If you have started your website only recently, your focus will be to get as much traffic as possible. But if your promotional budget is too low, then strategies like PPC will be out of your consideration since you may not have the sufficient funds to pull off these campaigns successfully. However, there are several ways to get large amounts of traffic for free. Below, we look at five such simple methods.

  1. Social Bookmarking Sites

A method that can easily get you tons of free website traffic right from day one is by using social bookmarking websites like Reddit and StumbleUpon. When you publish any content on your website, you can list the link on such sites. And if your content is exciting enough, you can easily get thousands of visitors in a single day.

  1. Guest Post

Another great way to get free traffic is by publishing guest posts. Several high traffic websites invite people to publish content on their platform. If you meet their strict requirements, then you will be able to publish content as a guest author. Keep in mind that these websites literally have millions of visitors each day. As such, if your content is informative and useful, your article can attract thousands of visitors. And if you have listed your website in the author bio, then many of these visitors will also check your website out of curiosity.

  1. Answer At Quora

Many people post questions at Quora, seeking answers from the community. If you find questions relevant to your business, then you should answer it. Over time, the answers you have posted can become a source of consistent traffic. For example, if you sell iPhones, and you see that someone has asked how to increase the life of their iPhone battery, then you can comment on their question with a detailed answer. Plus, add a link to your product page at the end. This way, anyone who sees the answer will also see your link. And if your answer has been useful, they are more likely to click the link and visit the website.

  1. Educative Videos

Start publishing informative video content related to your niche on websites like YouTube. The videos must also be shared through dedicated social media pages. If the videos provide useful, actionable information, then people will share it and subscribe to your channel. The biggest benefit of videos is that they can become instantly viral. As such, you can actually get a million visitors to your website overnight if your content appeals to a large number of people.

  1. Free Ebook

Try to write a useful ebook on a specific topic and offer it for free. You can do this directly through your website. Be sure to collect email addresses of interested readers so that you can build up your subscriber list. You should also consider publishing ebooks for free on platforms like Amazon Kindle. If people love the book, they are sure to check out your website. Getting your ebook reviewed by professional reviewers can also help to attract traffic.

Are you looking for the best SEO company and doesn’t know where to start, then there is nothing to worry? It is quite common to get confused when there are so many options available in the market. Here, you will get detail information about some important tricks for choosing the best SEO services in Kolkata. This guide will make sure you choose the right platform for your website.

  1. Link Building Approach

The most important thing in SEO is the link building and that’s why it is pretty important to ask about it from the company whom you are hiring. The website of a ranking can get a proper boost through a strategic placement of backlinks and that’s it is crucial to understand how important they are.

An authentic digital marketing firm will do a brief analysis of your site’s backlinks so that they can work efficiently to improve it. Adding a solid backlinking approach must be the part of the company’s SEO technique.

  1. Quality work

There is no benefit of choosing SEO services in Kolkata being provided by thefogut.com that lacks in terms of quality and reliable content. In digital industry, content is always considered as the king. All the other things are secondary.

So, you should go for a company who can generate high-quality content for your site.

  1. Previous work

Make sure you choose a company that has a vast amount of experience to work in this field. The quality of the company’s work is reflected in their previous assignments.

You are investing a great amount of money, time, and resources so the result should be up to the mark. Avoid the company that has a troubled history.

  1. Pricing

You should ask for the quotes and then compare it with the prices of the market. Furthermore, it is pretty important to check what you are getting at the price that you are paying.

We strongly suggest you go for the one who offers a reasonable pricing that shouldn’t be too costly or too cheap.

  1. Keyword Optimization

There is a very crucial role played by the effective keyword optimization in a successful SEO campaign. So, your SEO Company should be capable to analyze and optimize the important keywords which your targeted audience use while looking for the services offered by your website.

It will make your site found easily in the Google search engines and rank higher than ever.

  1. Customer Relationship Management

An authentic SEO company will always listen to the clients carefully and modify their approach according to their requirements. One of the biggest shortfalls is ineffective communication between the customer and service provider.

That’s why you should choose a company that has a superior customer relationship management.


Selecting the right SEO services in Kolkata is a pretty important step in the success of your website as well as business. So, you should implement all the above-mentioned tactics while you are looking for the right choice. If you find one who suits all your needs, then go for it without any second thoughts.

In today’s leading & advanced world, a website is a significant part for any nature of business organization. Having a website is the easiest & the simplest way to promote your online business and also increase the attention of your online visitors. However what if your website is not that much attractive & informative which can motivate a visitor to become your customer? If you are not aware of the fact that what exactly should be there on a website then, you will easily end up by using an invaluable tool & that will likely to consume a lot of time and will also lead to the wastage of resources.

We cannot deny from the fact that now the Web is increasing its existence with the each passing day and your competitors are also getting smarter & advanced. And, also a prime law of marketing is to differentiate yourself from your savvy competitors, who are themselves also working hard to achieve their business goal.

Creativity in website is all about taking the ideas and the spirit of your company to the ladder of success and also creating a powerful impact on your target market or audience. Either it be logo, the icons, the colour palette, the imagery, the graphics, the design of the page, the eye trail or any other thing, all should unite perfectly in accordance to the same. When all these advantageous factors are combined creatively together then, it produces a powerful emotional impact on your online visitors who are very much capable of improving your sales rate and revenue.

On the other hand, making a website attractive & professionally appealing is not at all enough to attract the people, as its operational usability should also be good enough to attract the visitors, and otherwise the visitor will go from your website and switch to your competitor’s site. Only visiting and leaving the site in just few seconds, is not at all termed out to be the good kind of traffic. So making a user friendly website is very much essential because it is the brand face of your business & especially when it is an online product purchasing company.

One may have to face several of hurdles while creating a relevant web design. The designer also has to ensure that it allows the online visitors to hold on to the website effectively.

Here are some of the techniques through which you can create an attractive & appealing website such as:

  • Stay organized

Nowadays, all the online visitors want to visit the website which is in organized manner & which also provides each & every information regarding their nature of business & which works for the benefit of the customers.

An organized manner website will surely help the visitor to stay at your website for long. So, it is very much essential to create your website in such a manner that it should put an outstanding impact on the mind of the user. And, it will directly work for you as it will automatically reduce the capability & existence of your competitor’s website. One easy way to stay organized is by using a Rich Text Editor. These editors function by the WYSIWYG principle; What You See Is What You Get. By visually being able to style and design content without having to use a designer it instantly becomes possible to create stunning looking websites.

  • Always keep Up-to-date

We live in an evolving world along with the evolving technology where not only the server & the code side of the internet experience is changing but, the way the people consume the digital world is also constantly evolving.

Earlier the websites were developed to work on desktop only but, now it is also available on the mobile screens too. The Smartphone’s just took the consumers away from the desktop & provided them the ability to browse & shop anywhere.

  • Implement the smart choice of colour scheme

Your website is the only identity that represents your company’s image. Good quality of graphics & images put an allure effect to your website. You can easily attract your potential customer by implementing the smart choice of colour scheme. Though it looks an easy task but, the choice of right amount of colour scheme involves a lot of research & colour knowledge.

The colour scheme must be eye-catching & professionally interesting in such a way that it must attract your targeted audience effectively and efficiently.

  • Avoid Over Makeup

The user is advised to find the right amount of balance between the images as if you go for too many images, it will definitely distract the users. So, only the visual images can give your nature of website a pleasant look but, on the other hand it can also be diluted if you use multiple images in a single post. So, never ever equipped your website with the over makeup of images or content.

  • Speed or Loading time

Page loading time & speed is obviously an essential part of any of the website’s user experience as it is the major contributing element to the page abandonment.

Today, the online techies don’t ever want to surf the slow websites. If at some point of time, one of your pages doesn’t appear lightning fast then, automatically your customers will shift on the speedier online sites & which will automatically delivered the bad customer experience.

Speed or loading time isn’t the only aspect to focus but, yes it’s the fundamental factor which can’t be left over. So, always make sure to keep your website up-to-date along with the speed or loading time so that, your visitor can’t get over your website easily.

  • Include Contact Information

Contact information plays a vital role for your website visitors to become customers as this is the only way through which your visitors can reach you in an effective manner. The contact information will not only allow the customers to interact with you but, also the investors or advertisers may also connect with you for the betterment of your business.

  • Keep your content simpler & informative

Your online visibility & existence of your brand is mainly depending upon the content & it is something that calls the attention of the online visitors very effectively & alarmingly. So, always make sure that your content must be simple & informative in such a way that it is understandable by the user clearly. The content should not be clumsy as it should be written in accordance to the customer-centric approach.

  • Social Media Sharing

The power of social media is increasing with the each passing day & it has already created his importance among every nature of business. Putting up the blogs along with the social Media sharing option on your website provide the user with the flexibility & ease of sharing information without even going off track from the website.

All the above-stated advantageous features will help you in creating an attractive & appealing website & which will surely directly help your business to grow in the best possible manner & that too within the least possible time. The constant maintenance of website & to keep the website up-to-date along with the latest designs and information is very much essential for the proper growth of business.

Although creating a professionally attractive website is a complex process but, surely it is not an impossible task as it just require few of the latest tools & terminologies which will rise up your nature of business.

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Connect with the technically advanced GPD Host as they will provide you with the comprehensive services, in agreement to development, design, maintenance & optimization. As according to us, your website is a first impression & consideration of your brand & GPD Host understand the value of your time, money & efforts which you have invest in building up your online existence.