Offering the real “smart” add-in to our mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices across the globe, it’s perhaps little wonder that travel apps are massively changing the way in which we choose to travel and how we plan to get there on time – every time.

Whether you’re planning a last minute hotel, attempting to negotiate the London tube or even taking a journey overseas, travel apps are making a massive difference to both our planning and travel arrangements – here’s how!

Google Trips

If you’ve already got your own Gmail account then Google Trips has you covered when it comes to populating reservations and making suggestions within your chosen destination. Not only does it come complete with its own ‘magic wand’ allowing you to explore nearby sights but it also shows you how close you are and how to get there – whether that’s on foot or via public transport.

Café Wi-Fi

It perhaps goes without saying that to download your apps you’ll be needing a bit of free Wi-Fi so be sure to download this app for the latest hot spots to get your eyes down and look in! Once you’ve logged in you can then start discovering some of the latest travel apps to get you well and truly on your way to your chosen destination…


To convert YouTube videos for free, this is an excellent free tool to help you do just that. Ytmp3 has all the options you need to quickly do so.

Lonely Planet

Making the planet anything but lonely with its comprehensive guides to various city locations across the globe, this fabulous app is not only free but can also point you (quite literally) in the right direction for local accommodation, well known tourist spots and even recommended places. If you go on a road trip Lonely Planet app goes well with mobile apps for drivers which can be especially useful when visiting a city for the first time.

Flight Stats

If you’re planning to travel a little further afield then look no further than the Flight Stats app which not only gives you access to vital information such as terminals, gates and delays but even shows flight paths; so you know exactly where you’re going and more importantly – when!


If you want to know even more about your airport experience then be sure to check this app which offers up-to-date information on security clearance time; as well as other features such as the local weather.


Offering a truly interactive experience, SideKix is basically a unique city exploration map which offers up-to-date information on all the latest spots to visit such as shops, bars and museums. Better than that, it also enables you to leave a review and give the heads-up for future visitors too!


Oshpitzin is just one examples of an app adjusted to the local experience allowing travelers to experience touristic and historical sites on a deeper level. For a truly unique insight into the Jewish history of Oswiecim, this app offers an intriguing adventure into the vanished lives of Jews which existed before the second world war and Auschwitz concentration camp. While traveling try to look also for the less known local apps which can help you to get to know your destination better.



If you’re dreading the inevitable jetlag then look no further than Entrain which cleverly takes note of your travel dates and destination before offering advice on how to adapt your cycle by optimizing your lighting levels throughout the day and altering your sleeping times before you even set foot outside of the house. Perfect for all the millennials addicted to their smartphones!

Forex Daily Report

Not only free and super easy to use, this savvy app uses live currency rates to give you the best currency values at any point in the world you are at. No matter where you go you can now keep track of your stock market prices.

Packing Pro

Hands up. We’ve all done it. Packed – and unpacked – our suitcase; trying to squeeze as much as humanly possible into that predetermined bag size. Whether you’re taking cases with you, or traveling with hand luggage alone, this app is nothing short of genius. Simply tell the Packing Pro app where you’re going, how long for and who with then leave the rest to technology. The app will not only tell you what you might need but will also split your packing into essentials (such as passport, tickets and money), then clothing, then gadgets and personalized lists for the family. Can you marry it? Sadly not.


If you’re traveling on a budget then this app is an absolute must have. Primarily designed for campers it provides a very simple yet effective way of keeping track of your electrical output whilst you’re away by keeping a careful eye on your various gadgets such as chargers, hair dryers, heaters and so on. Better than that, it’s even free to install so you quite literally have nothing to lose! You might find this interesting: Programming Linknet

Hydrate Now

A popular simple app to keep you hydrated by notifying you on your phone at a set time when you are out drinking. Use it at night for keeping the hangover at a minimum the next day, or for other simple timer actions.


For those not wishing to do that last minute shop around the airport then this app is a definite must. Simply tell it which airport you’re traveling from and it’ll quickly recommend a suitable lounge where you can kick back and relax pre-flight minus all the stress of queuing up for fast food, duty free and essentials which, let’s face it, you don’t honestly need. There are also plenty of apps designed to spot the coolest and the cheapest places to go out, for example Everytap application helps both locals and travelers to find the best deals in different Polish cities.


Finally no traveler should ever leave home without the TravelSafe app which does exactly what it says – and keeps you safe. Not only does it provide a database of emergency service numbers for just about every country thinkable but it also provides embassy details, should your passport go missing whilst en route.