Do you come across a new spy app every time you do a Google or Bing search for ‘the best app to spy on cell phones?’ Well, it’s really is a tough decision, figuring out which spy app is the best. Most of these spy applications have pretty promising websites. So that’s your first clue when you think of making a purchase. But remember, a fancy website won’t guarantee a good product. Sometimes, the worst scams come from the most promising websites. In short, your final verdict can’t just be made alone on how good-looking a website is.

One way to find the best app to spy on cell phones is by looking for spy app reviews. We did the same and found Xnspy reviews to be more convincing than the others. After doing some comprehensive reading, we came across some features of Xnspy that could make it the best spy app. Let’s give them a read:

  1. Statistical analyses and reports

The major downside with spying on someone’s phone is that it requires time; sifting through every text, contact, email, and photo. But Xnspy had somewhere figured that out already. Their statistical reports are like food cooked and served in plates already. All you have to do is eat. Well, metaphors apart, there are a few different types of reports that you get your hands on.

  1. a) When we spy on someone’s call logs, we are interested in knowing who calls them the most. Xnspy lets you view the top 5 callers and top 5 calls’ durations.
  2. b) Call time activity punch card allows you to view when the monitored person was most active calling others.
  3. c) If you want to check the internet browsing activity on a phone, there could be hundreds of websites that a person may have opened just over a few days period. But going through each entry one by one, you could use Xnspy’s ‘Analysis’ to view the top 10 most-visited sites. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.
  1. Pricing/features correlation

Just looking alone at the features or pricing don’t do any justice to a spy app. It’s better to look at the features and pricing altogether. We like to call this the price/features correlation. While you can’t really give a correlation value, you can compare the features to the prices. What you are going to look for is an app that offers more value for money, i.e. more features in lesser price. Xnspy definitely gives its user a good price for all the premium features like call and ambient recording, remote screenshots, data wipe and remote phone locking, apart from the usual monitoring of phone calls, emails, browsing history, multimedia, etc.

  1. A decent Customer Support

It has come to our attention that the support team of Xnspy is very much live and helping. It’s available mostly round the clock so you aren’t left to your own. Having some knowledgeable support attendant could mean a smoother download and installation and not having to access the target device more than once.

Our categorical pick is Xnspy and aforementioned are just a few reasons. We suggest you go through other Xnspy reviews too so to get a clearer vision of what this app is capable of. For more information about the app, you can visit

Before planning a trip, you need to do a little research for extra comfort and adding a little luxury to your trip. On this reconnaissance, you may find small items here and there that can make your trip easier. But one thing you should never ignore, is a travel app. With an app on your smartphone that suits the nature of your trip in the best way, you can easily enhance your travel experience.

Whether you are planning your dream trip, take the next flight to your desired designation, comparing flights for cheapest rate, or booking a hotel; this list will definitely help you to determine the best app for your next travel. Travel is a great way to relax and calm down, and is often a good idea to try out before seeking help from stress for an example.

UV lens:

When heading to a sunny location, you need to be extra cautious with the density of the sun rays that can easily burn you. UV lens is one of the best apps to install in your phones not only when you are outbound for a trip, but all the time as it provides updates, live reports, and time preference which time will be the best to go out and enjoy.

You can also personalize it with skin type assessment in order to know how long you can stay in the sun before getting in the UV danger zone.


Want to stay updated on all commercial flights? You need to download Flightradar24. This amazing app can change your phone into a flight tracker. You can watch and trek any aircraft, its flight data, and progress. It also provides different features like reality view, flight identification, and other amazing sorts. This app is entertaining and addictive, and you can also use it for killing time at the airport of in long-haul flights.

Google Earth:

Growing up we always imagined to have a satellite view of our location, and be able to locate ourselves especially when lost in a strange city, to get the best directions. Google Earth is one of the most advanced apps which every traveler should keep in their smartphones. It is highly updated for latest maps and the world is no strange place when you have this app. With its latest features, you can easily enjoy a 3d (three dimensional) view of the world.


This app can enhance any trip by helping you with discounted hotel reservations. You can book your hotel for the night, next day, next week or even next month in advance. Enjoy the perks of this app and download it right away.

Google Translate:

Another app developed by Google on our list. This app can translate any language into your native tongue. It is highly recommended when you are traveling as language is a great barrier in communicating with the locals. This app can enhance your traveling by providing accurate translations of any local language.

XE Currency:

This app is a must for anyone traveling abroad. By downloading this app, you can keep an eye on the live currency exchange market.


Airbnb runs an e-commerce marketplace and cordiality service by providing short-term lease or rent option for holiday cottages, apartments, hostel beds, homestays, hotels, and more. When traveling, an app such as Airbnb can always come in handy.


Before booking any airline ticket, you must compare flights first in order to find cheap flights. DreamWorldTravel provides you a platform where you can easily save on traveling, by booking the cheapest and most convenient flights to anywhere.

Prey Anti-Theft:

We all are well aware of the fact that world is not a safe place. No matter how much precautions we take, a traveler is always at risk of getting robbed of their precious belongings. For this reason, they must download Prey Anti-Theft on your smartphones. This app allows you to manage all your digital accessories. You can find your phone, laptop, smartwatch, and even tablets if you somehow lost them.


Last but one of the first app to download when hitting the road, AccuWeather provides weather forecast of almost every city or place. You need you acknowledge all the weather updates for your desired destinations and plan your trip accordingly for maximum fun.

Google’s mobile-first-index is a transformational move for more useful and result-oriented website optimization. This eminent transition of websites to mobile-first indexing means the Google’s algorithms will primarily use the mobile version of the content on your site to rank the pages. This leads to the fact that search engines will create and rank their search listings based on the site’s content that is mobile-friendly.

Despite the Google webmaster’s guidance on mobile-first indexing, a lot many sites would be in deep water if they miscalculate this shift. First of all, you need to figure out whether or not your site is mobile friendly. Afterwards, the site’s content should be optimized like a pro to withstand the rising trend of mobile-first index.

To be ready for this BIG change and to get your sites optimized are widely different things. Just like an android application development company is poles apart from a web development company. Both are different trades, craving for a widely separated approach to work out the client’s demands. Likewise, making up your mind to go with Google updates won’t work unless you start implementing the right tactics.

Let’s optimize websites for Google’s mobile-first feature.

  1. Mobile Thinking is the Real Deal:

Still spectacle about site’s mobile friendliness? Consider this: more than 50% of Google searches come from mobile users.

Mobile is certainly a big thing and therefore, businesses have to shift their mindset to mobile-first thinking in whatever they do – website design, development, user interface.

Desktop comes later. Your site should be dynamically responsive on all desktop to mobile platforms. This isn’t enough at all. You need to spice it up by optimizing it for mobile devices.

Start Today!

Build your upcoming site or renovate the old one around top-of-mind mobile experience. Embrace mobile-first thinking and act accordingly to steal a march on your competitors.

  1. Find your Feet in Speedy Site:

In today’s fast paced era survival is not only for the fittest, but for the fastest as well.

Companies need to stand fit and fast. The problematic factor is that having a responsive website by no means guarantees that its mobile optimized.

The times are changing. Mobile SEO becomes mandatory. This reason enough to believe it the Google’s rolling out of mobile-first index. Hence, businesses are now hiring the services of mobile app development in UK to give their target audience a great, personalized user experience. Here comes the need of mobile app search optimization wherein mobile-first index may not be a big deal. It’s hard to swallow for mobile versions of websites.

Now, for mobile SEO your site must function fast and flawlessly. The best solution is to move to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for improving your mobile ecosystem. AMP uses pared-down HTML that aids loading the web pages faster than the regular HTML.

On a WordPress site, you can use plugins to convert web pages to AMP. Progressive Web Apps can be used an alternative to move pages to AMP.

  1. The Rise of Content Management

So, you have a responsive website performing well on mobiles, delivering remarkable UX and faster page loading, but still you are gaining very little from SEO efforts, then perform a full audit of your mobile-friendly website. It’s important because the content management for your desktop site differs a lot from that of mobile version.

Better to use same content for both versions.

What Else?

  • Avoid using Flash content
  • Use drop-down & accordion menus wisely
  • Use the text size, padding and tap target appropriately
  • Use HTML5 or Java for interactive elements
  • Don’t panic users with pop-up blocks on mobile
  1. Streamline Checkout Process

While developing your site for mobile-first index, do not forget considering the checkout process. It’s important to reduce the barriers hampering the conversion rates when users purchase something from your site via mobile device.

Here’s a few tips to streamline and accelerate the checkout process

  • Do not use pop-ups
  • Decrease the info needed at checkout
  • Super-smooth the navigation
  • Allow people to save their info for future use
  • Use Apple or Android Pay modes for online transactions

With all these practices, make sure your site is finely aligned for mobile-first-index to get well-positioned in SERPs.

When using your Android device, one of the major complaints you might come across is the short battery life. While this might depend on the quality of the battery itself, there are some things you can do to your Android OS that can boost the life of the battery. Below, we will look at five such tips.

Data Consumption

Your Android device will constantly be searching for the best data network to use. And this search will eat into your battery life. So, if your reception is already good and you are satisfied with it, then it is recommended that you switch off the ‘data’ search option. This will stop the OS from looking for other networks and will contribute to the length of the battery life.


You should also try to adjust the brightness of your Android device manually according to the environment you are in. Not all situations require the brightness to be at 100%. So lower it when required. Most devices will be set to automatically reduce the brightness. As far as possible switch off this feature since it can consume a lot of battery charge because of constant use of sensors.


If you are using Android Marshmallow or upwards, then be sure to use the Doze functionality in the OS.  This feature allows data and processes to run in the background and will close down the apps if no priority is attached to such apps. Doing so will ensure that the battery is not unnecessarily drained.


Some people like to set up their home screen with live wallpapers. While the animations do look nice and fancy, these animations will consume the life of your battery.  As such, it is recommended that you do not use such ‘live’ wallpapers. Instead, use regular static images. After all, most of the time, you will not be looking at the home screen alone. So, setting up a live wallpaper that will drain the battery looks somewhat unnecessary.

Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

Most Android smartphones come equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. While they are both pretty useful connectivity options, the truth is that you will likely not be using them at all time. But if you do keep them switched on all through the day, then your battery will run out faster. And Wi-Fi is especially notorious for eating up battery life. So, once you have finished using both these options, make sure that you switch them off.

In addition to the above, some of the best android apps in 2018 can help you with various activities while consuming using less battery charge than previous apps. Be sure to check out submitcore to find such apps and install them on your Android device.