ll see many helping hands supporting you and your business to come forward gracefully.

One of the biggest challenges you could face when running a business is fraud. Business fraud can lead to serious loss and failure within the business. A big fraudulent activity can deplete your small business profits and push you out of business. As a small enterprise owner, you should prevent fraud from happening. The risk of closing down is too high when you try to contain a big scam. Thus, you should learn everything that has to do with fraud and stay safe.

Understanding Business Fraud

To effectively deal with a business scam, you should understand how it happens. Find out the conditions and factors that provoke fraudulent activities and how to foresee them. More specifically, you should know all about the fraud triangle. Examples of situations that trigger fraud include:

  • Disgruntled employees who feel financially strained
  • Loopholes through which a malicious employee can commit fraud without being found.

Common Fraud in Business

Sending False Invoices

Employees who defraud businesses use false invoicing. It entails sending a fake invoice for items that were never procured. If the fake invoice is paid, the fraudster makes a lot of free money without the knowledge of their employer.

In most circumstances, fraudsters divert the stolen cash to their personal checking accounts.  If your small business scrutinizes each invoice well before paying, it cannot be ripped off that easily. The best solution for this situation is for your business to invest in inventory software. This type of software will track the companies purchases, sales, and more, making it easier to stay on top of things.

Payroll System

A payroll fraud is as common as invoicing fraud. A payroll fraud occurs when an employee increases the number of hours they have worked.

Companies can prevent this by having employees log their time by using an app. In some cases, false sales or orders can be reported so that one can get an unnecessary gain.

If you want to prevent this type of fraud in your company, come up with a robust anti-fraud system. You can do this by reviewing all time sheets on a regular basis to make sure than no employee has overstated the hours they have worked.  This system can as well capture false records and set a platform for investigation.

Check Tampering/Check Fraud

This one is the easiest method of stealing from a company. Countless companies have been defrauded via a check that is written to fake recipients. A business owner should consider using electronic billing software, this will ensure that all finances are secure.

Fraudsters who use this method work only in the background, trying not to be discovered until they get the money. Sometimes the check is genuine, but tampered with.

Theft of Money

Commonly called skimming, theft of cash is a rather widespread behavior. It affects businesses that use a less formal receipting process. Theft can also occur where the receiver of money manipulates the debtor’s ledger account and applies different receipts to that particular transaction. This method of stealing or misappropriating funds is called lapping.

Workers Compensation Fraud

This fraud happens if an employee manages to formulate a lie and exaggerate their injury to make a personal gain. Usually, employees who use this trick also lie about their exact location at the time of suffering an accident.

Mostly, they claim to have gotten injured during office hours while, in fact, they were out and about doing their personal business. To avoid this type of fraud in your company, buy the necessary safety equipment to be used in all business processes, or you and your employee may end up in court. Additionally, track your employees’ working hours to avoid a situation where they would claim undue insurance claims when they got injured outside your premises.

Internet Fraud

This can happen to any business that has weak consumer networks. Vulnerable internet network should never be used–as it attracts internet criminals like hackers and fraudsters. These are known to work tirelessly to exploit vulnerabilities in business networks.

Hence, any business using unsecured networks for its business transactions and workflows that entail private data is at risk of suffering fraud. It is imperative to use a router to keep your system files from ruthless hackers. It goes without saying that using software to safeguard digital data files is important.

EFT Frauds

This occurs when a person decides to use EFT (electronic funds transfer) to transfer money to their own bank account. This affects businesses of all sizes, especially, because they are using online banking technology.

How to Prevent Fraud

A common thing about business fraud is that it is committed by an internal entity. This is someone who understands how your payroll, invoicing, accounting, and banking systems work. To mitigate fraud, therefore, you should come up with a technologically robust system that can effectively track every business workflow.  

Obtaining the right technology is not all. You must understand how this technology works for you and the controls you should insert in your processes every time you implement new technology. Additionally, you should configure authorizations and segregations within the software, giving access and permission only to relevant people. Protecting your business from fraud is very time consuming and it can be a lot to handle, but it is absolutely necessary for the success of your business.

Any business can flourish if it is managed and controlled well. And for all sorts of businesses, Human Resource consulting company seems to be an improbable investment, but once it pick-up the pace of growth in terms of size and profits, this investment emerges into a promising one.

The decision to invest in a HR consultant may differ from one organization to another, but there are some definite benefits to this investment which cannot be ignored.

Check out the complete low-down on such benefits below:

  • A Solution To Hiring Problem:

The HR consulting firms are known to extend complete outsourcing solutions which can be tailored as per the business needs. Primarily, it benefits the company’s administration department by smoothen the HR procedures. It shoots up the business performance while properly executing the HR functions.

With such immense solutions, it eliminates the scope of errors encountered when the HR functions are carried out.

  • Benefits To Employees:

The business owners would support the fact that employee benefits are always time consuming and tedious to control. The big business houses or MNC’s, nowadays, resort to HR consulting firms to take up the charge of the concerned subject.

They work to manage the employee benefits and streamline the health benefits for a company. The consulting group manages such tiresome jobs of handling employee benefits, where a business’s HR department can emphasize on a company’s prime operations.

The consulting group narrow down the company’s options and provide a business insights into several packages which fits into the needs and budget of the company.

  • HR Techniques & Tools:

Another vital execution done by an HR consulting company is to establish and execute the HR technology. It is always better to influence the talents of an HR consulting group. Such consultants are expert in setting up the HR techniques and tools which are essential amplify the performance of the business house.

The company imparts the knowledge and training to the prospective employees ahead the recruitment.

  • HR Management:

It is one of the core agendas of any business organization. Maintaining, managing and controlling the human capital constitute the prime necessity, but take a toll of time. The HR consulting panel has the experience and expertise in hiring and retaining the employees.

They know how to maintain a rich human capital for the organization. They’re proficient in keeping the best talent on the board. They empower human capital with reward and appreciation programs. It also helps in improving the company’s talent acquisition process.

Hence, without a doubt, every business must leverage the finest HR consulting solutions for all the hiring related worries. But it is highly recommended to pick the leading brands, backed with rich experience and profound expertise in HR management outsourcing and the like.

Principal People is a renowned Human Resources Consulting Firm in the UK. Here, the human resource consultants have the ability to support the clients with a fully developed Human Resources techniques, tools and methods.