Fiber Optic Cabling has become the preferred choice for network data transmission in Canada. With the advancement of new technologies and extensive use of fiber optic cabling, the prices of fiber-optic has come down considerably making it an ideal choice for network transmission.

I like copper cable which uses the copper metal for transmission, fiber-optic instead use digital light pulses at very high frequencies. The light source is usually either a laser or LED. The fiber-optic cables are optimized for one or more wavelengths of light. Because fiber-optic use light as a transmission media, it offers tremendous amount of speed and also longer transmission capabilities. Apart from capacity to carry data at higher rates, fiber-optic also offers immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Copper cables are highly susceptible to electromagnetic interference and therefore are not recommended in the areas where there is a high potential of electrical data transmission. Fiber-optic cables on the other hand are immune to crosstalk because the fiber-optic does not conduct electricity and only uses light signals in a glass fibers rather than electrical signals along a metallic conductor to transmit data. You either have to install a shielded copper cable or go over the fiber-optic for these kind of environments.

While copper data cables have a limitation of 100 metres or 300 feet, fiber-optic cables are capable of caring data transmission to as long as 75 km without using any signal boosting repeaters. This makes fiber-optic cable a perfect choice for long distance runs such as connecting to campuses, connecting buildings, cities and remote areas.

Installation of fiber-optic cables is much easier than copper cables. Because they are lightweight, it is much easier to pull these cables.

Fibre cable comes in many configuration however can be broadly segregated by fibers strands namely single mode and multimode. They come in various configurations including armoured, non-armoured, gel filled, tight buffered and more. Single mode fibers are is used for long-distance fibre runs requiring very high speeds while multimode cables are used for shorter distances. Based on the number of optical fibers these can be divided into the following:

  • Simplex cables
  • Duplex cables
  • Multi-fiber cables

Increases in available fiber-optic cable–manufacturing capacity have lowered cable prices to levels comparable to high-end UTP on a per-foot basis. Fibre cabling is not doubt the future of network cabling in Toronto.

Well, a lot of people do not know what this is in the IT world and that is why there is so much confusion that is unnecessary really if you ask me. There is no gray here, it is very clear what happens with DevOps. I will explain it in simple terms and then tell you what it gives you.

There is so much to be gained from this that you are not even aware of.

DevOps is all about the establishment of a relationship between the development phases in IT and the productivity stage of what has been developed. This is the transition between those two points. It is very crucial that you enhance the communication between these two points

The things is that the people that work in this space are in high demand seeing as very few know about this and even bother to learn what it is all about. As you will see in this article, DevOps certification is very crucial in app development processes.

What is DevOps in the IT World?

When you look at this from the point of view of the Information Technology world, you will find that there is so much that happens here. It is all about the agile software that is needed to make sure that when something is developed it actually becomes useful.

In software development, you will need to have integration, collaboration and communication between the two processes of developing and making the software beneficial to users.

In the IT world, this is getting accepted as a real and actual function. Anyone who can train to have the skill or talent to be both the systems operation engineer and developer will fit the description of a DevOps person.

The Reasons Why You Need to Integrate DevOps into Software Development

There are any reason why you need to do this. They include:

  1. Better Prevention and Rectification of Software Errors

This is something that you need to be good at if you want to be the best developer there is and if you want to get that done, you need to make sure that there is DevOps going on. Before the transition, this phase will oversee that everything has been developed well.

This way, when it gets to the stage where it is supposed to be used, people will find it to be useful and that is what developing is all about. Defects can be expensive, avoid them at all costs.

  1. Proper Management of Resources

When you do not have the kind of transition that DevOps will give you, there is a lot that hoes wrong with the resources and how they are used. You will find that you have everything that is needed to bring the software to the testing stage and that will not happen in time.

That is why you need to make sure that you have DevOps. That way, you can bring the whole thing to fruition in a way that is professional, fast and much easier than when you do not have this dynamic working.

  1. Reducing Developer Errors

Remember when I said that when you have DevOps skills and talent you can be both the systems operation engineer and developer? Well, this is where it comes in handy because you will need to know how the whole developing process is going and then you can spot errors better.

When you are not developing or doing anything but ensuring smooth transition, you will spot errors better and by the time they are testing this, you will have seen it all and it will be near perfect. It is a good feeling to deliver a near flawless project.

  1. Enhancement of Stability in Processes

When there is no stability with what you are doing, you will find it so had to get things done the way that you want them to be. That is the reason why you need to get some DevOps personnel of train to be one. This is because you will get things deployed 30% faster.

The chances of failure go down drastically too by about half. That is something that a lot of developers need and that is where you come in. moving from development phase to the end becomes easier.

  1. Version Control and Automatic Coding

These are two very important to the development of a software. That is the reason why you need to make sure that you have them all. It is easier when you leverage the programmable utilities that you have to work for you instead of doing everything by yourself.

All tools that are needed will be there for you and you will find it easy to move from the first stages and reach the end with ease.

As you have noticed, there is so much that you can do to make sure that you have everything in order and that is what this is all about.