Before picking a web hosting service for your company or business let’s be clear about what is web hosting and why do we need it? Web hosting is actually the space you buy on the web server to store your files. And you need hosting if you want people to connect with you through a website.

A lot of people think that they just need a website domain to get their website active, but the reality is that domain name is just a name for your site through which people recognize it; like you have a name that people use to call you. But to get your website live you need to host a website.

Picking up a web-hosting for your business is a difficult decision because there are hundreds of organization that is popping every day with attractive slogans, multiple services, and plans. We have rounded up the few tips to consider before selecting a web hosting service, let’s have a look to avoid mistakes that can create big problems later.

Ask Some Questions Yourself

It’s better to be clear about your requirements to find what you are looking for. To help determine a competent web hosting services, awewebdesign has compiled a list of some questions that you must know the answer to the following:

  • What kind of a web-host do you need?
  • How much traffic are you expecting on your site?
  • What additional services do you need?
  • Which platform are you using? Like WordPress or another platform.
  • And must be sure about the type of content you are going to publish.

Reliability and Uptime

These are the features that are the priority of every business owner. If people can find you only 50% online, then they don’t consider you trustworthy, and you will be losing your visitors.   Many Companies claims to provide satisfactory uptime but then fail to do so always go for the web hosts that guarantee at least 99.5% uptime.

Look for Flexible plans

Whether you are planning to upgrade business or not, it’s better to select a service that offers flexible plans.  A plan that allows you to increase disk spacing, number of email accounts, extra traffic allowance in future as per your business growth.

There are many web hosting services on PennySaviour that allow owners to customize their service plan.

Ease of Use

It’s better to select a host that allows you manage various aspects of your site yourself. Like your inventory, email accounts and more So that you can maintain the credentials as you want.

Also, ask for ease to use control panel management tools; if still, you find it difficult to manage your website you can ask for the demo.

Online payments

Also you might need to pay for your hosting via cryptocurrency. A lot of hosting providers start accepting bitcoins in 2017 and 2018 so crypto become more useful. If you need to pay for your hosting anonymously and keep your personal data in safe do not forget to use bitcoin mixer before payment, here it is

Read the Reviews for satisfaction

If you are thinking of signing up with any hosts; you should read the reviews on their website as most of the best do not provide what they promise for. Or its better to look for reports online that compare different hosts services related tests with data to back up their results.


Choosing a web hosting service is as complicated or simple as you make it. Going for the services without knowing about their plan, just because they are famous can cost you a lot. Always find out whether the hosts are capable of providing you what you to expect from them or not, if yes then go for it. At ITTechPages we do not offer solutions, so if you are looking for a professional web design company to build you a stunning website, we recommend graphikpro web designs.