“Believe me,” the middle-aged floor man said. “I appreciate that you want to come to the dealer’s defense. But we’ve got to have rules here, which you violated. We can’t have brawls breaking out between players at the tables.”

I pointed back to the tournament room. “It’s his fault. The guy is a total low life, man, and he threatened me first.”

The floor man glanced at the room, straightened his glasses, and then gave me a half-smile that communicated more than words ever could. He obviously knew the other player, and at least partially agreed with my analysis. Perhaps much more than partially. So, I pushed my luck.

“You’d rather have a guy like that as a customer, than me?” But I immediately regretted the question, as the answer might not be one I wanted to hear.

Sure enough, his smirk vanished. “You’re the one who was out of his seat,” the floor man replied, “and physically accosting another player.”

“I only touched the back of his chair. You’re the ones who physically accosted me.”

“We stopped you. In another two seconds, who knows what you might have done.”

I sighed. “I suppose that’s correct…”

The floor man motioned towards the exit. “You need to leave now. You’re lucky. The security guard wants to hold you until the police arrive, have you arrested, and permanently ban you from this poker club.”

I looked to the burly security guard standing ten feet away, who was still scowling at me. “All right,” I said. “Good night.” I didn’t bother looking back as I stormed out the Bicycle Club’s front entrance.

That was a first for me. Sure, as a regular player I was no stranger to encountering instances of dealer abuse from idiotic opponents. But never like this. Never with such deeply inherent passive-aggressive evil. My adversary’s heart was uglier than his appearance, which was really saying something. It triggered a reaction in me that I have never before witnessed, and have never experienced since. I felt I had run into a particular manifestation of wickedness on Earth that must be silenced.

I didn’t notice much about the man when I first saw him. I was used to sitting among all different types in the nightly $20 tournaments at the Bicycle Club. So a thin, scraggly, mop-headed poker player who looked like he just came from camping at a Grateful Dead concert for a week, while only occasionally bathing via a park drinking fountain, wasn’t terribly jarring. It was when he began speaking that his existence began stabbing at my soul.

At first his communications were nothing more than mumbles as he folded his first few hands, frowning at our young, blonde, surfer-looking dealer as if something unusual were happening to him when he mucked the cards. I didn’t pick up any playable hands early, either. Then the mop-head decided to bless me with a bad beat story of how he should have won $27,000 in some big poker tournament somewhere, if it weren’t for this horrible suck-out, assuring me in the process that “everyone knows about it.” Apparently, the knucklehead was a well-known player.

An epiphany struck me. I was a regular reader of Card Player Magazine, including Max Shapiro’s humor column. He regularly referenced an assortment of comical poker characters I always assumed were fictional – until now. Could it be that I had just met Shapiro’s “Dirty Wally”? It seemed incredibly likely. I mean, this guy nailed the profile so perfectly, in every conceivable respect, I couldn’t even accept the notion that Dirty Wally might be a character contrived from a certain extreme “type” of player personality. The scum sitting to my immediate right at the end of the table absolutely, uncompromisingly, had to be the genuine article.

I found myself momentarily entertained by the revelation, and only hated him a little at this point. That all changed several grumbling folds later when Dirty Wally finally got a playable hand. He missed the flop, and elected to fold to an early-position bet, but only after staring the dealer down something fierce. After mucking he nodded in a conceding manner before commenting, a little louder this time: “He’s a loser – that’s why he’s dealing.”

And that’s where I lost it. Now, I’m an easy going guy, and honestly didn’t even know I possessed this kind of rage. The dealer only politely smiled and began shuffling. I don’t know if he fully heard the slur. But the other close-by players must have. I found the fact that no one else opened their mouths to chide the asshole quite disconcerting. So I had to do it.

“The only loser here is you, you piece of trash.”

Dirty Wally shot me a look of betrayal and raised his voice to call the floor man over, before insulting me in reprisal. I don’t remember the exact words used. But the ensuing heated exchange included my inviting him outside to settle the matter, and when two floor men arrived at the scene I was apparently standing with my hand on his chair attempting to pull it away from the table. The security guard got involved as well. No one at the table came to my defense. The floor man didn’t care much that the issue was over dealer abuse, and the dealer only seemed amused at the entire incident.

Dirty Wally and I never crossed paths again. I took my action to the Commerce Club, and shortly thereafter got married and started my own poker bot business at http://bonusbots.com so didn’t have a lot of time for brick and mortar poker after that. I never did any good in those Bicycle Club nightly tournaments anyway. But Dirty Wally is probably still out there, probably still wearing the same clothes and still cursing dealers for all his perceived injustices in life.

The year 2017 was filled with scientific wonders and major technological advancements which led to the invention of new and improved top home gadgets & games. There was a noticeable progress in almost every major field related to science. Ranging from Jibo the dancing speakers to the luxurious IPhone X, the miracles of technology never seize to amaze us! The advancements in the field of video gaming has been exponential to say the least. This year’s E3 event brought us a wide variety of cool, high tech gadgets and games. Let us take a look at some of the best highlights of last year’s E3 conference and the revelations it brought to us!

Motorola’s Moto GamePad

Motorola revealed its amazing GamePad for Motorola handsets this year. This GamePad lets you transform your phone into a complete handheld gaming device. It comprises of an external gamepad which add two analog sticks, an external D pad, additional face buttons and an additional battery pack for additional hours of play. So can imagine the utility the gamepad carries with it self for every gamer who owns a Motorola device.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X

Microsoft’s gaming console is one of its kind when it comes to a complete entertainment package. This year during the E3 convention, the company launched its latest upgrade to the console line which does not only feature 4k gaming compatibility but also features backward compatibility. Yes! You heard it right! Backward compatibility means that you will be able to play all your previous titles from the Xbox title line including the ones launched for Xbox 360. This indeed is a major update for people planning to buy an Xbox console are ones who already own an Xbox console.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassins Creed franchise has accumulated a major following over the past years because of the in-depth story line and the richness and detailing provided by the in-game engine. This title takes back the games to ancient Egypt for the first time where the players will be able to relive the formation of the ancient brotherhood of assassins. Plus this title will be available in 4k ultra HD as well so that the gamers can experience the true potential of this game.

God of War

The god of war series is exclusive to the ps4 owners and is developed by one of their in-house studios. Once considered to be the best console title ever made amassing a cult following with its first 3 installments, the series is coming back this time with an entirely new open world title which will follow the story after the incidents of God of War 3. The new title will revolve around an older Kratos, and his son thus will have a lot more to offer in terms of story content.

Atari Flashback 8 Gold

When there were no other consoles, there was Atari. 80’s and 90’s kids will still remember Atari and the simplistic 2d games associated with it. Well it’s time to refresh that feeling of nostalgia with the recent launch of a new Atari console. The console comes equipped with an internal memory having around 120 old favorite titles pre-installed. You will be able to experience and play old classics like Pitfall and Dave on it with revamped graphics on it.

Sega Genesis Flashback

When we talk about gaming consoles and trend setters, mentioning Sega among them would not be an exaggeration. There was a golden age for classical console gaming when Sega and Nintendo used to own the industry. Then came the advanced era of Sony and Microsoft in the form of their leading consoles i.e. Playstation and Xbox respectively. But AtGames delivered quite a hefty and happy news I might say when they revealed their new console “the Genesis Flashback”. The new console includes more than 85 pre-loaded titles along with the ability to play “genesis” and “Sega mega drive” cartridges. The company has also included 720p support for the console along with wireless retro themed controllers.

Razer Thresher Ultimate Headset

In the past few years, the gaming gear industry has boomed massively resulting in gaming come out as a proper profession. Gaming gear companies have also evolved themselves to provide the best and most competitive equipment to the gaming community. Razer is among of the top companies which offers professional grade gaming gear. This year at the E3 convention, they revealed their premium line of headphones i.e. the ”Razer Thresher” which gives you the comfort and experience of a high end gaming headphone. That being said, it does come with a 250$ price tag on it but its incredible sound justifies that tag. Plus it also comes in two models, one for the Playstation console and one for the Xbox console. Both these models can be used on a PC with a simple flick of a switch.

Far Cry 5

Ubisoft was been able to deliver to its audience a number of quality titles over the course of years like Assassins Creed series and the Far Cry series both of which have turned out to be very successful. A new installment was announced during this year’s E3 convention introducing the upcoming Far Cry 5 game. This time the company has introduced new in game mechanics which allows the players to customize their own characters rather than playing with pre decided ones. This plus a number of additional interesting features makes this title worth looking forward to. So let’s hope it is able to deliver to our expectations and more so over its release during the next year.

These were among the most interesting revelations and releases worth looking forward too. A number of them have already being introduced over the course of the last few months. We hope that this list was able to put your mind to ease and help you somewhat if you were interested in some of these awesome techs and games.

When it comes to picking the best VR headset you will need to choose whether you need it for genuine gaming or easygoing virtual reality encounters. In the event that you simply need a gadget that can gone through some 360-degree recordings or basic intelligent enterprises at that point Google’s Cardboard headset is the least expensive alternative.

For straightforward recreations that would not watch strange on a cell phone you could swing to Google’s Daydream VR View or Samsung’s Gear VR, or one of various outsider virtual reality headsets that can work with your iOS or Android cell phone. On the other hand, for a top of the line encounter you could sprinkle out on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, which both have PC level gaming capacity and a scope of cutting edge recreations to appreciate. Following are the 5 best VR headsets available in the market:

  1. HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is the cream of the yield with regards to VR headsets. It includes an OLED show with a 2160 x 1200 determination and 90Hz invigorate rate. It highlights accuracy following with 32 headset sensors and 360-degree movement following, so every inconspicuous development is gotten from the machine. Its dazzling visual presents a 110-degree field of view, enough to cover even your fringe vision. Numerous Amazon clients have expressed the HTC Vive is without exception to each other existing virtual reality headset available. The included Steam Store programming interface has more than 60 VR videogames on it (with additional to come) that all capacity well with the included controllers. More basic commentators specified the precarious value, overwhelming 15-pound weight, and the requirement for good PC equipment with a mid-level designs card.

  1. Oculus Rift + Touch

The Oculus Rift includes an OLED show with a 2160 x 1200 screen determination and a 90Hz revive rate. The unit gives a 110-degree field of view, with a 5 x 11 feet following zone. Inside the headset is an incorporated sound framework appropriate for VR, giving clients the experience of sound that gives both space and profundity, at last tricking every one of the faculties. The headset accompanies two Oculus Touch controllers that let you associate with the virtual world. The most ugly part is the value point and requirement for a perfect PC (you will require a Windows PC with a NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti/AMD Radeon RX 470 designs card and 8 GB+ RAM so as to utilize the framework).

  1. PlayStation VR

Despite the fact that it requires a PlayStation 4 comfort, a move controller and PlayStation Eye camera, the PlayStation VR is $200 lesser than Oculus Rift and conveys a lot of energy to the table. Like the Rift, it utilizes an OLED show. The show measures 5.7 inches and gives a determination of 1920 x RGB x 1080, running up to 120 casings for every second. For full inundation, the headset highlights 3D sound innovation, enabling you to hear and pinpoint sounds above, beneath and surrounding you. The PlayStation VR offers roughly 100 degrees of field of view. The gadget detects your development and movement with an accelerometer, spinner and the PlayStation Eye following framework. You associate the gadget through your PS4 with a HDMI and USB association.

  1. Sainsonic

The set comes furnished with two biconvex focal points that offer a 50mm customizable central length intended to change your 2D pictures into drench 3D pictures. The unit is exactness machine cut and incorporates numbered parts so you can without much of a stretch collect the whole thing inside minutes. In spite of it being made of cardboard, the headset is solid and tough and weighs just .8 ounces. Some Amazon clients have applauded the gadget at its minimal effort, while others have noted it isn’t excessively agreeable around the nose. Utilizing it for a delayed timeframe can be strenuous on the eyes, particularly while gazing so nearly to your cell phone. Hues come in red, blue, and dark.

  1. Sarlar 3D VR

If you are looking for the best VR glasses without straining your eyes, then Sarlar 3D VR is the best option amongst the rest in the market. Sarlar’s 3D VR glasses’ plan is built to guarantee comfort and give no weight against your eyelid. Its tie and survey fenced in area calms grating and strain against your nose connect and takes into consideration enough breathing space. A delicate wipe froth packaging cushions and lines the survey edge of the headset to give clients’ faces a delicate fitted inclination. Some Amazon clients have noticed this is a decent section level VR headset with the organization completing a sensational activity for an ergonomic outline implied for human solace – the versatile band isn’t too tight around the head, and everything remains set up. Other more basic surveys noticed that YouTube doesn’t appear to be perfect and that general VR content appears to be inadequate.

Christmas is only a month away which means that now is the perfect time to buy gifts for your family and friends. There is one category which suits every family member and that in the Technology department.

It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a present for your wife or your kid, you can find some great ideas here. To help you make a choice I have narrowed down 10 best tech gifts for every family member and the entire family.

For him:

Logitech G903 Lightspeed gaming mouse

I know that almost every gadget which is somehow connected to computers is a great present for him and that is why my first idea is the gaming mouse. The mouse has impressive 1-millisecond report rate and 2.4 GHz wireless connection, meaning you can forget about the wire. This mouse is a great gadget because you can completely adjust the shape of the mouse to your grip. With 11 programmable buttons, you can also gain fast access to your favorite commands and those features are just a tip of the iceberg of features with this mouse. You have to keep in mind that the gaming mouse is not just for games, it is a type of gadget which you will use for more important things, like surfing the internet and searching for cat videos.

Bose soundproof free wireless earbuds

Bose earbuds are made for athletes meaning, they are made especially for running, jumping and basic training. Earbuds like those can inspire everyone to start living more active life because they look amazing and they stay in place. You can forget about putting the earbuds back in the ear every 10 steps. Another thing which I like very much is the fact that earbuds can get wet. It doesn’t matter if you are sweating or running in the rain, the earbuds will stay with you. The Bluetooth connection will make sure that you can put the phone in a safe and dry place and that is the most important part.

For her:

Prynt Pocket instant photo printer for iPhone

There are pictures which are more important than the rest and those pictures deserve the place on the wall or in your wallet. I love the fact that you can print the pictures the moment you take them because you can share them with friends at the same spot you took them. To make the photos even more awesome, people in Prynt decided to turn the photo paper in stickers so you can glue your photos wherever you want. The Prynt is half the size of the iPhone so you can carry it with you. Just put it in the pocket or in the bag and you are good to go.

Leather tassel lighting charging cable

The leather tassel is one of the must-have key chains for every women’s bag and with this gadget it has an actual purpose. Among all those leather straps is a cable you can use to charge your smartphone. That way she can charge her phone and to do that, she will only need to borrow the USB port. Just make sure that you choose the correct cable.

For kids:

R2-D2 App-Enabled Sphero Droid

I know that I have put this in the KIDS category, but I know few adults who will love this little droid. Sphero already made the BB8 droid from Star Wars, but I am more impressed with the R2-D2. It looks amazing, it produces Beep-Boop noises like the real Star Wars character and can control the R2-D2 with an application made for your smartphone. It is the droid you are looking for!

Foosball stand for iPad

Having a foosball table is a great thing, but kids can’t play on it, it is just too big. I don’t see the point of getting a small kid’s foosball table because eventually, they will outgrow it so I would definitely recommend this foosball stand. It is a foosball table which is the size of an iPad. It has rods, legs and scoring system, just like the real foosball table, but the field is actually iPad. I love how they combined the real table with the iPad as the playing surface. I am sure you and your kids will love this stand because it is a pocket (and portable) version of great foosball.

For the family:

Sonos One

Smart speakers are a great addition to the entire family, especially like the Sonos One. The gadget is integrated with Alexa which means that you can listen to the music, put the volume up or down or change the song without touching anything. You don’t have to worry that the music is too loud for Alexa to hear you because the speaker has built-in “smart voice capture” to hear you in every condition. The Sonos One does much more than just playing DJ; it can control the thermostat, make a grocery list it is a family’s little helper. You can also contact Kerstontbijt bestellen to help you with your Christmas meals, if you do not want to ask Sonos one for a catering company.

VR Headset with Controller

VR headset has opened another dimension and people love it. There is a reason why they are called the Virtual Reality and that is the fact that you will feel like you are a part of the game. With a special controller you will move, turn, smash or grab things like you are doing it in the real world. Now that is what I call impressive gaming experience. The best part is you don’t even need a gaming chair for this gadget to be fun!

GoPro Hero6 Black action camera

I am recommending GoPro Hero cameras since the year they have arrived and I have no intention to stop. The camera is getting better and better with each model and you can do whatever you want with it. You can dive, jump off a cliff, ski, snowboard, play football, attach it to the dog, the camera will record everything. There isn’t one thing this camera can’t do. Another thing, forget about recording videos in bad quality.

Roku streaming stick

Every family who loves movies and series (who doesn’t) has to have this little gadget. When you look at it, it looks like a regular remote control but when you plug it in, you will see what it has to offer. I don’t think I have to say more than 50,000+ movies and series. Am I right?