The year 2017 was filled with scientific wonders and major technological advancements which led to the invention of new and improved top home gadgets & games. There was a noticeable progress in almost every major field related to science. Ranging from Jibo the dancing speakers to the luxurious IPhone X, the miracles of technology never seize to amaze us! The advancements in the field of video gaming has been exponential to say the least. This year’s E3 event brought us a wide variety of cool, high tech gadgets and games. Let us take a look at some of the best highlights of last year’s E3 conference and the revelations it brought to us!

Motorola’s Moto GamePad

Motorola revealed its amazing GamePad for Motorola handsets this year. This GamePad lets you transform your phone into a complete handheld gaming device. It comprises of an external gamepad which add two analog sticks, an external D pad, additional face buttons and an additional battery pack for additional hours of play. So can imagine the utility the gamepad carries with it self for every gamer who owns a Motorola device.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X

Microsoft’s gaming console is one of its kind when it comes to a complete entertainment package. This year during the E3 convention, the company launched its latest upgrade to the console line which does not only feature 4k gaming compatibility but also features backward compatibility. Yes! You heard it right! Backward compatibility means that you will be able to play all your previous titles from the Xbox title line including the ones launched for Xbox 360. This indeed is a major update for people planning to buy an Xbox console are ones who already own an Xbox console.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassins Creed franchise has accumulated a major following over the past years because of the in-depth story line and the richness and detailing provided by the in-game engine. This title takes back the games to ancient Egypt for the first time where the players will be able to relive the formation of the ancient brotherhood of assassins. Plus this title will be available in 4k ultra HD as well so that the gamers can experience the true potential of this game.

God of War

The god of war series is exclusive to the ps4 owners and is developed by one of their in-house studios. Once considered to be the best console title ever made amassing a cult following with its first 3 installments, the series is coming back this time with an entirely new open world title which will follow the story after the incidents of God of War 3. The new title will revolve around an older Kratos, and his son thus will have a lot more to offer in terms of story content.

Atari Flashback 8 Gold

When there were no other consoles, there was Atari. 80’s and 90’s kids will still remember Atari and the simplistic 2d games associated with it. Well it’s time to refresh that feeling of nostalgia with the recent launch of a new Atari console. The console comes equipped with an internal memory having around 120 old favorite titles pre-installed. You will be able to experience and play old classics like Pitfall and Dave on it with revamped graphics on it.

Sega Genesis Flashback

When we talk about gaming consoles and trend setters, mentioning Sega among them would not be an exaggeration. There was a golden age for classical console gaming when Sega and Nintendo used to own the industry. Then came the advanced era of Sony and Microsoft in the form of their leading consoles i.e. Playstation and Xbox respectively. But AtGames delivered quite a hefty and happy news I might say when they revealed their new console “the Genesis Flashback”. The new console includes more than 85 pre-loaded titles along with the ability to play “genesis” and “Sega mega drive” cartridges. The company has also included 720p support for the console along with wireless retro themed controllers.

Razer Thresher Ultimate Headset

In the past few years, the gaming gear industry has boomed massively resulting in gaming come out as a proper profession. Gaming gear companies have also evolved themselves to provide the best and most competitive equipment to the gaming community. Razer is among of the top companies which offers professional grade gaming gear. This year at the E3 convention, they revealed their premium line of headphones i.e. the ”Razer Thresher” which gives you the comfort and experience of a high end gaming headphone. That being said, it does come with a 250$ price tag on it but its incredible sound justifies that tag. Plus it also comes in two models, one for the Playstation console and one for the Xbox console. Both these models can be used on a PC with a simple flick of a switch.

Far Cry 5

Ubisoft was been able to deliver to its audience a number of quality titles over the course of years like Assassins Creed series and the Far Cry series both of which have turned out to be very successful. A new installment was announced during this year’s E3 convention introducing the upcoming Far Cry 5 game. This time the company has introduced new in game mechanics which allows the players to customize their own characters rather than playing with pre decided ones. This plus a number of additional interesting features makes this title worth looking forward to. So let’s hope it is able to deliver to our expectations and more so over its release during the next year.

These were among the most interesting revelations and releases worth looking forward too. A number of them have already being introduced over the course of the last few months. We hope that this list was able to put your mind to ease and help you somewhat if you were interested in some of these awesome techs and games.