Technology has grown immensely in the last few decades simplifying our lives. With 2017 being a tech-savvy year and app developers churning out amazing apps, the years ahead have an even better fortune for us. The beginning of a new year brings in a lot of discussion about the business world and expectations from new technologies.

These are the trending predictions on technology that will shape the world in 2018.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet has been the dearest of all technology for years and is the 911 for any emergency information to be received. The Internet has moved beyond the regular search engines to build -in sensors. Prediction says IoT will appear in a lot more smarter way than earlier including its presence in the healthcare equipment and robots growing veggies on the farm.

Escalated level of car automation

We dream of a day to take naps while the wheels teleport us to and fro but such cars are still a few years away. A step towards this is made by a few companies like Audi and Tesla who will be seen launching vehicles that drive themselves at a low-speed limit. However, human assistance will still be needed in case of problems.

Blockchains: A saviour

Blockchain technology has come to save us from the frequently encountered issue of storing and protecting data. The technology itself has records called ‘blocks’ which are interconnected without any human intervention, hence the latter name ‘chain’. This technology is a leap of faith to erase the hacking circumstances faced on a daily basis. While it sounds synonymous to Bitcoin, it’s a lot more different and better. The financial market and the healthcare industry are likely to use this technology more often. Cybersecurity is an on growing process as the criminals with never halt on dismantling the smarter technology. Blockchain can be a helping hand is eradicating cybercrime, say experts.

Hands-free browsing

The era of sitting in front of a screen and typing to get our results is short-lived. Predictions say, there is the increased number of voice searches over the year. Talking to our devices using products such as Apple, Google, Alexa and others have outgrown typed search. Artificial intelligence (Al) brings the said products to higher demand and the need to enhance this technology into other fields, which is supposed to install in BMWs and some car companies to navigate. Virtual assistance to browse, check appointments, chat and so on, has increased.  Days aren’t far when Siri starts talking more than your wife!

Robots to host your flight

Many of us have faced overcrowded flights, late check-in, human error, etc. To make it easier for you to board a flight, robots will now assist you in 2018. LG already has a model that can scan boarding passes and direct you in your language preference. This was first witnessed in Silicon Valley and now is said to arrive before the Seoul Olympics, 2018.


Digital currency is attracting the crowd mainly although none can be sure of it accuracy and the time it will trend in the market. It uses a technology that prevents duplication of your digital currency. This can be used in cashless transactions (which are likely to replace the daily cash transactions soon) and in investment, assuming its existence in the market for a long time. The system isn’t a wholly protected one yet, but it is likely to be adopted by a lot of countries this year.

Cloud migration

Moving the services to Cloud is long term, but it does not assure you complete assistance. However, the recent advancements in Cloud have made it the most reliable to clear the traffic. A large number of companies are offering cloud-based services which are useful in many ways. This makes the operation more streamlined and reduces equipment cost.

3D Printing

With the advances made it printing, the invention of 3D printing has changed the look of manufacturing industries. Although it is expensive today but it will be the next big thing soon. Many online discount portals have already started floating promotions on the same. 3D printing is a method of distribution by adding layers of the material; hence it is also called as additive manufacturing. From plastic to human tissue, any material is used for printing. With fewer amounts of the material and least tedious task, complex shapes can be created giving room for customisation.

The vast competition in between the advanced technology looks like a promising technology-oriented world ahead of us. Although the war seems healthy, only the fit will survive.