Your email list is an important asset for your online business, and if you use it correctly, it can be the single most lucrative asset you own for a number of reasons. Not only because you have the ability to market products and services to people you know are interested – but also because the email list can be used in addition to your other sales, and implementing a good strategy on how to get the most out of your mailing list is therefore a very important step in any marketing campaign. And if you just use the email list for the occasional newsletter, you miss out on great potential.

Google AdWords

You also have the option to upload the email list to AdWords. This allows you to run display ads targeted to your email lists just as you can with your visitors with an AdWords retargeting list. You can also use your email list for RLSA – Remarketing List for Search Ads. Here you may be bidding 25% more for people who are in your email list because you know they’re more likely to also buy from your page, but studies show that it can still be cost effective, as these people are more inclined to buy your offers.


One way of expanding the reach of your mailing list is to import it to Facebook, and there you have the option to take your email list and upload this to Facebook under “audiences” in your ad account admin. When you do this, Facebook will try to match your list with Facebook profiles. So you’ll get an audience of people who have a Facebook profile with the same email you’ve uploaded to the social media. You can upload newsletter recipients, former customers, and many others. You pay a low CPM price to hit your email list. For example, you can merge email campaigns with Facebook ads or push specific messages to your target audiences.

If you already have a number of emails ready to contact, you can use a number of services to reach your clients, but there’s also a way of obtaining new emails:

Accurate List is one of the leading email list providers that offers updated, comprehensive lists of prospective clients to various industrial sectors. They specialize in providing mailing list solutions to small, medium and large business enterprises looking to promote their products and services to the right target markets. Their marketing data is human verified with top-notch market research and validation process. Every record will match with the target criteria and verified by their data scientists.

Whichever direction you choose, mailing lists are a tried and true method in which companies large and small successfully obtain new clients and keep in contact with their old ones!

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Social media online platforms quickly reached mass audiences and have grown in influence in just a few short years. With approximately 3.196 billion social media users around the globe, it seems that nearly half of the world is connected to the most interactive platforms available on the planet.

In the United States alone, social media usage among all ages, genders, and demographics have jumped from 7% to 65% in recent years. Businesses and online marketers have taken this into account and have repeatedly reported social media as one of the most important marketing tools available today. And more and more people are arguing for the case that real likes can be bought and still be good.

In this post, we are going to offer tips for keeping business profiles on social media current, trendy, and how to create more viral content for your target audience. So let’s jump right in:

Getting Your Profile Images Right

While all social media pages provide for vanity, it’s important to promote your brand with the right images. Here’s a quick guide to keep profiles safe from low-resolution image problems:

  • Facebook: Cover Photo (828 x 456 pixels), Profile Picture (170 x 170 pixels)
  • Google+: Cover Photo (1080 x 608 pixels), Profile Picture (250 x 250 pixels)
  • Instagram: Profile Picture (110 x 110 pixels)
  • LinkedIn: Cover Photo (974 x 330 pixels), Custom Background (1584 x 396 pixels), Profile Photo (400 x 400 pixels – minimum)
  • Pinterest: Profile Picture (150 x 150 pixels)
  • Twitter: Header Image (1,500 x 500 pixels), Profile Photo (400 x 400 pixels)
  • YouTube: Cover Photo (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), Profile Picture (800 x 800 pixels)

QA Your Content

Everything you post on social media is entirely visible to every user, so make sure that your content is constantly being analyzed for quality. Anything subpar won’t do so it’s important to scrutinize all your content to meet expectations. Present your business image with complete honesty and avoid confusing or invalid information. Be precise, be adequate, and never post prejudiced or biased comments anywhere, because it can sink your ship faster than the Titanic.

Deliver Outstanding Posts

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and when it comes to your social media accounts you will definitely need advice for the aesthetics. Here are some tips to keep your content happening and viral on the most interactive platforms available:

  • Know your audience well because you will be interacting with them on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis, who knows. Be their go-to brand for interesting content, even if it’s some oddly satisfying motivational buzz.
  • Offer value. There is simply nothing better than listening to others and feeling like a valued customer. Listen to their stories and make them feel their own value in your company’s eyes.
  • Take conversations beyond their limits. This will help you gain insights coming directly from your customers, which means everything in marketing.
  • Take control of your dimensions, understand your own limitations, and in the end, you need to find things that make people look good. Believe it, ‘good’ sells!
  • Understand the importance of SEO. Search engine optimization is your key to the rankings that you need. Not only will it help keep your current customers, but SEO will lead to new prospects. The fruits of SEO labor are fabulous, and yes, SEO is hard work but it’s worth the effort once you see the returns.
  • Always measure your performance, and if you haven’t yet, then develop a yardstick to do so. There is no rule of thumb since trends and fashions change, as well as customer perspectives. So keep yourself updated and strike while the iron is hot.

Create a Consistent Online Identity

For your business to prosper online, you will need an identity that leaves an impact on your audience. Stick to a well-thought and well-devised plan. Your brand should have a personality of its own, and your online presence should directly relate to your brand. To keep track of news, trends and the latest industry updates you should think about CenturyLink Bundles for incredible services like high-speed internet that’s beneficial for any business that’s running social media campaigns.

We hope this post has been helpful for keeping healthy and updated social media profiles. Social media is the most viral way that your businesses can reach prospective customers across the world. And while there are other things that you can do to enhance your presence online, let’s keep that for some other time. For now, let the Force Be with You!


In the modern age, the social media is much required for all those who love to socialize with others. However, it is no more restricted to sharing thoughts and images as there are also videos and other multimedia files. Facebook is a wonderful social media platform, and it allows the easy facility to upload the videos with even the live streaming option. But sometimes you may like a video so much that instead of just watching it you may wish to download it there and then itself. For this purpose what you need is Facebook video downloader so that you can easily get all the videos downloaded as per your choice.

What a Facebook video downloader actually is?

 Facebook video downloader is a sort of program that easily helps the end users to download Facebook videos very fast. Such videos can be downloaded for any platform, thus whether you have a smartphone, a computer, laptop, tablet, etc. you can easily download facebook videos with the help of downloader. Talking more about the Facebook video downloader you can either get it in software or app form that supports fast downloading of videos or many downloaders are the online ones where you have to paste the URL link for downloading the videos.

Whether getting Facebook video downloader involves any cost or not?

If you are thinking that getting Facebook video downloader would require spending money, then you are completely mistaken. You can easily get it for free and enjoy downloading high-quality facebook videos really fast. Thus with the help of downloader, you can get access to all the facebook videos at free of cost.

The benefits of using the downloader for facebook videos

There are multiple advantages of using Facebook video downloader and here is a brief idea why you must get it today itself-

  • With the help of downloader, you can easily download all the Facebook videos very fast and save them to the desired location.
  • Easy selection of videos is possible through the downloader, and there is also an advantage of choosing the quality level of downloading.
  • When you download these videos, then it gives you an advantage of sharing them with your friends and known people, which you can’t do otherwise.
  • Such a downloader is very easy to use, and its interface is quite simple to understand. You will face no hassles while downloading the facebook videos through it.

Thus getting the downloader for facebook videos will help you in a great way and it is sure that by seeing its benefits you will fall in love with this sort of application.

Some useful advice

If you are seriously searching for Facebook video downloader, then make sure to get the best one. There are many types of these on the online platform, but all are not good enough for video downloading purposes. So check the reviews before choosing the downloader, and you will certainly get an idea that which is the best one as per your needs. For more video download options visit: