WhatsApp has security loopholes that could allow hackers, scammers, and cyber criminals to breach the security of one of the finest instant messaging app. Even its officials have claimed that the messenger has end-to-end encryption and impossible to breach the security and privacy of the social networking app.

The user sends their pictures, images, other confidential files for business purposes, in-case it will breach by someone then a heavy loss and privacy concerns will occur. User’s data safety should be compulsory and need to be up to the mark.

Everyone has a right to have privacy on instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp. Data breaching incidents exploit someone’s life and can be a heavy loss for a business point of view.

Everyone knows that the WhatsApp is owned by the mighty Facebook, a couple of years ago officials had their view that all communication forms whether it is messages, videos, and other files are encrypted. On the other hand, an application has more than 1 billion users.

Since the WhatsApp has introduced its end-to-end encryption, cryptography, and security, the researcher Tobias Boelter at the University of California-Berkeley informed WhatsApp officials about the loopholes in the messenger.

He argued about the undelivered messages –because the receiver of the messages was offline or he might change the phone number –which has been intercepted by the hacker or itself by the WhatsApp, he said.

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It happened just because of WhatsApp has created new encryption keys for unsent messages, which could be easily traced by the third party other than the WhatsApp. The social networking app itself has created other form of messages, available on the server too.

How can user deal with all kind of data breaches on WhatsApp?

A user such as young kids and teens that used to of sending their photos and images to their online friends may not be safe if someone gets access to the messenger. Employers who put their confidential data to share with their employees or employees share the data with their colleges could be risky for a business. Therefore, the user needs to use the data backup app in order to make more secure the data within the devices and prevent the unauthorized breach.

The user just needs to spy WhatsApp, it can be possible by installing the cell phone monitoring application on the device and put all worries to rest. The WhatsApp spy app enables user to secure the privacy and as well as the data which you are sharing.

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