Looking for a WordPress Theme is pretty easy, considering there are at least ten thousand offered today and more getting created every single day. But choosing something which will work for what you need exactly is hard. And choosing one which you can customize on your own – despite your lack of coding knowledge – is a bigger challenge.

Enter Zerif Pro, created by the geniuses at Themelsle. This is has been lauded as the best-selling WordPress theme in 2015 and 2016. And up to this day, many are still going for it. Why? Read on…

It Has All the Basics

Some themes focus too much on the look and feel that these fundamental website needs tend to be overlooked. But this one has got the basics all mapped out such as:

  • Long title area, because you want to be able to introduce yourself well),
  • Nice feature spot (because you need to display the most important aspect of your business)
  • Call to action section (because you need to sell)
  • Customer testimonials (so that you can hear from your clients or customers) and so much more.

Live Customization

Hiring a designer has its perks. But if you have a knack for this, why not do it on your own? Other WordPress themes limit your design capabilities. But Zerif allows you to customize your site exactly the way you’d like it. And you can do all these in real time!

Aside from the design, you can also edit and organize the structure of your site. With Zerif’s ‘mega menu’, anyone can easily arrange the whole content of your website.

Woocommerce Integration

Planning to sell a product or service? This WordPress theme allows you to build a page for your Woocommerce store in just a few minutes. Again, you don’t need coding to be able to do this if you’re using Zerif.

Mobile Responsiveness

This is a very important feature to have because practically everyone looks for anything and everything on their mobile device. Themlsle understands this so well that they have ensured that this theme is mobile-ready. Again, there is no need for additional coding here.

Translation and RTL Ready

Do you have a global customer base? No problem! With Zerif, the website you want to build will have text that can be translated to your language of choice at no extra cost!

Whatever reason you’ve got for building a website – from selling a product or service to just set up a creative site which you consider a passion project – Themeisle Zerif Pro is the way to go. Check out their demo video on their official website to learn more how you could get started with this amazing theme.