In this era, everything is getting more and more technologically advanced. The overwhelming majority of us have access to the internet, and phones are smart enough to guide us whenever we get lost. Like everyone else, I try to keep up with the pace, and it is addicting. Finding easier solutions with technology to everyday problems is addicting, yet interesting. I have been a satisfied consumer ever since I signed up for Xfinity bundles, and have decided to utilize my services productively. As such, today I am sharing my tried and tested tech hacks to make your time spent at home even more amusing.

  1. Manage Your Daily Wardrobe

For the fashion enthusiasts, or the people who have no time to decide what to wear all week, there is an app called Stylebook. Stylebook lets you upload the articles of clothing in your wardrobe and then matches them with one another. It even plans for you how to dress throughout the coming week. This virtual closet will save you plenty of time.

  1. Become a Genie

How do you feel when you come home from a long weekend, partying all night, or perhaps staying with a friend in the hospital, and you can’t find the keys to enter your own house? Annoyed, to say the least. It’s even more frustrating when you have to dig for your hidden keys in the rain to unlock your den. The good news is that those days are over, thanks to smart lock technology. Smart lock apps only require your smartphone to do the magic and BAM! Your door will be unlocked in a flash.

  1. Concealed Speakers

Concealed ceiling speakers are perfect for music enthusiasts. If your home is entirely audio-equipped, you can enjoy streaming music from whichever room you want. Not only that, you can further customize them for a house party. You can also set your alarm when you want it off in one room or all rooms.

  1. Set-up Your Personal Solar Panels

If you are focusing on saving money and you are also concerned about the environment, solar panels are a great choice to help you achieve both goals. As a matter of fact, if you employ the right tactics, you can actually install these panels all by yourself! It’s not a quick job, but someone tech-savvy like you can manage.

  1. Smart-Greet Your Guests

You can now elevate your hospitality game by getting a smart doorbell like Ring or Sky Bell. It will definitely amaze your guests when they get a greeting from your smartphone right after ringing your doorbell. It will also serve as a layer of security to your home, as now you will always know who is at the doorstep.

  1. Turn Your Smartphone into a Projector

We all have at least periodically fantasized about having a projector or home theatre. Here is a simple and inexpensive DIY project which will turn your smartphone into projector by just experimenting with a few common domestic items: a magnifying glass, a shoe box, a paperclip, and electrical tape. This technology hack is a great idea to try with your kids before a sleepover or for a movie night with the family.

  1. Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal on the Cheap

Without spending too much money, you can extend your home Wi-Fi to get a stronger wireless Internet signals. You just need about 25 cents worth of aluminium foil. Tear a bit of it off to make a rectangular shape, then fold down the edges to make a frame. Now place this foil frame behind your Wi-Fi router’s antennae. This frame will help strengthen the Wi-Fi signals to get quicker download speeds.

When using your Android device, one of the major complaints you might come across is the short battery life. While this might depend on the quality of the battery itself, there are some things you can do to your Android OS that can boost the life of the battery. Below, we will look at five such tips.

Data Consumption

Your Android device will constantly be searching for the best data network to use. And this search will eat into your battery life. So, if your reception is already good and you are satisfied with it, then it is recommended that you switch off the ‘data’ search option. This will stop the OS from looking for other networks and will contribute to the length of the battery life.


You should also try to adjust the brightness of your Android device manually according to the environment you are in. Not all situations require the brightness to be at 100%. So lower it when required. Most devices will be set to automatically reduce the brightness. As far as possible switch off this feature since it can consume a lot of battery charge because of constant use of sensors.


If you are using Android Marshmallow or upwards, then be sure to use the Doze functionality in the OS.  This feature allows data and processes to run in the background and will close down the apps if no priority is attached to such apps. Doing so will ensure that the battery is not unnecessarily drained.


Some people like to set up their home screen with live wallpapers. While the animations do look nice and fancy, these animations will consume the life of your battery.  As such, it is recommended that you do not use such ‘live’ wallpapers. Instead, use regular static images. After all, most of the time, you will not be looking at the home screen alone. So, setting up a live wallpaper that will drain the battery looks somewhat unnecessary.

Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

Most Android smartphones come equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. While they are both pretty useful connectivity options, the truth is that you will likely not be using them at all time. But if you do keep them switched on all through the day, then your battery will run out faster. And Wi-Fi is especially notorious for eating up battery life. So, once you have finished using both these options, make sure that you switch them off.

In addition to the above, some of the best android apps in 2018 can help you with various activities while consuming using less battery charge than previous apps. Be sure to check out submitcore to find such apps and install them on your Android device.