Before planning a trip, you need to do a little research for extra comfort and adding a little luxury to your trip. On this reconnaissance, you may find small items here and there that can make your trip easier. But one thing you should never ignore, is a travel app. With an app on your smartphone that suits the nature of your trip in the best way, you can easily enhance your travel experience.

Whether you are planning your dream trip, take the next flight to your desired designation, comparing flights for cheapest rate, or booking a hotel; this list will definitely help you to determine the best app for your next travel. Travel is a great way to relax and calm down, and is often a good idea to try out before seeking help from stress for an example.

UV lens:

When heading to a sunny location, you need to be extra cautious with the density of the sun rays that can easily burn you. UV lens is one of the best apps to install in your phones not only when you are outbound for a trip, but all the time as it provides updates, live reports, and time preference which time will be the best to go out and enjoy.

You can also personalize it with skin type assessment in order to know how long you can stay in the sun before getting in the UV danger zone.


Want to stay updated on all commercial flights? You need to download Flightradar24. This amazing app can change your phone into a flight tracker. You can watch and trek any aircraft, its flight data, and progress. It also provides different features like reality view, flight identification, and other amazing sorts. This app is entertaining and addictive, and you can also use it for killing time at the airport of in long-haul flights.

Google Earth:

Growing up we always imagined to have a satellite view of our location, and be able to locate ourselves especially when lost in a strange city, to get the best directions. Google Earth is one of the most advanced apps which every traveler should keep in their smartphones. It is highly updated for latest maps and the world is no strange place when you have this app. With its latest features, you can easily enjoy a 3d (three dimensional) view of the world.


This app can enhance any trip by helping you with discounted hotel reservations. You can book your hotel for the night, next day, next week or even next month in advance. Enjoy the perks of this app and download it right away.

Google Translate:

Another app developed by Google on our list. This app can translate any language into your native tongue. It is highly recommended when you are traveling as language is a great barrier in communicating with the locals. This app can enhance your traveling by providing accurate translations of any local language.

XE Currency:

This app is a must for anyone traveling abroad. By downloading this app, you can keep an eye on the live currency exchange market.


Airbnb runs an e-commerce marketplace and cordiality service by providing short-term lease or rent option for holiday cottages, apartments, hostel beds, homestays, hotels, and more. When traveling, an app such as Airbnb can always come in handy.


Before booking any airline ticket, you must compare flights first in order to find cheap flights. DreamWorldTravel provides you a platform where you can easily save on traveling, by booking the cheapest and most convenient flights to anywhere.

Prey Anti-Theft:

We all are well aware of the fact that world is not a safe place. No matter how much precautions we take, a traveler is always at risk of getting robbed of their precious belongings. For this reason, they must download Prey Anti-Theft on your smartphones. This app allows you to manage all your digital accessories. You can find your phone, laptop, smartwatch, and even tablets if you somehow lost them.


Last but one of the first app to download when hitting the road, AccuWeather provides weather forecast of almost every city or place. You need you acknowledge all the weather updates for your desired destinations and plan your trip accordingly for maximum fun.

If you are bored with your monotonous life and you want to feel fresh and relax then you should definitely go for traveling. Travelling is very essential for every person as it makes you experience new things and places in the world. You can see different landscape and geography of the world. While traveling you have to stay for the short amount of time so you have to make sure that you have taken all the safety precautions before leaving your home. Travelling gives you never-ending pleasure and makes you discover and explore the different part of the world. In order to be safe while traveling, you should carry some of the safety tools with you. Some of the tips for safe traveling are as follows.

Efficient Packing of the Luggage:

In order to remain safe and problem-free journey, you should pack your luggage properly and smartly. You have to make certain that you are keeping everything that you need while traveling. You will have the care-free and comfortable journey without any hassle if you pack your luggage bag properly. All the things should be organized and well-settled in your bag.

Avoid Metal:

To pass easily without any interruption from the security walkthrough gate at the airport you should avoid keeping metallic and magnetic things in your luggage. This will help you to pass the security check without any difficulty. If you will keep any metallic or magnetic thing in your luggage then the security will not allow you to proceed.

Stay Attentive and Alert:

While traveling you have to stay alert and attentive in order to safeguard yourself. Your unconsciousness can lead you to several problems and troubles. Therefore, in order to be safe while traveling, you should be watchful and responsive.

Walk in Groups:

If you are traveling to a place which does not have too many people in surroundings then you should walk in groups at that place. In order to be safe at these kinds of places you should take a torch or any LED Light Bar. This will keep you safe in dark places at night time. The light bar will give provide you light which will protect you from all sorts of troubles and problems.

Safeguard Yourself:

In order to travel safely and smartly, you should take all the things that you need to protect yourself. Protect yourself from intensive ultraviolet rays of the sun by applying sunscreen on your skin. You should protect yourself in every manner.

Wear Protective Clothes:

If are on the adventurous journey then you should wear all the protective jackets and clothes in order to prevent yourself from any injury. This will make your journey easy and comfortable.

Follow Rules:

If you are going to any foreign country for traveling then it is obligatory on you to follow the rules and regulations of that country otherwise you will be in great trouble.

Traveller’s Kit:

For safe and hassle-free journey it is mandatory to carry traveler’s kit throughout the whole journey. There are many important things in the kit like sunscreen, first aid, basic medicines and other essential things which are helpful and useful while travelling.