Children use a variety of online services, and each of these services can have different safety concerns. With so much access to all kinds of information today’s children are more tech savvy than any generation before. The internet has provided us a wealth of information at our fingertips whenever we need it. But while it is beneficial it can also harm us and the people we love. We often hear about a company falling victim to a cyber-attack, or someone’s email or social network that was hacked.

Here are some basic tips to protect your children when they use the Internet.

Install Cybersecurity Software:

Cybercriminals are always coming up with new viruses and hacks, so be very careful when downloading the latest security updates and patches. Also, watch the news for any new threats. Hackers can attack anytime, anywhere with virus or ransom ware on your computer by simply spamming your social media with spam. Most criminal hackers have money and financial reward in their minds when hacking. What you should do is lock your systems up and back up your data to make it as difficult as possible to get access to.

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Beware Phishing:

Never click on an unknown URL that’s not known to you. Tell all your household members, especially kids about phishing and warn them not to click on URLs from an email or social networks. For more security, you can install a security program that blocks bad URLs.

Scams – Don’t Get Tricked!:

You can be tricked into providing information. For instance, businesses can trick you into signing up for repeat annual payments or deals. Keep a close eye on your credit card statements.

Password Management System:

The first defense against hackers is your password, but sometimes it’s not as effective as other precautions. Professional hackers can get through most passwords without too much difficulty. So boost your defense with a password management program. It’ll save you a lot of effort as you’ll only need to remember one password.

Social Networks – Great for Cybercriminals:

Everyone, especially kids, are on social networks these days. The problem is they’re a perfect playground for cybercriminals. Even your friends’ social network accounts may not be safe. Be careful when you get a message from someone who hasn’t contacted you in a while. Be very suspicious – your friend’s account may have been hacked.

Secure Your Wi-Fi:

Hackers can access your system through your home Wi-Fi network too. Always use a complex password that’s hard to crack and use security software to identify any untoward happenings on the network. Also warn your kids about using public Wi-Fi networks.

Talk to You Kids about Online Safety:

Kids are very easy to fool. Talk to your children about online safety. When it comes to cybersecurity, get the best software you can find to keep your kids from clicking the unknown links and visiting forbidden sites. Tell your kids about any strange activity online and encourage them to ask for help if something seems out of place. Let your kids show you what they like to do online, and know who they’re talking to online and set rules for social networking, instant messaging, e-mailing, online gaming, and using webcams.

Children have access to all kinds of things on the internet. From tools to express their creativity to social media networks where they can talk to people from all over the world, cyberspace can be a dangerous place. And while the internet offers a fascinating, new way to connect with the world, it also throws up new risks like cyber-bullying, exposure to inappropriate sites, online predators and providing too much personal information to name a few. Some you can resolve with a little do-it-yourself effort. So if you’re looking for a fast connection go for Charter Internet discount for the speed you need. How we can keep our loved ones safe online depends on the tips mentioned above. We hope they will help keep your loved ones safe too.

Password Protect all Your Mobile Devices:

Not only your PC but even your phone and tablet need security protection. Install a security solution that will even keep your mobile devices protected. Your phone and tablet should also be password protected too.

Use a Credit Card:

Always use your credit cards as they are insured. Never use your debit card.

If You’re Hacked, Call Support:

Keep yourself protected 24/7 with the best security software available. Call for help if you feel you’ve been hacked. There are a lot of intelligent online security programs available such as McAfee and Norton Security. Most can protect up to five of your devices, like your PC, mobile or tablet. They detect online threats before they occur, and should be installed whenever you get a new desktop or device.

Internet Speed Issues:

You probably have sluggish internet even when you pay for a high-speed connection such as DSL or cable. It could be your Internet Service Provider (ISP), but there are other factors involved too. It could very well be because the internet is based on hundreds of different technologies trying to connect to one another slowing down data before it reaches your computer. If you are getting help with economics tuition online, or on a Zoom call with your professor, it is important your internet speed is stable and consistent.

CNC machine is the abbreviation of ‘Computer numerical control’. CNC machining is a mechanized method where a computer, digitized data and CAM program is used to control, automate and track the actions of a machine. Some of the different types of such machines include: lathe, milling machine, welding machines, induction hardening machines, embroidery machines, 3D printers, Electrical discharge machines, grinders, laser or water jet cutters, wood routers, hot-wire foam cutters, glass cutters, sheet metal stamping machines, robot etc.

Linear and Rotary CNC machines

CNC machine movements can be either linear or rotary. Some machines can even have both linear and rotary movements. Examples of Linear machines are: Laser cutting machines and water jet cutting machines which use linear axes X and Y. Examples of Rotary machines are: Milling machines using three axes X, Y and Z. Examples of machines which are both linear and rotary are: Five axes milling machine which use two rotary axes and three linear axes. Five axes enhance the flexibility to cut and operate in full 180º hemisphere. Some Laser cutting machines come with five axes too. A Robot arm is one such example of five axes CNC machine.

Desktop CNC machine

Desktop CNC machines are smaller machine versions which can be easily used and maintained at home. For example, miniature versions of industry-sized machines, which perform actions like drilling and milling, perform exactly the same operation at the ease of home.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Computer Aided Manufacturing or Machining (CAM) – CAM as the name implies uses computer assistance in order to manufacture work pieces. Computer aided manufacturing can be used in vivid manufacturing process like management process, planning process, transportation process and storage process. The main intention of CAM is to fasten up the production process and mechanism with precise dimensions and consistency. Computer aided machining (CAM) and computer aided design (CAD) is a popular combination used in many schools and colleges to create object models.

Numerical Control Machine

Numeric control – refers to a basic program which consists of numerical instructions to perform different operations.

Control Machine – stands for a machine which is controlled by set of instructions or programs.

Numeric Control Machine is also known as NC Machine. Numeric Control code is programmable automation, where the process is mainly controlled by symbols and alphanumeric.  Some of the well known NC codes are G-code and ISO code which were used in early 70’s for initial CNC machines.


G-code created for one machine may not work for another machine. Post processor – is basically used to modify g-code, to match up with the specifications of any other CNC machine. Post processors are nothing but text files which are simple to read and understand. These text files can be easily opened and modified in notepad. On the whole, any CAM system can generate output code for any CNC machine. Postprocessors usually come free with CAM system or may be with some extra cost.

CNC machines get better with age and hence, the capability and performance purely depends on its age just like any other computer.