Undoubtedly in the wake of reaching new customers and increasing sales, having just a great brand is really not enough. The components like effective marketing and promotions play an important role for creating new customer base and increasing sales. We are presenting you some promising ways to increase the brand awareness for the sake of driving sales and enlarging customer base.

Promotional Strategies

The great promotions invite the target customers to encourage them to buy your products. To make sure customer picks up your product from the shelf, he needs some kind of attractive deal.  This may include that you offer a larger pack in same price as smaller pack. A great marketing technique ‘BOGOF’ can help you to attract the customers. You can promote your products using in-store promotions and on-pack signage. Appealing POS displays can accelerate the process.

Availing Social  media tools

Nowadays social media deems as remarkable platform for increasing awareness of your brand as it creates the buzz and a new product catches the customers’ eye in very less time. For targeting the potential customers you need to post regularly or compose tweets with relative content displaying your product features. Hit the customer network who you think will be interested and encourage them to share features with their online groups and friends. Take time to compose message, incorporate reviews and free tips when you are deciding to post on Facebook.

Perks and Incentives

A good marketing campaign encompasses many loyalty programs. Special offers are always very popular amongst consumers. You have capitalize on the special discount codes to increase brand awareness. This will lead to drive more sales.

Mobilize Influencers

The role of influencers can never be ignored. Search them in your community and help them in their objectives to gain their trust and support. This will lead to good working relationship that enables both the parties to access the customer network and garner the real business opportunities for the sake of mutual benefit.

Manage Email Marketing

When you want to promote new brand products, promotions and upcoming offers, the results can be magnified through running email marketing campaigns.By building a database you can get all email addresses of new clients. You have to post the attractive articles and content on regular basis to keep in touch with the potential clients, not just when you want to sell something.

Reap the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing refers to an intelligent marketing concept in which you can display your brands and products on the affiliate websites. This will get endorsed to your prospect customers. When internet became primary medium for marketing products in the late 2000s, this concept used to reach out to customers. You have to reward or pay a commission to the particular affiliate when the visitor purchase or sign-up for your service or product. It is cost effective technique, if implement in its full essence can ripe to give you long lasting outcomes.

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Are you looking for the best SEO company and doesn’t know where to start, then there is nothing to worry? It is quite common to get confused when there are so many options available in the market. Here, you will get detail information about some important tricks for choosing the best SEO services in Kolkata. This guide will make sure you choose the right platform for your website.

  1. Link Building Approach

The most important thing in SEO is the link building and that’s why it is pretty important to ask about it from the company whom you are hiring. The website of a ranking can get a proper boost through a strategic placement of backlinks and that’s it is crucial to understand how important they are.

An authentic digital marketing firm will do a brief analysis of your site’s backlinks so that they can work efficiently to improve it. Adding a solid backlinking approach must be the part of the company’s SEO technique.

  1. Quality work

There is no benefit of choosing SEO services in Kolkata being provided by thefogut.com that lacks in terms of quality and reliable content. In digital industry, content is always considered as the king. All the other things are secondary.

So, you should go for a company who can generate high-quality content for your site.

  1. Previous work

Make sure you choose a company that has a vast amount of experience to work in this field. The quality of the company’s work is reflected in their previous assignments.

You are investing a great amount of money, time, and resources so the result should be up to the mark. Avoid the company that has a troubled history.

  1. Pricing

You should ask for the quotes and then compare it with the prices of the market. Furthermore, it is pretty important to check what you are getting at the price that you are paying.

We strongly suggest you go for the one who offers a reasonable pricing that shouldn’t be too costly or too cheap.

  1. Keyword Optimization

There is a very crucial role played by the effective keyword optimization in a successful SEO campaign. So, your SEO Company should be capable to analyze and optimize the important keywords which your targeted audience use while looking for the services offered by your website.

It will make your site found easily in the Google search engines and rank higher than ever.

  1. Customer Relationship Management

An authentic SEO company will always listen to the clients carefully and modify their approach according to their requirements. One of the biggest shortfalls is ineffective communication between the customer and service provider.

That’s why you should choose a company that has a superior customer relationship management.


Selecting the right SEO services in Kolkata is a pretty important step in the success of your website as well as business. So, you should implement all the above-mentioned tactics while you are looking for the right choice. If you find one who suits all your needs, then go for it without any second thoughts.