Emails, social media channels, SMS, visiting different online advertisements, using search engines to find the required info on the Web, etc, are part and parcel of tech-savvy people. E-commerce website owners use these vital channels to increase awareness about their products/services and boost their sales up to a great extent.

Due to the availability of several E-commerce brands in the market, it will be very important to take all possible steps to keep the targeted shoppers loyal to their brand and encourage them for buying their desired products in the future. Online shoppers have become very selective while using E-portals for the purchase of commodities.

Apart from this, the distractions of life (such as traveling, useful household works, etc,) keep them away from the Internet. In this way, E-commerce website operators miss a lot of business opportunities. However, they can use push notifications to remind customers about the latest sales offers and encourage them to buy the desired stuff regularly.

As a matter of fact, push notifications are snap messages that are sent by website owners to visitor’s desktop or mobile phones. Fast delivery of content is the main objective of such notifications. Just go through the points mentioned below to know how push notifications help in E-commerce sales enhancement:

1. Push Notifications For Email Marketing

Email marketing is a process of sending customized newsletters to subscribers, increase awareness about new products, sales campaigns, discount offers etc, and urge them to visit the website and buy the desired products. All leading E-commerce portals prioritize Email marketing to achieve their sales target easily.

Email marketing demands a strong dedication and smart work from digital marketing professionals if your subscriber base is large and more people are joining the list every day. Just create a separate E-mail marketing campaign, create appealing, user-centric Email content, add relevant pictures/links, etc, and send it to the targeted audience at the right time. Make sure that your Email is SPAM free. If you deliver appropriate Email notifications to customers at the right time, they will reply positively and engaged with your brand for a long period of time.

2. Push Notifications For Social Media Channels

Different social media channels have become an integral part of the life of tech-savvy people. They use social media sites on a daily basis to communicate with their friends, relatives, etc, share info and picture with all. The availability of a massive audience on social media channels gives marketing opportunities for E-commerce website operators. The best thing about social media users that they react instantly to post and reply positively if satisfied.

Therefore, you should create content for social media audience and deliver the notifications regularly. This makes them aware that you are offering them something new everything. If they are satisfied with your explanation (of products).

3. Push Notifications For Instant Messaging Apps

Tech-savvy people use different instant messaging apps on their mobile devices to communicate with individuals swiftly, exchange images, audios/videos, etc. As an ardent E-commerce marketer, you should not ignore the huge potential of the audience available on instant messaging apps.

Just share your website/blog content on messaging apps and encourage the audience to do the same. When you do this, individuals get instant notifications on their mobile apps and they react quickly if satisfied.

4. Push Notifications For SMS

Many people assume that SMS is dead in the wake of heavy digitalization and extensive use of the Internet. Always keep in mind that SMS is very effective if you want visitors to read your messages in a quick succession. 90% of SMS are read within first 3 minutes. Therefore, you should not ignore the great sales potential of SMS. In Amsterdam SMS is still very much alive, and is being used more than WhatsApp and other mobile apps, and it’s the same in many other cities and countries as well. Do your research first.

You can use SMS to deliver your important messages to the targeted audience and encourage them to buy products from you. Based on your specific business needs, write important messages in maximum 160 characters and dispatch it to the targeted audience. You can give some freebies and discounts to encourage customers to buy from you.

5. Push Notifications For Upsell And Cross Sell

Upsell And Cross Sell are effective techniques using which you can increase your sales up to a great extent. In fact, upselling is a process in which a seller encourages customers to purchase more costly items and add-ons to increase the sale value. On the other hand, cross-selling is a process of selling an extra item to the existing buyer. You can use the well-crafted push notification messages for giving a great boost to cross-selling and upselling and multiply revenues easily.

6. Push Notifications For Sales Promotion Campaigns

E-commerce website operators run special sales campaigns from time-to-time to promote sales and increase the customer based. In most of the cases, they fail to meet their sales target miserably because the targeted audience doesn’t know about their sales campaigns.

Don’t expect that shoppers will visit your shopping site every time and buy from you until you don’t notify them about your ongoing sales campaigns. So, you must inform customers about the special sales campaigns using the web push notifications. Try to keep your notifications, short and straightforward. If customers are stratified with your notification message they definitely get engaged with your brand and give some business opportunities.

7. Push Notification For Re-Engagement Campaigns

E-commerce brands tend to do long-term business with their existing and potential clients/customers. Long-term success for today’s business is built on a strong relationship with customers. When you see that a previously engaged customer pay less visit to your website, web push notifications can help you a lot. You can reach out such reluctant customers by sending them web push campaigns incorporating discounts and other incentives. It encourages them to buy more from your website from time-to-time.

8. Push Notifications For Abandoned Purchases

Shopping cart abandonment is a major problem faced by all E-commerce brands. In this process, customers start the product buying process but leave it without completing the transaction all of a sudden due to various reasons.

If the shopping cart abandonment rate of your E-commerce store is high, you start to face losses in the web-based business. It can pose a great threat to your survival in the E-commerce business if you don’t stake steps to reduce the scale of the problem.

Apart from other steps to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate, you can deliver push notifications to customers and urge them to complete the left transaction as soon as possible. If you prove to be successful here, your sales increased a lot and you can expect happy customers to buy from your E-commerce site in the future too.

9. Push Notifications For Arrival Campaigns

Due to the rapid advancement in Internet technology, convenience of E-commerce business has increased a lot prioritized by E-commerce brands and customers. Now, instead of visiting brick and mortar shops, individuals love to buy from shopping sites. When customers place orders on your site, they always want to know the exact status of the ordered products.

You can use web push notifications to keep visitors informed about the status of their orders. It makes them happy and you can expect more business opportunities coming from their side in the future.

Some Words On How To Create Compelling Web Push Notifications

1. Create Relevant Content

Content is the main stuff in the E-commerce business. A well-crafted content can fetch the attention of millions of shoppers easily and encourage visitors to buy from specific E-commerce brands. Therefore, you should create customer-centric content to be used in web push notifications. Keep the text content short and straightforward. Add relevant image content as far as possible to help visitors understand the content subject matter easily and quickly.

2. Language Factor

There is no benefit of sending push notifications to customers in a language they are not familiar with. So, you must give notifications to customers in their favorite language so that they can easily understand the message and reply accordingly.

3. Attach Call To Action Buttons:

Call to action buttons encourages customers to take the desired action after reading the content. So, you must attach appropriate CTA buttons to web push notifications to maximize the conversion rate.

4. Test Your Web Push Notifications From Various Angles

 When you create web push notifications for your customers, make sure they are SPAM free and are accessible on different devices. If your notifications are not readable on mobile applications, all your efforts to increase the sales will go in vain.

Final Words:

Web push notifications have potential to help a lot to E-commerce brands looking to encourage stronger customer engagement and higher retention. By using the above-mentioned tips and recommendations, you can successfully use web push notifications to increase the sales and script success in the E-commerce business without any hassle.

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