At present, the use of wireless headphones are increasingly become more popular since they are much more hassle free to use and with no wires that constantly get tangled up and damaged over time. With advances in technology such as Bluetooth and kleer, the audibility of the wireless headphones is increasing in demand.  Some factors are there which you need to be aware of for choosing the wireless headphones. They are.

  • Bluetooth version
  • Audibility
  • Quality of sound
  • Cost
  • Wireless range
  • Frequency responsive
  • Sensitivity
  • Battery
  • Brand

In general the wireless headphones are divided into two types namely in which one is designed for the music listener who prefers to use the headphone while on the travel and this posses the Bluetooth technology and another one is infrared based headphones where this is specifically designed for playing games or watching TV while relaxing at home.  Among these two types the Bluetooth type headphone is found to be the best one if you are a sports enthusiasts or commuter. The audio quality of the Bluetooth headset is lower than the infrared headphone and which are bulkier as well as transmitter, the Bluetooth headphone is charged by using the external power.

Benefits of using the wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are great invention that many people find it is very useful because not having the cord on your headphone is found to be a great one. In this modern gadget technology world everything has gone into the mobile phone so it is time for the cable free earbuds and cords. A lot of people download their favourite music from web instead of buying the CDs from the store in which if you store your music in your PC then you can easily listen to all the music with the help of the wireless headphones. The wireless headphones have many benefits like.

  • These headphones can extend the life of the batteries and reduce the background noise for example you are in college and needs to study for your semester exam but your roommates have a bunch of friends and chatting.
  • You can also wear these wireless headphones and put some music on and you won’t be hearing any background noise of the party that is going around you.

A good set of the wireless headphones and earbuds are not too much expensive but they also have many advantages over the traditional headphones that is worth it to pay a little more for them. For instance the Trekz Air wireless bone conduction headphones are found to be the best one and it has a great sound quality and is worth the money. These headphones are durable and well made headphones that you can wear inside and outside the home and they will be giving you the great quality of sound no matter where you are.

Trekz Air wireless bone conduction headphones: Run safer hearing your environment

The Trekz air wireless bone conduction headphones brand as well as Sony and Panasonic all make lightweight and comfortable wireless headphones that will provide the great sound quality. The great thing about these wireless headphones is that they recharge themselves without you having to do anything i.e. as soon as you take them off and set them on the charger they start charging the battery so they are ready for the next time use. These headphones comes in variety of styles, design and colors in which you can choose your favourite color headphone but the sound quality provided by these headphones are same only the appearance and design are found to be different one.

Before buying the wireless headphones you need to do some comparison shopping among the different headphone brands that have the features that you want get in the best price. You may also want to look for the wireless headphones that use the Bluetooth technology but you want to be sure that your mobile device support the Bluetooth version and it is compatible one. You no need to think about buying the best wireless headphones only to not having them work on your home when you buy the Trekz air bone conduction headphones because it supports all your needs and it is of compatible one and has many features.

Features of the Trekz air wireless bone conduction headphone

The following are the some of the features of the Trekz air wireless headphones and this generation of the bone conduction technology headphones are found to be lightest and are organically designed open ear headphones and earbuds.

  • The bone conduction technology delivers the music through your cheekbones and it ensures that the ears remain completely open to hear the ambient sound of the music.
  • The wireless bone conduction headphones are 20% lighter in weight compared to other headphones.
  • The headphones are completely wrapped around the titanium design and these designs provide the flexible fit, stability and comfort.
  • Dual noise canceling microphone is present in the wireless bone conduction headphone and this excludes the surrounding background noise and effectively enhance the speech.

The Trenkz air wireless bone conduction headphones inspired by many music lovers and it is found to be demands of the elite and aspiring music lovers and sports athletes by their sound quality.


When looking to invest in a business, whether in its shares on in its debt instruments, it is extremely important to do a thorough analysis of the company’s fundamentals to ensure that it runs on a solid foundation and has a bright future ahead. Only then can the safety of your investment be guaranteed together with the prospect of profits. And below, we take a brief look at four fundamental things to check for when considering a company for investment.

The Business Model

The success of any venture is largely dependent on its business model. An ideal business model will guarantee that the company generates profits by incurring the least cost. The model has to work in all market conditions, whether it be during an economic boom, a market contraction, or even depression. Investment firms like Arthur Penn Pennant Park often do a thorough research into the history of the company to see whether the business model has been successful in generating profits during the various market conditions in the past years or not.

The Leadership

The next important thing to look at is the leadership of the business. Is the leader a very capable person who can motivate all employees and has earned their respect? Are they intuitive and knowledgeable enough to grab on to a market opportunity when they see one? A good leader can easily double the profits of a company. Check their history to see how many businesses they have started or managed. If all the ventures they managed ended up shutting down without making any profits, then that is definitely a red flag.

Market Position

Another important fundamental to look into is the market position of the company. Check the number of competitors in the market and see where the company is positioned in terms of market share. Pennant Park recommends avoiding companies that are at the bottom in terms of market share even though they have been in the business for several years. Instead, focus on companies that have quickly increased their market share within a short period of time. And this brings us to the last fundamental factor you should check in a company – its prospects for growth and expansion.

Growth Prospects

You need to analyze this in two ways, Firstly, look at how well a company can increase its market share, together with the cost and time required for such a growth. If it is projected that the business can capture a larger part of the market quickly using minimal capital, then that is definitely a business that you should consider investing in. The second analysis should focus on how well the business can expand into new markets. For example, a company might be selling perfumes. Can they diversify into soap, shampoo, and other beauty products? This is also an important point that needs to be considered since the ability to diversify into new markets will position the company for greater growth in the future, thereby guaranteeing better returns for your investment.